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READ ME FIRST! Forum Rules and Guidelines

In short, follow the Dwight Schrute Principle: Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, “Would an idiot do that?” And if they would, I do not do that thing.”

Conduct and Content Rules and Guidelines


  • This forum is intended to be a place for members of the MoreThanThat fanfic archive to interact. For now, membership to this forum is by invitation only and is (generally) only open to registered members of the MTT fanfic archive.
  • To request an invitation, log into the archive and message us via the contact form or email us at MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com. (Be sure to include your archive penname in your email request!)
  • An invitation should be sent to your email (make sure to check spam folders!). Click the link inside this email, fill out the rest of the registration and you should be in!


  • Though all fans of The Office are welcome, MTT always has been and always will be a Jim&Pam fansite, by registering here you are agreeing to respect that.
  • Debate and disagreement is fine but keep it polite and civil. Taunting, insults, threats and any other harassment will not be tolerated. This includes in personal messages!
  • Don’t mess with the mods. This will result in demerits and possibly a full disadulation.

Posting Discussions

  • Be sure to post new discussions in the appropriate category (ex: talk of an actor’s non-Office project should go in “Beyond Dunder Mifflin” rather than “The Documentary”).
  • All Discussion titles should be Safe For Work (SFW)
  • Avoid being too specific with your discussion topic otherwise it will probably not get much activity.

Written Content

  • We’re going to follow the Bleep Button rule: if it’s a word that was bleeped on The Office, it should probably be censored (or omitted) here.
  • Strive to have good grammar and spelling in your posts and avoid excessive “internet speak”

Visual Content
(Note: “embedded media” refers to any photos or videos that are visible/playable from these forums, verses posting a link that readers would have to click to take them to another site)

  • All embedded photos and videos should be (mostly) Safe For Work and not contain graphic or explicit imagery. Again, if it’s something that would have been blurred out the show, it probably shouldn’t go here!

If you are posting an image or video that’s maybe borderline or contains adult language, stick it in a spoiler tag! Surround whatever content you want to have hidden with these tags (remove spaces):

[spoi ler]Content Here[/spoi ler]

Then your content will be under an expandable box.

  • If embedding video, please do not set it to autoplay
  • Try to include the source of photos especially if they’re from a magazine/magazine site.

Candids and other Non-Official Photos of Actors

If you are thinking about posting these types of photos, please read the full guidelines downthread but in short:

  • It’s a-okay to embed photos that were taken and distributed with the photo subject’s knowledge and consent.
  • We’d prefer you link to photos that were taken unknowingly but still legally (i.e: an actor out and about in a public space) rather than embed them
  • Let’s avoid photos where the photo subject appears uncomfortable or unwilling, or the photo was taking through windows (i.e. a zoom photo taken from the street of an actor in a hotel room)
  • Absolutely do not embed or link to any photos that were obtained illegally.


  • Do NOT posts links to any pirated video downloads or torrents.
  • If you’re linking to a site that contains adult or Not Safe For Work content, you need to clearly state so right next to the link. You can do this by writing something like “Not Safe For Work”, “NSFW”, “Adult Content” “Rated MA” etc. Even if the article/media item you are specifically linking to isn’t explicit, if it’s on a site that hosts mature/adult content it needs to have proper warnings.
  • IF it’s pertinent to the topic, it’s okay to self-promote a little and link to sites like your personal website (that contains an online shop), your profile on a Marketplace site like Etsy, a charitable cause you are involved with, etc but excessive promotion is not allowed.
  • Do NOT create promotional topics (i.e. creating a topic for your website).
  • Do NOT post any referral or affiliate links (meaning anything you’ll get money or some kind of reward if people click on)
  • You may link to businesses/services/apps/etc if they are pertinent to the topic (ex: someone asking for writing app suggestions)
  • IF you have any affiliation with the business/service/app you are linking to please disclose so.

MTT reserves the right to edit your post so they adhere to the above guidelines. Excessive breaking or disregard of the rules and guidelines will result in warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans.

We also reserve the right to edit and update these rules. The topic title will contain the date of the last edit and members are expected to re-read the rules if and when there are rule changes.


  • More Info on Candids and other Non-Official Photos of Celebrities

    This is a tricky subject and fans will have differing opinions especially with celebrity candids. Here an elaboration of the guidelines we’d like our posters to follow with this kind of media.

    Again, “embedding” referred to any media that is posted to and visible on the forum, verses a link reader must click on to get to content.

    What’s okay to Embed

    • Photos that the actors have shared themselves on their social media accounts or with other media outlets
    • Candid photos of actors on their way to premieres, award ceremonies and other promotional events
    • Red Carpet photos
    • Candid photos of actors arriving on set
    • Behind-the-scene photos from movies/television programs/photoshoots

    What’s preferred you’d link to rather than embedding:

    • Candid photos of actors “out and about” in public spaces (shopping, walking down the street, getting coffee, etc)
    • Candid photos of actors’ children (unless it’s a photo that the actors themselves shared).

    *This is a tough call on what to permit, but we hope that requesting certain candid shots be linked to and not embedded will allow fans who want to avoid these kinds of photos the chance to.

    What we’d rather you not embed or link to:

    • Candids where the actors seem very uncomfortable or are signally they don’t want to be photographed.
    • Candid photos of actors in a private space, for example a zoom-shot from the street into a window or a fenced off area

    What we will absolutely not allow to be embedded or linked to:

    • Private photos that were obtained illegally (think that big celeb photo hack a year or so ago)

    Fortunately this is a fandom where most of the actors involved aren’t subject to too much paparazzi (didn’t Jenna Fischer once called herself Paparazzi Repellent?) but we still feel it’s best to have these guidelines posted.

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