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The Random Thread

Like the title says, post anything funny or interesting that doesn't *quite* fit anywhere else


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    Our worst nightmare XD Graham Norton introduced Daniel Radcliffe and Ricky Gervais to Simply Daniel Radcliffe Fanfiction

    P.S. I was really cracking up cuz I know that exact theme for the site and actually used the color scheme for Paper Airplanes
  • I’ve just got this weird theory floating around in my head and I need to share it to see if I’m crazy or if this is something other people have noticed.

    Before Pam and Jim finally get together, Pam wears her hair up in that barrette. Afterwards, she wears it down. But it seems that when she’s feeling particularly vulnerable (see most of Season 9) she goes back to the barrette. It seems to me to be dramatic shorthand for Pam pulling back into herself and shutting herself off from difficult or uncomfortable emotional situations.

    Like I said, kind of weird and definitely thin. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I super late to the game in the Pam’s hair department? Hahaha!
  • @DoctorCinderella That is great! It makes a lot of sense (I know I have habits similar to that) I love it.
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    Not sure where else this might go, so I’ll just put it here in the Random thread!

    What is everyone’s thoughts on the recent Tumblr drama? I understand the reasoning on their part, but their execution leaves something to be desired. And I’ll be honest, Tumblr is where I go to let my fandom freak flag kind of fly. Where I might be more reticent to extol the virtues of JKras’ tight fitting pants on Instagram or Twitter, I feel like I am allowed to give a full throated appreciation for them on Tumblr.

    I reblogged a post of the infamous Men’s Health/13 Hours pics and gave my honest opinion on how they make me feel and it was flagged it as explicit. Granted, I appealed it and they rescinded the explicit tag, but it was still a pain in the ass. And later, a picture of two sand dunes that only in the most abstract sense looked like breasts was also flagged! That’s just ridiculous. They need to get their algorithms under control.

    Well this was longer than I thought it would be. That’s what she said. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
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