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About the Episodes Category

Each topic posted here will be dedicated to a single episode of The Office. Whether we actually end up with a topic for all 2oo-some episodes or only end up with topics for the popular episodes will remain to be seen! For now, topics will be posted in conjunction with episode recaps on the site.

All the topics in this forum are to be Mod Created! But we still want members to post and interact, here are some things we’d love for people to post in the episode topics!

  • just general discussion of the episode
  • fave quotes and scenes from the episodes (maybe embed some screens and gifs?)
  • factoids from that episode.
  • your favorite fanfics that take place during that particular episode
  • and so on!

The first post of each topic will have general episode details, a link to the MTT recap, a poll to rate the episodes, links to the episode thread on the old forum and to various other Office sites, and any other essential media.

Thanks for reading and let’s talk Office!

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