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An exploration of what might have happened if our favorite couple lived in the age of the dating app.

Set in early Season 3, if Season 3 happened to take place in 2017.

Rated: K+
Categories: Jim and Pam Characters: Jim, Jim/Pam, Larissa Halpert, Pam
Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: None
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Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes
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Published: March 09, 2021 Updated: March 15, 2021
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Story Notes:
I know, I know, I know. This all kind of started as a joke in my head then turned into a full-blown idea. But stick with me and hopefully you will like and will still take me seriously. A small note: I got married before dating apps existed, so I'm kind of making this up as I go while simultaneously hoping my husband doesn't see my search history about dating apps. And as mentioned in the summary, for the sake of the story, imagine season 3 happening about a decade after it actually did. Disclaimer: I don't own the office or any ideas about how dating apps actually work.

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Thank you for all the kind reviews so far! They mean so much. :) 

3. Chapter 3 by WanderingWatchtower [Reviews - 12] 19 (3440 words)