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The JKras Thread



  • Happy Tuna Tuesday! I'm still not sold on the shirt but the face is <3 :heart_eyes: <3

  • If you missed JKras on Live with Kelly and Ryan today @CHT8635 aka "another.john.k.fanpage" came through for us and got it posted on IG!
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    Why is this the cutest thing I’ve ever seen? (also the embed image thing isn't working so here's the URL, the internet hates me today)

    *mod note: take the "s" off of the https and it will embed :)
  • Just in time for Tuna Tuesday, Honest Trailers dropped its take on A Quiet Place. "Watch John Krasinski prove he's more than just a pretty Jim face, but a wide variety of pretty Jim faces" :love:

  • Loving Thursdays... Comic Con is in San Diego and the highlight for me is John's face "wrapped" on the side of the Omni Hotel in the middle of downtown. Amazon is doing it for their Clancy series! I hope someone who is in the area will take a picture of it and send to MTT.

  • This Tuna Tuesday comes bearing gifts! John got the cover story of the latest Variety

    And our pal another.john.k.fanpage on IG posted some shots and video from the article today. I'm fond of this smolder :heart_eyes:
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    Part of John’s Variety interview. He talks about his need to be Jim Halpert again to “see what he’s doing.”
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    Tuna Tuesday and more gifts! Another.john.k.fanpage on IG posted some very nice goodies today from Men's Health Magazine, which has our boy on the cover this month. Enjoy this interview with john comparing Alexa, Siri, and Google Home

  • John only posts like every other month on Instagram but at least this is quality :p
  • This aired on a Tuesday so I think we can call it a Tuna Tuesday post, JKras on Sephen Colbert last night. He actually wore color! Here's part 1 which is a more typical late night interview (its missing him walking out which was the best part though! You can bit here on IG)

    And then part two which was amazing and even features a cameo from a former DM receptionist (no not that one sadly. The other one)

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