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trulisthetic (May 15, 2021 03:15 am): *you guys
trulisthetic (May 15, 2021 03:14 am): darjeelingandcoke iiiiiikkkkk!! There it is again. I swear if I didn't have MTT and all of your kind words I wouldn't have gotten through 2020 sane, much along 2021. Thank you for being here y
NobleLandMermaid (May 13, 2021 10:38 pm): Great CN recs so far! Couple more: sense by proudgirl, he’s (not) in love by dwangela and Love Suffers Long by BringingTheJam
darjeelingandcoke (May 13, 2021 08:30 pm): Awwww. Guyssssssss. You're gonna give me a swelled head. (And, you know, thank you.)
Coley (May 13, 2021 04:35 pm): Chapters 8 and 12 of HMOH are both great Casino Night-inspired reads. Good luck stopping at just those 2 though.
grc73 (May 13, 2021 03:00 pm): What Max said, it's wonderful.
Maxine Abbott (May 13, 2021 05:33 am): The newest CN story - chap 5 of Darjeeling’s Every Day’s a Holiday - so moving.
Debutante_gurl (May 13, 2021 12:53 am): https://youtu.be/SUFU-9R7AZo this video is helpful, esspically if your in school. enjoy!
darjeelingandcoke (May 12, 2021 02:08 pm): Possibilities and the delightfully meta Infinity by nqllisi, and trulisthetic's Open Your Eyes, one of my favorites from 2020
darjeelingandcoke (May 12, 2021 02:07 pm): !!! And Harder Still to Make Noise, Borneo and Sometimes Lonely Hearts They Just Get Lonelier, all by Sophia_Helix; Reshuffle the Deck by Paper Jam
NobleLandMermaid (May 11, 2021 05:47 pm): It is the 15th (!) Anniversary of the Casino Night episode airing, and it’s no exaggeration to say CN led to MTTs creation. Feel free to post your fav CN related fics here or in discord
3vasectomies (May 9, 2021 09:25 am): Too late, NLM.
NobleLandMermaid (May 9, 2021 09:13 am): Just stay away from my mom, djc
darjeelingandcoke (May 9, 2021 07:07 am): The soccer moms, the single moms, the NASCAR moms... any type of mom.
Maxine Abbott (May 9, 2021 04:54 am): To all the Betsys, Helenes, Merediths, Jans, Angelas and Pams (and all the other moms too) - Happy Mother's Day
Debutante_gurl (May 5, 2021 01:19 am): NobleLandMermiad you are a gem!
NobleLandMermaid (May 3, 2021 10:40 am): The Dundies post has been updated with Fave Moments (also the chance of Dundie 2020 getting it's own dedicated page is high XD)
trulisthetic (May 3, 2021 02:56 am): Oh boy, THE DUNDIES!
3vasectomies (May 2, 2021 05:41 pm): Apologies for the double-comment. Again, appreciate the Dundie shoutouts!
NobleLandMermaid (May 1, 2021 02:56 pm): Hopefully! I still got 8 word doc pages to tame and organize 😅
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Proper Tea Is Murder by Comfect T
A Coffeeshop AU.Pamela Beesly, recently unbetrothed graphic designer, stumbles into The Comedy Roasters, a new coffeeshop with...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
Completed: No - Chapters: 14 - Words: 13947
Beauty in Ordinary Things by OfficeWriter K
Sequel to The Other PamJim/Pam relationship centric
Categories: Jim and Pam
Completed: No - Chapters: 33 - Words: 86649
I think I'd find you anywhere by merpthederp MA
Pam chose Colorado because of the mountains. She’d never seen snow-capped mountains before in her 26 years. She figured...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present, Alternate Universe
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 7 - Words: 20792
Save the receptionist by Debutante_gurl K
Jim’s feelings about and around the infamous booze cruise episode. The Jim/Katy breakup and lots of angst.
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Words: 723
Every Day’s A Holiday (When Your Lips Meet Mine) by darjeelingandcoke K
Every holiday is important to someone. But not every holiday is a happy occasion. (A series of mini-fics set on holidays major...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present, Episode Related
Completed: No - Chapters: 5 - Words: 11854
At the end of the day, you just gotta jump by Basscop69 M
A series of Jim/Pam one-shots, inspired by lines in the show (now in chronological order!)  
Categories: Jim and Pam
Completed: No - Chapters: 20 - Words: 81980
Open your eyes by Debutante_gurl M
A closer look at Pams journey through the years. Starts with her in high school dating Roy and goes throughout the whole series.
Categories: Past, Jim and Pam
Completed: No - Chapters: 8 - Words: 10322
What is Your Type? by nicemorningtoo, WanderingWatchtower, ThePinkButterfly K
It’s not a Mother’s Day fic, but it’s pretty close. Three responses to the 55 word-challenge, all involving...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 3 - Words: 165
Random Story
Love and a Teapot by Pan_cake_Cats K
The Journey of the teapot (tm)  
Categories: Other, Jim and Pam, Episode Related
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Words: 498
Featured Stories
Only by girl7 M
This picks up pre-merger and is spoiler free, a bit AU as well.  I began this back in October (maybe even September), and obviously the...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present
Completed: No - Chapters: 38 - Words: 96362
Naked as We Came by cdgeiger T
Post-"The Job," Jim and Pam's first Saturday together as a couple.
Categories: Jim and Pam, Past
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3555
Twenty-two minutes by nqllisi K
Pam takes a nap, and Jim reflects.
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Words: 481
February 3rd (Or how Pam Beesly got schooled by Georgia O’Keefe, Maggie and Punxatawny Phil) by Vampiric Blood K
Jim gives Pam some wonderful birthday gifts that get her thinking...  (Set about a week after Drug Testing.) Forgot the disclaimer ... Don't...
Categories: Jim and Pam
Completed: No - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10046
Engaged Ain't Married by Donnamour1969 M
What if Jim hadn't left Pam after Casino Night?
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 5 - Words: 19166
Date Line by Comfect T
Post Casino Night AU where Jim goes to Australia, and Pam follows.
Categories: Jim and Pam
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 81 - Words: 87001
Build It Better by JennaBennett M
Pam's father is leaving her mother. Somehow, Jim is to blame.Set Season 3, sometime after The Merger.(Don't ask me why I took a perfect canon moment...
Categories: Jim and Pam
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3969
The Receptionist Reflex by darjeelingandcoke K+
Jim’s been visiting reception five (or 10, or 15…) times a day for years. It turns out it’s become a reflex, and one it will take some...
Categories: Jim and Pam
Completed: Yes - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1694
Archive News
The 2020 MTT Dundie Awards 🏆

