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Office in Pop Culture

Have you come across an Office reference somewhere else in pop culture, a JAM reference in a song? A Michael shoutout in a movie? Detail it here!


  • Check out this song from AJR, it's all about The Office!

  • Also I saw Wonder Woman (twice now actually, I love it) and couldn't help but give a camera nod when Steve and Diana has a "swaying or dancing" debate ;)
  • Wonder Woman is amazing! I ugly-cried at the end, not because of the actual content of the film, but the fact that the film existed, and I was sitting there watching it. Me, this girl who used to play-act as all the boy characters because it was so hard to find a girl that I wanted to be (until Mulan, actually; Mulan was so important for me).

    Anyway, I didn't even think about Jim/Pam when I saw the Steve/Diana swaying or dancing scene, but that's a nice catch. :)
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