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We are the home of 800 authors from among our 3221 members. There have been 83649 reviews written about our 4159 stories. A special welcome to our newest member, Pam 2_0.

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Story of the Moment
Life Is Wonderful by oobadnama T
A collection of moments in Jim and Pam's new life together. Because even...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Past, Future, Episode Related
Most Recent
One Week After by NobleLandMermaid T
Checking in on Jim's thoughts a week after certain events.
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
What if Pam had Gone To The Chuck Close Show? by Moogie Man T
Pam is tired of partying, Pratt, New York, and Mainly --Guess Who? I own nothing...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Other
Voicemails by msteapot M
 The voicemails Pam and Jim leave each other, after a 'hard day's...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
Are you still mine? by msteapot M
Pam Beesly thinks maybe she didn't follow the Palmistry 101 guidelines properly...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
In Hand by shutterbug K
Jim returns the favor and reads Pam's palm. Post Episode for "The...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present
Featured Stories
The Jim Paradox: Season 3 by scrantonbranch K
The Jim Paradox continues into Season 3 with analysis for every episode on a...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
Oracle Mom by time4moxie T
MEMBER'S CHOICE - The Jim and Pam saga affects more than just those two...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
Heart of the Matter by malcolm lake T
AU After the merger.  Pam learns the dreams Jim had before Dunder Mifflin...
Categories: Present, Alternate Universe
And Harder Still to Make Noise by sophia_helix MA
Eleven years of Pam Beesly's life. Some are better than others.
Categories: Jim and Pam
Indigo and Crimson by Deedldee MA
Season 8 post episode one shots. Like "Harmony" only, they're Season 8. NOW...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
Learning to Live Again by italianfood M
Pam moved to New York instead of starting work at Dunder Mifflin. Years later...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
Does He Love You? by carbondalien K
Pam married Roy and moved to California after "Casino Night," and Jim gave up...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
The Pam Dichotomy: Season 3 by scrantonbranch K
The Pam Dichotomy continues into Season 3 with analysis for every episode on...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
Apres by callisto M
This will be a series of one-shots that take place after an episode, in no particular...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present, Past, Episode Related
Site News
Beta Reader Program Relaunched!

We have officially rebooted our Beta Reader system at MTT!

You can read all about it on this page, but here is the general gist:

To become a beta:

To find a beta:

  • You can see who is listed as Beta Reader on the archive, click on profile, read their beta-reader form and see if anyone is a good fit for your story.
  • If they seem like a good fit, contact them via the “contact author” link on the MTT archive (or hoever they listed that they prefer to be contacted)
  • You can also state in the notes of your stories that you are looking for a beta, this will often attract reader who are willing to look things over.

Some Ground Rules for Betas and Authors

  • If you contact a beta reader for your story and they say (politely) that they cannot be your beta, accept it and move on, likewise for betas who reach out to authors that say no thanks.
  • Make it very clear what you expect from the beta process! The more details you share with each other before you start, the better the beta process will go.

That’s enough for now, as mentioned before, you can read the full beta page. Comments can be directed to the Find a Beta thread , through the contact form or in an email to MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com

--Admin Team on May 16, 2017 12:59 am 0 Comments
Valentine's Day Writing Contest Winners!

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in our Valentine's Day Fanfic Writing Contest!

We had a great response both from writers and readers and now it's time to announce the winners!

Readers' Choice: Out of the Fog by Kat11
Moderators' Choice: Blue Valentine by shutterbug

stories/3186/images/VDayWinner-ReadersSm.jpg stories/3186/images/VDayWinner-modsSm.jpg

Every participant should have received an email detailing how to get their prizes (both for participating and for winning). If you did not, please email us at MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com

Also thank you to the voters who left feedback! We have some ideas on how to improved future contest and what kind of events you would like to see!

--Admin Team on March 23, 2017 04:30 pm 3 Comments
Valentine's Day Contest: Voting Time!


~Thank you for your votes! Look for the formal announcement of the winners very shortly!~

Thanks all the writers who submitted to our first Valentine's Day Writing Contest, now it's time to decide a winner!