"Well I've been kinda going through a rough patch. The whole year actually." This Michael Scott quote pretty much sums up 2020, but one silver lining to this sh*tstorm of a year is quarantine and lockdowns led to lots and lots of great fanfic with over 240 new and updated stories!

As we've done the last couple years, we asked the MTT community to name a few of their favorites in many categories, plus create some recognition for their fellow MTTers. And this year, our member more than answered the call! So here is our monster of a Dundies Post for 2020

Table of Contents

Top Voted Categories
Under The Radar
Favorite Moments in a Fic

This year we did things a little different and asked people to voted in a handful of categories. We'll start off with these voted categories, where we crowned a Top 15 Overall and Top 10 in the rest.

Favorite Fics Overall of 2020


Favorite Longer Fics (10k+ words)


Favorite Shorter Fics (up to 10k words)


Favorite Fluff


Favorite Angst


Favorite Steam


Thank you all who voted in these categories!

Under The Radar
This is an abridged list, find the full list of nominees here

Favorite Moment in a Fanfic
As you can see there was a lot of love for the fics this year! Multiple fave moments for a single fic were consolidated into a single paragraph and are separated by semi-colons

10 Hotel Rooms by Donnamour1969 - The Shower Scene

A Bad Dream by Dernhelm – Pam worrying about how to exorcise a ghost without messing up the basement

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood by agian18 – "I just realized, I didn’t know their names until last week.”

Aeternum by boredhswf – James running into the Beesly mansion that's on fire; James smirking around a mouthful of bread as Pam recounts her mother's guidance on marital affairs; James and Pamela's first time; Any time James and Pam stand up for each other; waist touching; James and Pamela at the piano; “He wasn’t sure what he just agreed to do but he knew, without a doubt, that he would follow her anywhere”; Chapter 5, Bound for Another Home: "A large drip of hot wax fell on the edge of his hand with a stinging hiss and she reached for it, bracing it in both of her own before wiping the cooling wax free with a swipe of her thumb. The feel of her hand caused sparks of heat, far hotter than any wax, to course through him, and as her lips touched his skin to soothe the injury, those sparks ignited into flames." Just some really great imagery and beautiful writing overall.

