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Recommendation List Builder

One thing that apparent whenever we get feedback from readers is people want recommendation lists and want them now! So we want our users to head to the archive, scour their favorite and come and make some recommendations!

We want to build several lists and cover a variety of genres, pairings and story subjects. We prefer recommendations to be completed stories but incomplete stories are acceptable (we will just note it in our lists). We also prefer stories that are posted at the MTT archive though off-site recommendations are allowed.

If the fanfic takes place during or near one specific episode, please say which episodes to help us build our “Fanfic Recommendations” sections of our recaps!

Topics/lists (just a rough list, these can certainly be added to and some topics will likely be combined)

  • Before the Cameras
  • Summer of ’06 (aka takes place between Casino Night and Gay Witch Hunt)
  • In Stamford fics
  • Jim & Pam First Date Fics
  • Anything during specific relationship stages: Dating, Engaged, Married life
  • Wedding/Honeymoon fics
  • Baby Fics
  • What If Scenarios still closely tied to the show (aka what if Scranton closed and Stamford stayed open, what if Pam married Roy)
  • Full on AUs in modern times, (eg: Jim and Pam meet in college)
  • Historical AUs (eg: Jim and Pam during WWII)
  • Any canonical pairing that’s NOT Jim/Pam (Dwight/Angela, Kelly/Ryan, Karen/Jim, Michael/Jan, Michael/Holly, etc)
  • Non-Canonical and/or Slash pairing (Pam/Toby, Jim/Ryan, Pam/Karen, Kelly/Andy, and we’re sure there were others!)
  • Life After Dunder Mifflin fics
  • Favorite One-Shots
  • Favorite Epics
  • Fics that are unfinished but still well worth your time!
  • Fics with Chatting/Text/Emailing as a major element
  • And of course, Smut for smut’s sake fics
Please post the category your fic falls into with your recommendation. Post the full title and the author (links are also very helpful!)


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