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Articles about The Office

Like the topic says, whether new or old share articles or blog posts about our favorite show and discuss!


  • This article is an oldie but a goodie, from Slate.com about why so many countries have felt the need to adapt their own "Office"

  • And to counter that, here's a blog post called "Were Jim and Pam soulmates or just a product of their environment?" that my google homepage inflicted on me and I will now inflict on you. I suppose there are a couple good points but it mostly belongs in Michael's complaint file

    and yes I put it in a Google doc cuz I'm that petty and don't want to give them hits :angry:
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    What I want to know is did this person even watch the show? I don’t think their relationship fizzled. I think they showed a very real look at the hardships of long distance. And come on, cut Pam some slack. It’d be really hard to immediately get on board with something your husband said he didn’t want to do in the first place and then lied to you about multiple times. Plus, add in two young kids and a comfortable life and getting asked to trade that in for something that may or may not work would be terrifying.
  • What Michael Schur Gets Right About Love That Everyone Else Gets Wrong

    This is much more about Parks and Rec and Brooklyn 9-9 than Office but still worth a read. I wish the author gave a little more credit to Jim & Pam, keeping your will-they-wont-they couple together without a bunch of contrived drama was definitely uncharted territory when they did it on the office and though not always perfect, I think lead the way for all these other couples.

    (Also I think season 9 was maybe too much drama but calling it a character assassination of Jim is a little much, Jim always jumped before he looked and it was bound to one day not work out)
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