All That Glitters is Gold by Maxine Abbott - Jim’s vision of the future at the Fairview rest stop

All This Time by JennaBennett - Tying Jim packing up his desk to the lyrics "and it took you five whole minutes, to pack us up and leave me with it”

Aquarelle Blooms by PenciledCadenzas – Pam escaping the camera crew

As Far As First Dates Go by BigTuna - for the best summary of the year; Jim ripping off Pam’s tights twice

At the end of the day, you just gotta jump by Basscop69 – Jim turning Wally so that he’s not watching them have sex in the Third Date chapter; literally the entire ski trip

Beets on The Tree and Christmas In Their Hearts by Mazine Abbott – the reveal that Jim and Pam’s new Christmas tradition is being passed down to the next generation

Beyond the Blackboard by Wandering Watchtower - for the slow and gorgeous build across the corridor between Pam and Jim's classrooms and their early interactions in the early chapters; Christmas in the cabin; sex handprint in the gymnasium; When Jim proposes to Pam in front of her students/Jim's promposal and then flipping the card for a real proposal

Bookstore Girl by beth0501 - Jim and Pam against a bookshelf.

Christmas Tied by BigTuna – BT giving us rope daddy Jim

Cosa Nostra by Coley - Pam passing Betsy's NYU/Brown test; having the audacity to make Mafia Jim drive around with sleeping Pam for two whole hours & expect me to be okay.

Counting on a New Beginning by agian18 - I do like the dialogue in the love scene in Chapter 4...that’s as specific as I can be! Lol; When Karen showed up at the DM prom. My heart literally SANK.

Date Line by Comfect – Pam and Jim finding each other in Australia, "and holy shit Pam Beesly in Sydney Australia."

Diversity Jim by Comfect – “How did you tell someone you could recognize them blindfolded and muffled without making it sound like you meant something more intense than what she intended

folklore –

  • the 1 by SprinklesTheCat – “His lips to her ear, he whispered, ‘Is it always like this, for you?’”
  • cardigan by BigTuna – "Maybe Peter Pan and Wendy, except he was the one who grew up and left." ---PERFECT use of lyrics.
  • last great American dynasty by SprinklesTheCat – “Do you want more or do you just wanna fuck?”
  • exile by Duchess Cupcake – Drunk Jenga; the reveal that Jim and Pam have been sleeping together the whole time in college
  • my tears richochet by JennaBennett – Pam not being able to explain just how much she *knows* Jim; "He’s still in her. She’s wrapped around him. All she can see is the end." I don't know what it was about about this line but I literally gasped. Like, it was so profound and perfect.
  • mirrorball by Coley – "No kinks. Just me. Just you. Okay?" "God yes. Except... will you keep the heels on?"
  • seven by Coley – "It was Jim, grinning widely from underneath his black baseball hat, one hand holding his phone to his ear, the other tucked casually into the back pocket of his jeans as he winked at her." Oh hi, this is the Jim that lives rent free in my mind.
  • illicit affairs by BigTuna – the reveal that Anne is Pam
  • epiphany by Duchess Cupcake – The pizza discussion.
  • hoax by agian18 – “Let Karen Filippelli see it”
  • the lakes by Coley – The "I can’t"/"Is there anything you can do?" moment that leads to Pam crossing the room and hauling Jim against her.
  • our song by agian18 – for the absolutely sweetest list of sounds that become their song.
  • everything had changed by boredhswf – Tie between when Pam and Jim meet in elevator and when Pam tells Jim she's engaged

Halfway Home by Dernhelm – Jam’s non-date at the Barren Mount

Hello My Old Heart by Duchess Cupcake – Jim and Pam Finally go on a Date – and Jim tells his mom he’s going to crash on Pam’s couch; Pam getting a tattoo in BK; Make out session against Pam's wall mural; Ch. 12 right after the flashback when "They both knew"; ‘”Okay, you’re getting cut off.’ Karen ceremoniously moved the wine bottle to the floor. ‘You say ‘fuck’ a lot when you get twisted.’” (That is the moment I officially fell in love with Karen.)

How Not To by agian18 - Jim and Pam pouring the alcohol down the sink together; directly deposited to the nearest Dunkin’ because I was making twice a day appearances to remain an approachable human being." (I mean, of course AG would put this in a fic)

Humble and Kind by JHalpert – Cece and Jim's relationship ; Cece pranking Jim to move his recovery forward

I Think He Knows by SprinklesTheCat - The deliciously flirty lingerie text exchange; “Pam, I want you to seduce me.”

I'm the only one who needed saving by agian18 – "sup roomie?"

