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PAM: How do I feel about Jim transferring to Stamford? It makes me sad, of course. He's my best friend. If I'm completely honest, he probably knows more about me than my fiancé, Roy. That sounds really bad... But, um, I think that the change will be good for Jim. I'm happy for him. The most upsetting part is that he didn't tell me before he told everyone else, but our friendship is more important to me then that, so I'm not going to hold it against him.

How do I feel about not seeing Jim? I'm, I'm not sure what you mean. We're just friends. I'm happy for him, but it doesn't matter how I feel. How I feel isn't going to change the fact that he's moving. Of course I'm happy for him because he gets to go and do something new and exciting, but of course I'm sad he's leaving and I probably will never get to see him again. Um...sorry, my eyes are watery. It, it must be allergies or something.

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