Reviews For Florida Morning
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Reviewer: AmeliaHalpert Signed [Report This]
Date: October 09, 2023 06:42 pm Title: Chapter 1

Re-read this now that I have the full and glorious background of Jamie and Morgan… it is SOOOO much better to read now.

Author's Response: I'm glad it can stand on its own, but even more glad that being part of a larger universe brings out more depth. Thanks for coming back to it.

Reviewer: grc73 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: October 04, 2023 01:45 pm Title: Chapter 1

Warrior, how did I never submit a review for this? I absolutely love this and I’ve read it many times. It is so incredibly satisfying reading how Jim (and Pam) bring Cathy to rights about their marriage.

Author's Response: Thanks for getting back to this one. Especially now that this episode was recently talked about on Office Ladies. The way I saw it Jim and Pam were just about at their best around this time. There's no way Cathy would have stood a chance or that JAM would have let it slide. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: AmeliaHalpert Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: July 07, 2023 06:56 am Title: Chapter 1

I love this! Just getting around to more reading time and I am DOWN for the start of knowing the ‘Jamie & Morgan’ series!!!! I love the ‘fixing’ or better explaining of things that happened in canon!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I've always found it fun to go in between the lines and scenes of the show. Add in what might not have been seen on camera that effected what we did see. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: Anne-Rose Sweetkins Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: April 30, 2023 05:26 pm Title: Chapter 1

Cathy don’t know love. I don’t even think she understands the concept of marriage. I am sure she have some sad past but what she did is just wrong. Nothing she went through justify that.
Good one shot!

Author's Response: She probably doesn't understand the concept of a healthy marriage. Past pain can lead to poor decisions which is where I was going with Cathy here. Thing is she's up against Jim and Pam at one of their more stronger moments, so yeah, no chance there. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: OfficeWriter Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: October 17, 2022 05:51 am Title: Chapter 1

Love some assertive Jim! It was always amusing that he was so assertive in some aspects in canon and so weak in others (like how he dealt with Cathy and Karen). Straighforward Jim is good. Bless Cathy didn't even work out the pranks on Dwight - she only saw what she wanted to see. This was such a feel good chapter 👍

Author's Response: S8 is right in there where Jim and Pam are at their strongest. So yeah, Cathy has no chance in the slightest. I really wanted to show that when it's important, Jim will put aside the prankster and be the confident mature adult we know him to be. Cathy not being able to read him or misinterpreting everything going on was the other aim. She sees a handsome face and what she thinks are marital difficulties. But what's going on under the surface is so much deeper and she can't see that. Thanks for the review, glad you liked it. 

Reviewer: tinydundie Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: August 18, 2022 11:54 am Title: Chapter 1

Jim gave Cathy far more of his time than she deserved (and wow is she desperate and hard of hearing, apparently) but I love his headspace here, and that in a way he and Pam got to take down Cathy together. Nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I figured Cathy needed taking down a few pegs and there was no way Jim was not going to have Pam unincluded. They're in one of their strongest points at this point in the show and thus Cathy has no chance of anything. Glad you liked it and thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Yeza Signed [Report This]
Date: July 06, 2022 01:32 pm Title: Chapter 1

I was waiting for a story where someone would put Cathy in her place. And Jim and Pam have done it, so win-win.

Author's Response: Thank you. This is right in one of Jim and Pam's strongest points, thus Cathy has no chance to disrupt that. It also means JAM has the confidence to call her out. Glad you liked it. 

Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: October 29, 2020 04:49 pm Title: Chapter 1

In part I'm just glad you filled the gaping hole in canon here - it always bothered me that there's never any follow-through on this night, even after seeing the deleted scene with Pam's phone call. And I really like that you've filled out the story of exactly what the hell made Cathy conclude their marriage was in trouble - the show gets away with suggesting she basically made that call after overhearing one sentence in one conversation, and you've replaced that with something that's pretty funny in a dark way: an understanding of Jim's actions that's almost exactly the opposite of what they mean.

I thought the twist of having Pam listening in was a really nice touch, too!