Illicit Affairs by NobleLandMermaid - Pam and Jim giving into each other and having phone sex

In Sickness and in Health by Sam – Pam holding off the fish army; Creed had been dating with Karen's mom

Islands in the Stream by WanderingWatchtower – The pinky promise at the end

It Had Nothing to do with Peanut Butter by agian18 - "You’re the peanut butter to my jelly" and the barrage of messages that followed; Jim saying “But apparently I’m not allowed to be happy anymore”

Jam 6.0 by DoomGoose – Pretty much the entire AU of Drug Testing

Kind of Reckless by Coley – Pam watching Jim from the porch; The Queen Cougar reveal.

Letters, Numbers, and the Spaces Between by BigTuna - word-of-the-day game; Pam and Jim in the hospital; The Shower scene

Life’s a Beach by Donnamour1969 - When Jim confesses to his feelings for Pam to her

Love Ain’t by JennaBennett – “You’re everything, Pam. I wish he treated you like that”

Murder Pool by Darjeelingandcoke - Pam's talking head

Murder in Savannah by BigTuna - Pre-raphaelite Pam; Pam confessing that she feels the same way as Jim on the dock

Never Give Up by 3vasectomies – the epistolary chapter

Of Fish and Ocean by Dernhelm - “She wanted to feel the sun kissing her skin again. And she didn’t need water to breathe.”

Open Your Eyes by trulisthetic – the point-of-view flip between chapters

Our Way Back Home by WanderingWatchtower- Jim showing up at Pam's for the First Date with a cardboard cutout of Dwight

Pieces by JennaBennett – Dwight standing watch over the breakroom while Jim and Pam fight it out ; having Dwight describe how he’d handle Jim and Pam’s awkward relationship if they were goats

Postcards by BigTuna - "We had fun, didn't we?"

Quarantine by Donnamour1969 – The first Jim-Pam hook-up in Quarantine;

Rainbow BMW by ThePinkButterfly – Jim and Pam meeting each for the first time in the library

Sketchbooks & Wine by boredhswf - He would be there. With her. And this was her purgatory. Initiation, Diwali, Merger She had always loved Christmas bookends Ch 4 Benihana Christmas

Spring Fever by Donnamour1969 – Jim and Pam’s first time

The Missing Episode by Lawrencespen1777 – Pam telling Jim she can’t watch him die

The Unicorn by BigTuna – Jim just casually dipping that bead of condensation into his mouth in like it wouldn’t kill me dead; "You can be lucky, too, for tonight. If you want.”

They Can't All be Winners by darjeelingandcoke - Pam smirking at Jim at a prank gone wrong

Ultimate –

  • Chap 2 by nicemorningtoo - team building exercises
  • Chap 4 by emexgoldstars – the reveal that Jim has spent years resolving to get Pam;

Virtus by boredhswf - When Pam tries to go save Jim; When Mac finally dies in "Virtus"/Pam kills Mac

What Like It’s Hard by agian18 - Pam’s victorious headbob

You, Me and the Sea by JennaBennett - Pam very carefully preparing for her clearly pre-rehearsed speech that turns out to be how Jim is the Dwight of Stamford

~ ~ ~ ~

Don't worry, there's more! Fave Author/Reviewer and Create Your Own Dundies still to come! We're doing our best to get everything linked but for some reason some links get dropped as we copy-paste or link to the wrong story/author, we will get this sorted out.

--Dundies Committee on April 30, 2021 11:55 pm 2 Comments
Announcement: More Than That is now I Got Goosebumps!

It started with a look. It was a dark haired, hazel-eyed salesperson's first day at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Two seconds around the branch manager and the decision to work here already seemed unwise. But a warm greeting from the reception desk made everything seem better. Her name was Pam, and with her honey curls, bright green eyes, soft laughter, the salesperson couldn't name it yet but it was a feeling like falling.

She bumbled a compliment about Pam's sweater, hoping she didn't sound as nervous as she felt. Pam innocently enough assumed Karen wanted her own cable-knit sweater but Karen was envisioning being wrapped up in that gray one with her.

TPam and Karen in Benihana Christmasheir spark was instant and undeniable, but their fate was sealed. Karen would be reduced to the angle of a love triangle, Pam would be denied the relationship she so needed and deserved. But what if there was a place they could live on, and become what there was so much potential to be?

We welcome you to "I Got Goosebumps", formerly "More Than That", the number one place for KaPam fanfiction. While for nearly 15 year our focus was on Jim and Pam, we felt it was time to move on and shift to this exciting couple that Jenna Fischer and Rashida Jones themselves called "adorable." So old friends and new lovers, welcome all to IGG!




Yes, IGG was for April Fool's of course, but there actually is some great KaPam stuff both old and new that we encourage you to read (and if you wanna set the mood you can read it in the KaPam theme )

--Admin Team on April 01, 2021 07:11 am 5 Comments
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