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'But Who Would Watch My TV?' The Television Thread

Let’s talk TV, network shows, premium shows, streaming shows, shows that have filled the Office-gap in your heart, etc.


  • If you're in the market for a new office-esque show to watch, I started watching Superstore and there's definitely a lot of Office-like elements, not surprising since the creator Justin Spitzer was an Office writer for years. If you've ever worked retail it's painfully relatable, they have their own slow burn romance with a guy pining for a girl whose in a committed relationship (but not a total rehash, personality wise Jonah and Amy are very different from Jim and Pam) and then there's Dina who is in a lot of ways the female Dwight and is probably my favorite character.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine was recommended to me recently, based on my love of Parks & Rec and the Office. Good recommendation, do you think?
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