Author's Response: Thank you. Going past the show is always kind of fun. Fill in the gaps that the cameras didn't catch. Cathy just didn't get Jim or Pam at all. Especially in this stage of the JAM relationship where Jim and Pam are probably at one of the strongest points we see them in. They're not dealing the the stress in S9 and are in a real good place. Thus Cathy has zero chance of breaking that bond. Pam listening in on the conversation was a way to show that as well. Jim's not keeping secrets from Pam, wants her on his side, and Pam also has the opportunity to add to the conversation. Glad you liked it.

Reviewer: HonestAndCourageous Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: March 16, 2020 08:23 pm Title: Chapter 1

I always wanted the "Kathy Issue " to be addressed and dealt with, and here is my answer!
I always felt that their true thoughtfulness and kindness towards people was something that drew Jim and Pam together as well as something they appreciated about each other. I see that here as Kathy didn't get what she deserved...
I do like that Pam got a little spicy there at the end!
Thanks for writing

Author's Response: You're just going through all my old stuff now aren't you? Not that I'm complaining mind you, I love getting reviews. This was another fun story to bring to light. It's my contention that when Jim and Pam are truly together, there's nothing that can pull them apart. Not distance pushy temp workers. They are also kind souls. Few of their pranks are actually destructive and by this time they've realized that it's important to be honest. Thus we get this talk at breakfast. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Coley Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: October 03, 2018 07:09 pm Title: Chapter 1

Ugh. Cathy. You were never going to get Jim.

This was fantastic! I love, love, love how devious Jim was with having Pam on the phone and I was silently cheering as first he, and then Pam, put Cathy firmly in her place by proving she didn't know a single thing about him.

Pam was far too kind to her at the end but I think I liked it! It showed just how secure she is in her marriage and knows she has nothing to worry about and that's when Jim and Pam are at their best!

Author's Response: There's the deleted scene where Jim is on the phone with Pam, while Cathy is still in the room. Pam is gently teasing Jim so from that interaction I surmised Pam wouldn't get the claws out right away. Had Cathy tried anything else though, Pam would have been on the first plane down I assure you. I fully agree that one will have a hard time trying to break something as solid as Jim and Pam at their best. Thanks for the feedback.

Reviewer: Clover Signed [Report This]
Date: August 27, 2018 11:46 am Title: Chapter 1

I like the general premise of this story. And I am sure it was fun taking this to the nth degree of Kathy being aggressive and Jim and Pam thoroughly putting her in her place. But what I really like about Jim and Pam is that they are both pretty gentle souls, and the same result could have been achieved with much more subtlety. Even when Jim put Andy in his place in that one episode (Phyllis: "Andy, I think Jim is messing with you."), he did so with compassion for Andy's pain, and a smile on his face. And yet he was completely clear and unapologetic about his devotion to Pam.

But this was fun too! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the response. I get where you're coming from. Yes, things could have been more subtle, however my thought is that if there's one thing Jim and Pam learned with first few years of their relationship is that misunderstandings can have a lot of unintended effects that then take more time to sort out. So when they came up with the idea to have Pam on speaker phone and Jim be so direct, they wanted to make sure there were no misunderstandings this time around. It was fun to write and thanks for the feedback.

Reviewer: Duchess Cupcake Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: August 25, 2018 07:49 pm Title: Chapter 1

Damn! Pam and Jim don’t play around! 😏 I always wanted a little more to this scene. I know there is a deleted scene, but I really wanted a swift kick in the teeth to Kathy. I think I just got it. Loved how you had Pam on speaker. Also, very in-character-Pam to give Kathy this ONE pass, but I know she will follow through on that promise if Kathy tries it again. Ugh, I can’t stand Kathy. Thank you for this!

Author's Response: Thank you. This one was kind of fun to write. There's so many JAM fics from Seasons 1-4 but not quite as many in later seasons. I wanted to change that a bit. Also show that their relationship is still strong even after a few years of marriage and a couple kids. Having Pam on speaker was a fun idea that had me grin too when I thought of it. Thanks for the review.

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