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Every November a challenge comes around to tempt many-a-writer: National Novel Writing Month, better known as Nanowrimo.

This is thread is for everything Nano! Post your Nano username to buddy up with fellow MTTers, talk about your project (we'd love it to be some fanfic! but of course we support any writing endeavor any MTTer take on) and cheer others on!


  • I’m signed up but I haven’t declared a novel yet. I’m spending today and tomorrow trying to think of what to write but also, I’m really tempted to just write 30 1,667 word fanfics about Jim and Pam.

    Someone talk me out of it.

    My username over there is coleyco29. I’m a really great accountability buddy and will happily send you guilt tripping emails to make sure you make word count if needed!
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