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The Fanfic Promotion Thread

Whether you want to announce the latest update to your fic or give a shout out to a great Office fic you read recently this is the place for Office Fic promotion.

Couple rules for promoting:
  • Please include the rating of the fic, especially if it's M or MA.
  • If you are promoting your own fic, in general you should only post once about it. If it's a work in progress you can announce new chapters.


  • Hi y'all! I've posted a new installment of "Invincible Summer." Chapter rating is K+; overall story rating is MA (for sex that hasn't been written yet, mostly). This chapter is set pre-series, but shows the story behind one of the teapot "inside jokes."

    I also set the chapter at a real event that happens every year near Scranton and is popular locally, and I will continue to include a lot of local references to places and events in this story (partially, I admit, to celebrate some places I grew up loving and now remember fondly).

    A couple notes about the story overall that I'll just mention once (per the rules): It will be a total of twelve chapters. This is a frame story--the frame is always post-series, actually set in September 2018, and takes place throughout the American southwest and shows Jim taking a road trip through that region. The bulk of the chapters, however, consist of memories, all from Jim's perspective; those memories span from pre-series to post-series and show Jim and Pam at various stages of their relationship.

    Upcoming chapters will include references and takes on "Casino Night," their gas-station engagement, Jim's favorite food, and Pam's desire to visit the Grand Canyon.

    I hope you take this journey with me and enjoy! I always treasure any feedback--short or long--anyone takes the time to give me. Thank you, everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend!

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