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The Writing Advice Thread

We all have different reasons for writing fanfic but typically we all are at least aiming to learn and improving our writing. Here let's discuss the trick of the trade, both for writing fanfic and just writing in general! Post resources you have found useful, tips and tricks you have learned over the years and if you're less experience don't be afraid to ask for advice!


  • For my first contribution here are three things to check out:

    Fanfic 101: A collection of lectures and essays, this has lots of great tips for beginner writers with fanfic writing in mind, and I also thing more experiences writers will get something meaningful from here also.

    Words to replace "said", except this actually helps: You may have seen other lists of words to use in place of "said", but I doubt you've seen one arranged quite this amusingly :grin:

    On Fanfic and Emotional Continuity: Not necessarily "writing advice" but this is a long and interesting about fanfiction as it's own genre
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