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Married, forty-ish tech writer who indulges her aspirations to write fiction by doing...this.

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Stories by nqllisi

If the Fates Allow by nqllisi

Rated: K • 17 Reviews15
Summary: For the Secret Santa Exchange! Christmas through the years with Jim and Pam, from their first Christmas as friends and co-workers to the time their lives had taken them away from Scranton. Merry Christmas!

The Haunting of Halpert House by nqllisi

Rated: MA • 7 Reviews9

Jim Halpert took the job in Maryland after "Halloween" in season 2. He's back in town, on Halloween. 

halloween dundies

The Receptionist's New Clothes by nqllisi

Rated: T • 128 Reviews28
Summary: Pam changes outfits- and herself. Speculative post-The Job.

Cancer scare by nqllisi

Rated: K • 14 Reviews4
Summary: Pam doesn't do well when she doesn't get her sleep. For the "birthday month!" series, even though I haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong in order to add it.

Ancient rhythm by nqllisi

Rated: K • 8 Reviews2
Summary: Jim finds Pam.

Trading your secrets by nqllisi

Rated: K • 24 Reviews9
Summary: What happens if Pam overhears something she shouldn't? An alternate take on "The Secret".

The greatest of these is Love by nqllisi Past Featured Story

Rated: K • 19 Reviews9

She is his faith, his hope, and his love.

Twenty-two minutes by nqllisi

Rated: K • 26 Reviews14

Pam takes a nap, and Jim reflects.

Tiny mean girls by nqllisi

Rated: T • 14 Reviews3
Summary: “We met at a bar. Can you believe that?”  Written for the Karen - Moving On challenge.

Repeat the sounding joy by nqllisi

Rated: K • 21 Reviews8

How many times has he called her an angel? Christmas in the Halpert home.

Why Pam came home from NYC by nqllisi

Rated: K • 12 Reviews1

Pam still doesn't deal well with sudden revelations.

Dreams by nqllisi

Rated: K • 10 Reviews3

Pam knew about dreams. Takes place early season 4-ish.

I could marry a girl like that by nqllisi

Rated: K • 23 Reviews12
Summary: "I first had the thought sort of ridiculously early- I could marry a girl like that". Spoilers through "Weight Loss".

The phone call, reprised by nqllisi

Rated: K • 14 Reviews8

Pam always calls her mom at the big moments. Takes place immediately following "Weight Loss."

The ghost of Toby Flenderson by nqllisi

Rated: K • 8 Reviews2
Summary: “Didn’t Michael say Toby was in a plane crash?” For the "No, I'm not dead" challenge.

Special delivery by nqllisi

Rated: T • 9 Reviews3
Summary: Jan's having a baby. No, I mean right now, on company time.

Summer of love by nqllisi

Rated: K • 4 Reviews
Summary: “Are you afraid I’ll find someone else in New York?”

Don't quit your day job by nqllisi

Rated: K • 20 Reviews8
Summary: Pam packed light when she went to New York. It didn't turn out how she expected.

I call upon the youth of the world by nqllisi

Rated: K • 15 Reviews5
Summary: Pam wasn’t coming home for another couple of weeks; watching the Olympics together made her feel closer.

Rainbow by nqllisi

Rated: K • 11 Reviews5
Summary: There were no fireworks, no elaborate schemes, no grand gestures. Just Jim and the heat and a sudden thunderstorm.

Higher Standards by nqllisi

Rated: K • 6 Reviews4
Summary: “I appreciate the sentiment,” Angela said. “However, this will have to be re-written.” Takes place after "Goodbye Toby"

Perfect by nqllisi

Rated: K • 16 Reviews6

It was by far, bar none, the best moment of Jim Halpert’s life. Another proposal story.

When I grow up by nqllisi

Rated: K • 7 Reviews3
Summary: Jim contemplates a career change

Everything reminded me of you by nqllisi

Rated: T • 43 Reviews13

When everything reminds you of the past, it is best to embrace it.

Valentine roses by nqllisi

Rated: K • 16 Reviews7
Summary: Jim gives Pam flowers