MoreThanThat 2020-2021 FunRaiser!

It’s July 9th which means it’s MTT’s birthday, we are 14 years old today! It also means our hosting is due soon and our provider still does not accept SchruteBucks.

Our total annual website costs are about $350, with about $150 due to our webhost on July 26th for our annual hosting bill and domain renewal. We start off this year’s funraiser with good news: our readers were so generous last year we already are a quarter of the way to our 2020-2021 goal! Now we humbly ask for your contribution to get us the rest of the way, and we are offering a small gift in exchange for your support!

Contribute $10 dollars and we will send you one sticker, greeting card or postcard of your choice featuring PB&J art drawn by your friendly mod Ladama! Every additional $10 contributed gets you another gift.

Final Funraiser Status – August 31th: $550 raised + $100 last years funds = $650!
We met our goal this year in record time and are close to being fully funded for the next year also! Thank you so much, everyone! We are still accepting donations which will go to next year’s hosting post.

Thank you to Our Donors in 2020!

And everyone who purchased items from Ladama’s RB shop

Thank you, our hearts soar with the eagle’s nest!


How to contribute and order your gifts:
First decide how much you would like to contribute and how many gifts your contribution gets you. Every $10 contributed = 1 gift ($20 = 2 gifts, $30 = 3 gifts etc)

If you already have a PayPal account:
Log into PayPal, select “Send Money” and send your contribution to
– Enter your contribution amount, and in the “write a note” area, please include your shipping address and which items you want (the available items and their item numbers are pictured below). Also please include your MTT username!
Help us avoid fees and ensure your entire donation goes to MTT by electing to use your bank account or Paypal balance when you donate!

If you are unsure how to send funds, don’t have Paypal, or don’t want to start a Paypal account:
– Send an email to with the amount you want to contribute and we will send you a request, which you can pay without signing up for Paypal. (Make sure to enter your shipping address and which items you want in the “write a note” area when you pay.)
– you can also contribute on our Ko-fi page which also allows a Paypal guest checkout.

Check out the FAQs section for more info and answers to common questions

Here are the items available! There are 29 drawings/variants and you can select a greeting card, postcard or sticker.

  • Greeting cards will come with a kraft envelope
  • Print quality on the cards is very nice, like mini prints!
  • Stickers are made of vinyl and the print is water resistant. The colors do come out a bit saturated, especially oranges and reds. Please keep this in mind when selecting items!
  • Dimensions: greeting cards and postcards are 4x6in, stickers vary but are around 3x4in

When you send your contribution, please include the item number(s) and item type (G=greeting card, P=postcard, S=sticker) you want!

Ex: You decide to donate $20 so you can get 2 items. You want a sticker of Two-Headed Michael and a greeting card of Christmas Pam & Jim, so you enter “8-S” and “10-G” in your note when you contribute.

Want a closer look at the artwork or are interesting in prints/cases/totes/etc? You can check out Ladama’s RedBubble shop and don’t forget, 50% of her July & August RedBubble sales will go to the MTT hosting pot!.

Products for 1 - 4


Products for 5 - 8


Products for 9 - 12


Products for 13 - 16


Products for 17 - 20


Products for 21 - 24

New For 2020!


27. 28. 29.
(G – greeting card | P – postcard | S – sticker)

– Where are these stickers/cards made? Are they good quality?
They are from RedBubble, and yes they are good quality!

– I don’t live in the US, can I still contribute and receive gifts?
If you can use Paypal, you can contribute, and we will send gifts wherever a USPS international stamp will let us!

– Is there any difference between donating with a bank account vs. a credit/debit card?
In short, if you are in the US or Canada, we can avoid fees if you use your bank account or PayPal balance to donate. This ensures more money goes to MTT. (But no worries if you would prefer to pay with a card or live outside of these countries)

– I want to contribute but I really don’t want to use PayPal
Just a reminder, you can use Paypal without signing up for an account, but if you’d prefer to not use PayPal at all, send us a message and we’ll work on sorting out an alternative way for you to contribute.

– Okay, I donated, when can I expect my gifts?
It all depends on what your preferred item is, where you are, and when Ladama makes it to the post office ;-), so we estimate somewhere around 2-4 weeks. We will email you when your items are sent out.

– Can I send $10 now for one gift and then $10 later for another?
That’s fine!

– I want to contribute but can’t swing $10.
Hey, every little bit helps! You can follow the contribution steps above and send any amount via Paypal. Only contributions of $10+ are eligible for a gift, but we will make sure to thank everyone who can donate any amount!

– How long is this promotion going on?
This promotion will go until the end of August.

– What else you do have in your RedBubble shop?
Lots of great stuff! And 50% of July and August proceeds will go to the MTT hosting pot so please check it out!

– How do I know my donation is going to your hosting and not to magic lessons or shares?
We give our word that every cent we receive will go to MTT, but for extra piece of mind you can contribute via this link and your contribution (minus processing fees) will go straight to DreamHost. This method will also give you the option of paying without a Paypal account.

– I don’t need the gift, just happy to help!
Thank you so much! If you can add a note or send a quick message that you don’t need the gift we would highly appreciate it (just helps us keep track better!)

– Will you refund donations?
If you sent your donation to us (at we will refund your donation less Paypal fees and/or gift cost (if your gift was already sent) up to 10 days after you donated. Donation sent directly to Dreamhost cannot be refunded.

– What with you do with funds if you exceed your goal?
The goal of our fundraiser is to cover everything we need to stay online and keep the site ad-free and enjoyable for all Office and Jim&Pam fans! We mods do sometimes encounter other miscellaneous site-related costs through the year so if we are fortunate enough to exceed our funding goal, we may use some of these excess funds to help offset these costs, but most will go towards next year’s site costs. Either way every cent received goes towards keeping MTT online safe and thriving!

– I have another question
Reply to this post or email your fundraising questions to !

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