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Author's Chapter Notes:

At the weekend it will be a month since we have a quarantine regime here. And for this month I left my apartment six or seven times (and half of these times I took my child to the doctor). So I desperately need some fluff, and my desire ended up with this drabble. 

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’

‘Absolutely. Why, do you have second thoughts, Halpert? You know, if you’re not up to the challenge, you could always…’

‘I didn’t say that!’

‘Then stop talking and take your shirt off.’

‘There. Happy now?’


‘Ow, that’s tickling!’

‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘Nah, I’m good. But I still don’t believe you have such a kinky imagination.’

‘I thought you liked it.’

‘Oh, I did. I did.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Mooom, can you make me the heart cheekmarks? I wanna be a magical princess!’

‘Of course, dear. Come here. There, now you could go and look at the mirror.’

‘Thank you!’

‘Remind me, why do we do this after all?’

‘Because someone doesn’t like to dress up, obviously.’

‘Yeah, and this someone definitely has a point. And still…’

‘Dad, Cece took my sword and she's not gonna give it back!’

‘Cece, what did we tell you about sharing toys?’

‘But dad, I need a magic wand!’ 

‘Cece, dear, why don’t you take one of my brushes instead? I bet it would be a good magic wand.’

‘It won’t!’ 

‘Cece! It’s either a brush or nothing at all.’


‘What do you think, for how long would it keep her entertained?’

‘For a minute. Or an hour. Who knows?’

‘Yeah… Oh damn, I almost forgot, I have a meeting call in twenty minutes!’

‘Don’t worry, I’ll have it finished by that time.’ 

‘Will I have some time to clean myself?’

‘Why would you have to do that?’

‘Seriously? Come on, Pam, I can’t show up before guys with all of… this!’

‘Why not? Remember that potato-faced boss? I’m sure you'll beat him easily.’

‘Yeah, right. Because there is sooo much more on my face.’

‘Yup. It’s cute, and you know it. And now, please, don’t frown or you'll ruin the pumpkin on your forehead.’

‘You mean, don’t do like this? Or like this?’


‘Okay, okay, I’m just your silent canvas.’

‘Thank you.’

‘Wait, what are you doing now?’

‘Oh, I've just sent a photo to your mom.’

‘You haven’t!’

‘What? She misses us all, and she likes art.’

‘You’re so dead, Beesly.’

‘I love you too, Halpert.’ 

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