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Author's Chapter Notes:
Michael Scott does the most Michael Scott things

“He—oh my God! That’s Jim!”, Pam exclaimed as she looked at the message that Michael Scott had sent to her.

Pam-orama! Guess who just arived here at the airport. Probably going to his mistres. Kiddin, he’d nevr do that. So exited! Wish you were her too, send my luv to the offic.

Pam did not have time to process how many spelling errors there were in the message as it was followed a photo of the right side of Michael’s face with Jim far away in the background, talking to the camera crew. It would be hard to distinguish his features given the distance of the shot but if she had any doubt that it was Jim, Michael’s message confirmed that her husband was indeed in Colorado.

“Dwight, Jim is in Colorado. Michael just sent me a text. Look!” she said as she showed her phone to Dwight.

“Wait, that’s impossible. Why would Michael invite Jim to a three-day stay in the office? I’m the regional manager here, if anything, he should be — wait a second, I’m getting a text,” Dwight said as he took out his phone. “Guess who’s here in Colorado. Suck on that Toby!”

Dwight slammed his fist on the table, “Damn it! Suck on that Toby? That’s all I get? Where’s my invite? I swear, if Michael actually needed help to bury a body and he called Jim, I’ll—”

“Wait, suck on that Toby? Who else is he texting?” Pam turned around and saw everyone except Nellie and Clark were checking their phones. She stepped out and heard Erin say from reception, “Hey Pam! Look! I got a text from Michael! Isn’t that sweet, he’s spending time with Jim. Or maybe Jim went there to get him on his side if you do get divorced. Not cool, Jim.”

“Yeah, I need some air,” Pam then headed towards the exit and headed to the elevator.

She paced around the parking lot, trying to make sense of everything that had happened. She did not expect that Jim would tell both Athlead and Dwight that he would be taking a leave of absence. She thought that he was already in Philadelphia possibly being goaded by his peers to join the three-month tour. She was almost certain that by the time Jim came back, he would say that he changed his mind and took the job which would lead to another round of fights and would culminate in divorce papers. 

When she received the call from Wade saying that Jim was not in Philadelphia, her mind then began to worry. She did not know Jim’s whereabouts, who he was with, and what he was doing. “I swear to God if he’s having affair on top of what we’ve already been fighting about…” Pam quickly pushed the thought away knowing Jim would not be sadistic enough to try saving his marriage and at the same time, have another woman on the side.

When she received Michael’s text, she was initially shocked but a feeling of relief came to her. She was oddly reassured by the fact that it was a familiar face that he was with. 

“No, I don’t know what Jim is doing in Colorado,” Pam told the camera crew who had followed her outside, “maybe he wanted to see Michael? I don’t know what he’ll exactly do there, but I don’t know. Maybe he’ll find some answers there? I’m not sure, I normally won’t go to see my old boss to do some soul searching but he’s there so…” she finished her interview with a shrug

Pam then took her phone out, dialed Jim’s number but was left with a voice message.


Jim realized that his phone was dead as the car they were in exited the airport, “Hey Michael, do you have a charger in here?”

“Yep! Of course, gotta keep my batteries fresh for the ladies,” Michael laughed as Jim gave him a confused look “I meant my daughters, Jim. I don’t know why I tried to sound cool. I mean I’m married…to Holly, you remember her right?”

“No not really? Can you describe her for me?” Jim asked as he plugged his phone.

“You really can’t remember her? HR rep, blonde, perfectly sized --”

“Alright, I’m messing with you Michael, of course I know her” Jim smirked, “So how long’s the trip from Denver to Boulder?”

“Around fifty minutes? It depends on the traffic. It’s a good thing you’re dressed up because let me tell you, I did not expect it to be freezing when I first got here.”

“You didn’t ask Holly what the weather was?”

“No, I just assumed since it was three hour flight that it wouldn’t be that different from Scranton. It’s not like I switched countries. Anyway, so how’ve you been? I heard David Wallace bought back the company so that’s good.”

“Yeah, he did. So things are good back there. Dwight actually just got promoted to regional manager.”

“No way! Dwight? Oh, I gotta congratulate him. That is great news. But to be honest, I always thought it was going to be you after me.”

“Well, I started my own sports marketing company with my friends so I had to work part-time between Scranton and Philly.”

“Oh wow, that’s awesome. Good on you! It must be tough for Pam though, with you being away a lot.”