We have six entries which you can find here: Valentine's Day 2017. They're mostly pretty short so we request you read all the entries before making your decision. Once you have decided on your favorite, please vote here. Voting is open until Sunday March 19th, 11:59pm PDT

What to know before voting:

  • Make sure you are registered on the archive, votes from non-members will not be counted
  • Every member gets ONE vote, no double registering to cast multiple votes!
  • If you are one the writers, you may vote but no voting for yourself
  • The Readers and Mods choices will be announced the week of March 20th

Some additional things

* On the voting form, we ask you to match your favorite entries with it's simple story summary. The 6 stories are all pretty unique so if you read the story, you should know which is which. Vote that don't match the story with the correct summary won't count.

* The voting form has an optional contest feedback form, and we would really like to hear your thoughts on this contest and potential future contests!

* The Mods' Choice will be determined by MTTs three mods, and the Readers Choice and Mods choice will be different entries.

* We will be in contact with the authors via email about the participation gift and the prizes for the 2 winners.

* Any questions, concerns, comments can be directed to MTT.fanfic@gmail.com

Thank you and Happy Reading!

--Admin Team on March 09, 2017 03:43 pm 0 Comments
Valentine's Day Writing Contest!

~Voting Open Until the end of March 19th, click hear for more info!~

Calling all writers!

This year MoreThanThat is holding a Valentine's Day writing competition. We are asking writers to submit their Valentine's Day related stories to MTT during the month of February. Then the first week of March, we will have a vote for the Reader's Choice and Moderator's Choice. In addition to internet praise and kudos, these two winners will also receive prizes for realsies!

What kind of stories can I enter?

  • Your story should be at least 500 words long.
  • Your story should be new and never published
  • Multi-chapter is ok but it needs to be completed by the morning of March 8th, 2017 (<-- new deadline!)
  • Any genre, rating and pairing is fine as long as the story is Valentine's Day themed. (though fair warning, we mods do love our JAM ;-) )
  • And all stories should adhere to the regular MTT submission guidelines.

How Do I Enter My Story?

  • If you don't already have an account on the MTT fanfic archive, sign up for one .
  • Log in, go to My Account > Add New Story and submit your story. We ask that you include your entry is for the 2017 Valentine's Day competition in the story summary to make sure it's categorized appropriately
  • If you are a new writer, your story will be held for a quick review to make sure formatting is okay, as long as there are no major issues you should see your story published shortly.
  • Once approved, a mod will add the entry to the Valentine's Day 2017 Challenge .

What do the winners and participants get?*

The two winners will receive:

  • One season of The Office on DVD (winner's choice of season)
  • A photographic print of the winner's choice from our mod Ladama's RedBubble shop .

In addition, all participants will get a Jim/Pam card or sticker of their choice featuring Ladama's work.

*MoreThanThat reserves the right to modify prizes depending on response and interest

Contest FAQs

How will the winners be selected?
– We will have two winners, a reader’s choice and a moderator’s choice. More details are forthcoming but the Reader’s choice will be decided by a vote from registered readers, while the mods will deliberate amongst themselves on their choice.

Can I win both the Reader’s Choice and the Moderator’s Choice?
– Two different stories by two different writers will be selected.

Can I submit more than one story?
– You certainly can, but know that we are asking people to select their favorite story, not favorite writer, so you may end up splitting your own vote. Also an author can only win one prize, they cannot win both the Reader’s and Mod’s choices.

I have an old story that fits this contest, can I submit that story?
– Stories should be new and never published to MTT or other fanfic sites.

My story is not quite 500 words long
– The 500 word minimum is more a guideline than a firm rule, what we most want from entries is for them to be well-written, so if they don’t clear the 500 word threshold, that’s okay, submit it anyway!

Do I have to share my address with you to receive prizes?
– Short answer is yes, winners will need to provide an address that Amazon and Redbubble can deliver to, and participants will need to provide an address we can send a USPS letter to. We will not save address or use it for anything besides sending prizes.

Will you be able to send prizes to my country?
– This contest is open to any writer anywhere in the world and we are prepared to send prizes to a variety of countries. But if we are unable or if shipping is cost-prohibitive we will work with winners to find an equivalent arrangement.

Other Questions?
- If you still have questions, please contact us via the contact form, the forum post , or emailing us at MTT.fanfic@gmail.com

Also you can help us our by helping us promote! Send your writer friends to mttjustonce.net and/or share this graphic on your social media!

--Admin Team on February 01, 2017 11:59 pm 1 Comments
December AotM and Holiday Theme!

Hello everyone! The Holidays are upon us and to commemorate we have changed our default theme to Teapot Holiday. This theme is a throwback to the the classic "Christmas Party" episode with the teal teapot of love (and Jim's secret card). It's a little funky on mobile, so you may want to go to a more familiar theme the skin change drop down is in the top below the menu or at the bottom.

Also, this months Author of the Month has a wide variety of fics for you to enjoy all month. PuffingNoise. You can click here for more info and all past AOTM.

Check out the main page soon for more Christmas themes posts including fic recs and a ranking of the Office Holiday episodes!

--Admin Team on December 17, 2016 05:09 pm 0 Comments
November AotM and Nanowrimo!

It's a new month which means a new Author of the Month. November's AotM is Peskipiksi who has written 8 stories for MTT and returned after many years with a new story back in May! You can learn more about the Author of the Month series at our new message boards.

Also it's November which means Nanowrimo is underway! If you're taking part this year, come join us on the message boards ! You can also go to the Nano boards and talk Office or just say hey to other MTTers. One of our mods is *hoping* to write a JAM story for Nanowrimo and plans on posting their progress so make sure to check back soon!

--Admin Team on November 03, 2016 12:33 pm 0 Comments
October AotM, Nanowrimo, and Other Updates

Happy October! We have a few fun updates and other things to announce just in time for spooky season!

Our October Author of the Month is Deedldee, who has written 21 stories for MTT. You can learn more about the Author of the Month series at our new message board.

For many writers, this month also means gearing up for Nanowrimo in November! If you are an MTTer taking part in the 30 day novel writing challenge, come post on the new forums and let's make a little MTT Nano group!

We are always striving to make improvements and add features to the archive. This month we have launched a Save as EPUB feature, which lets you save any story to your favorite eReader to be read whenever! We are also working on adding better ways to navigate the archive with some new Sort features. Now when you browse, you can order stories by word count, read count, review count and published date.

That's about it for our September report! Don't forget to leave reviews on any stories you like (writers love reviews!) or to check out our new forums .

--Admin Team on October 03, 2016 12:28 am 0 Comments
Announcing the Save As EPUB Feature!
We here at MoreThanThat are thrilled to be launching the new "Save As EPUB" feature for our members! You can now save any story on MoreThanThat as an EPUB document and read it any time on your favorite eReader device!

Just click the EPUB Icon epub icon on any story to download an EPUB eBook. You do need to be registered and logged in to download EPUBs, but we promise registration is quick and easy (twss).

You can read more about this new feature here , including detailed instructions for a wide variety of devices! Happy Reading!

--Admin Team on September 27, 2016 01:34 pm 2 Comments
Note About Spam Reviews

Hello MTTers! Many apologies if you received a review notification only to find a review full of links or nothing at all since it was deleted. A spam account registered in the middle of the night and got off a few dozen reviews before I was able to lock the account up.

We have taken many anti-spam measure including not allowing anonymous reviews, installing the anti-spam program Bad Behaviour and monitoring registrations as closely as we can. As a result this was our first mass-spammer in several months! Just a reminder, you can adjust your notification in your account settings. In the mean time I'm always looking for more, improved anti-spam measures as well as submitting requests and suggestions to the eFiction developers.

--Ladama on September 13, 2016 04:15 am 0 Comments
Announcing Author of the Month, New Community, and other Updates

Hello readers! It was another pretty busy month "behind-the-scenes" at MTT as we continue to work on getting everything updated and also adding some new features!

First off, we are launching an Author Of The Month series! Each month we admins will select an author to feature and hopefully get some attention to their stories.

The inaugural author of the month is: watchthesky84, who has written 8 Jim/Pam one shots, and each one is a great short read! You can read more about her and about this new series at our new message board.

Speaking of: Our main site got a massive overhaul, and we have a brand new message board with a new community behind it! You don't have to be registered to post replies on the message board, but if you do choose to register you'll have access to lots of fun features like setting up profile, friending other MTTers, personal messaging, and more. You do have to set up a new account even if you are registered here or at the old forums but we promise it's pretty painless!

Some of the other things added last month:

We also have a big event in the works for October, stay tuned for more!

--Admin Team on September 01, 2016 05:19 pm 0 Comments