“Well, not a lot, I mean it’s just two to three days a week and I’m home on weekends,” Jim paused for a bit, knowing he was about to tell Michael the real reason he visited, “But yeah, we’ve actually been having a rough patch lately.”

“What? You and Pam?” Michael sounded concerned as he started prying, “Oh my God, are you getting divorced? Are you having an affair? I knew it, Jim. I knew Stanley would just lead you on a path to destruction when I left you.”

“What? No, Michael, I am not having an affair,” Jim watched as Michael sighed with relief, “It’s just we’ve been having a lot of fights lately and I’ve been trying to fix it but nothing I’m doing seemed to be working. I just… I had to get away for a while.”

Jim remained silent for a while. He felt a weight lifted off his shoulders after confiding in him. 

“Well, for what it’s worth, I think you guys will be fine.”

“Well, thanks. By the way, she doesn’t know I’m here in Colorado so don’t tell her anything yet. I was gonna do it as soon as I arrived but my phone died so…”

Michael had a guilty look on his face as he continued driving, “Yeah, of course. But you know Jim, I have learned in marriage that women can be very intuitive. Maybe you didn’t tell her in person but you may have told telephonically

Jim was startled at first but immediately comprehended what he was trying to say, “Oh my God, you told her.”

“What?! What would make you think that? Do you think I would tell other people’s secrets?”


“Well, Jim I did not okay?” Michael could feel Jim looked at him skeptically, “Except I did.”

“Oh, Michael…” Jim sighed

“And I may have joked that you were visiting your mistress.”


“And I may have texted everyone in the office”

Jim kept a straight face and gave Michael a disappointed “Okay then, is there anything else you’d like to add?”

“No…that’s it. But in my defense Jim, you should have told Pam you were gonna be here.”

“That’s… fair. I just didn’t know what to say,” Jim said as he tried turning on his phone, “Well, cat’s out of the bag so let’s get this over with.”

His phone finally opened and he was met with a flurry of pings which he could only assume were from Pam but instead was surprised with messages from his coworkers.

Dwight: Hey idiot, tell Michael he can suck it. I could’ve totally hidden a body better than you.

Darryl: You’re in Colorado?? Dude, people here are looking for you. Call me.

Kelly: Oh my God, Jim. You visited Michael in Colorado when I asked you multiple times to see me here in Ohio?

Stanley: Careful Jim, don’t try juggling three women. Believe me I’ve tried.

“God Michael, what did you tell them? Oh wait, Pam’s calling, do you think we can pull over?”


“Hello?”, Pam said as she was finally able to reach Jim.

“Hey, Pam”

“Hey, so what’re you doing in Colorado?”

“Pam! Pam!” she heard Michael’s voice in the background, “If it makes you feel any better, I had nothing to do with this. Jim completely took me by surprise. And he’s not having an affair! I guarantee it!”

“Ok, thanks Michael. Umm, yeah so I’m in Colorado.”

“Yeah, I think we already established that. Why didn’t you just tell me?”

I just…I felt like I needed to get away for a bit, and clear my head. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I just didn’t know what to say.”

“No, yeah it’s okay.”

You’re not mad?”

“Oddly enough, no. I mean I thought you were having an affair at first so maybe that helped.”
An affair? Beesly, come on, we’re not even divorced yet and you’re already picturing me with…” She could feel Jim pause realizing the awkwardness of the joke, Sorry was that too soon?”

“No, it’s okay. Apparently, we’re on the rumor mill. People are taking sides already. Like Phyllis said she’ll take my side, but Bob will probably take yours.”

“Wow, factions are forming already. You know, as a prank on Dwight you could convince him that people are actually deciding between him and me as manager.”

“Yeah, maybe I will.”

“Alright, oh Pam, I actually have to go. Michael’s done buying food.”
Alright, I should also head back inside,” she paused for a bit, “Jim?”

“I’m really glad you’re there. Tell Michael I said hi. Don’t do anything stupid, Halpert.”
She heard Jim laugh, ….Okay”

“Alright, bye”

After ending the call, Pam couldn't help but smile and headed back to the lobby.

Chapter End Notes:

Is Pam-orama a good nickname? I spent a good 30 minutes thinking of what Michael would call her.

I also had to add him butchering a word.

Reviews are highly appreciated, like how Stanley appreciated Florida. 

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