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Reviewer: boredhswf Signed [Report This]
Date: December 30, 2021 01:58 pm Title: ivy

I'm kicking myself for not getting to reading this sooner! First of all, I love stories that hurt me, that leave me staring off into space and make me want to read them again instantly so I can feel the burn one more time. This is one of those painful stories (in the best of ways). One of the things I noticed right away was how you wove, so expertly, the lyrics of this haunting song into the words. So well done.

This line got to me: "And that’s probably what does it, she thinks, when she’s laying in bed later and replaying every second of what happens next."

and then you absolutely murdered me with: "She doesn’t look back as she leaves because she can’t stand to know whether or not he watches her."

Ughhh BT this was amazing.

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 09, 2021 07:01 pm Title: ivy

Oof. Par excellance for the angst. That they were so close and yet still so far. Magnificent writing to bring that all out even if wrenches on the heart and won't stop.

Reviewer: New Hogfan Signed [Report This]
Date: December 09, 2021 04:23 pm Title: ivy

This story is an example of why Jim was
such an ass in season 3.
His constant hot and cold attitude towards Pam
was very juvenile, especially since he completely ignored the fact he started the problem with the the two of them in the first place.
It’s no wonder Pam had emotional whiplash.
It’s too bad she didn’t tell him to piss off. 😂

Author's Response: lol definitely didn’t intend to write him as an ass in this chapter. I think there was some hot and cold action on both their parts throughout the years and that Jim definitely has some emotional whiplash too. He didn’t make perfect choices in season 3 and I agree that he had some low points, but I also think he was really doing his best to protect himself. 🤷🏻r05;a92;a039;

Reviewer: nicemorningtoo Signed [Report This]
Date: December 09, 2021 03:02 pm Title: ivy

“ But he pulls away and says “we’re drunk,” and she thinks I’m not drunk, are you drunk? The words lodge in her throat and instead she whispers her agreement and apology and lets her hand fall away from his still freezing grip.” This all broke my heart but this right here completely shattered it. Ouch.

This was so good, though, even if it destroyed me a little bit (but let’s be honest, if it doesnt hurt, did you really love it?). You intertwined the lyrics so flawlessly. Pam being the stone house that she is hoping Jim can cover in ivy and break through was amazing. “Feels a lot like grieving for the living.” Ugh. I loved it.

Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed [Report This]
Date: December 09, 2021 02:46 pm Title: ivy

WELL. I never.

I'm always curious about what their interactions might have looked like thoroughly out of the camera's eye in Season 3, and you've doubled up on it here by also removing them from all familiar context. It's a moment out of time, a vacation from reality, doesn't really count, and while they're not quite shedding all their baggage they at least come a lot closer to being their true selves with each other than they usually are in canon. And you did well letting us feel Pam's relief at that... even where it's painful, even where she's making herself vulnerable, it's still better and *easier* than all she has to do to pretend this connection between them isn't real and never was.

I also liked how this is a fraught moment that they get around not by diving into it, but through their normal sort of interaction, just bonding as friends do. In a lot of ways, this feels like Season 3 Jim and Pam escaping back to their Season 2 status quo, where their deepest feelings are below the surface but they're comfortable with each other and are able to enjoy each other. I'm sure this makes it all intensely painful for Jim, who is basically living his nightmare, but it's a special moment for Pam who is badly missing it.

Interesting reading Pam trying to come to grips with her relationship with Roy. There's so much going on beneath the surface there that we really don't get to see and can't easily infer about how she feels about her choices in canon. Her knowing on some level this is an admission of defeat at best and that it's already doomed at worst is something I'm going to be mulling over for a bit. ("Maybe Roy can build up some walls of his own and climb on top of them so he can at least look down and see her every once in a while" is such a great but also terrible image of how their relationship would work.)

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, Jim Halpert walks into hers." SOLD. On so many different levels.

"she needed a little bit of home without being at home" Oooof. Yep. Makes sense. Makes way too much sense.

"the place where loving someone feels a lot like grieving for the living." - Ummmmm. OW?

"a tarnished, strained version of his Jim-the-paper-salesman smile" is a spot-on description of S3 Jim.

Reviewer: nicemorningtoo Signed [Report This]
Date: December 09, 2021 02:43 pm Title: coney island

Just realized I hadnt gotten around to reading this, and man have I been missing out. This is a perfect s9 song, and you did it soooo much justice. My heart kept breaking for them both, Pam especially. The little tidbits of steam mixed in there perfectly, and really added to the comparisons of how they used to be to how they were feeling now. So, so, so good!!

Reviewer: boredhswf Signed [Report This]
Date: November 26, 2021 05:37 pm Title: coney island


This is one of my favorite songs on the album (shocking, I'm sure) so I was so excited to see where you would take it.

There were so many layers to season 9 and I always felt was an honest look at a very adult relationship, which is never perfect. You did such a good job at capturing that. Like this line "She was just so angry at him all the time now. Not in a yelling, slamming doors kind of way. It was the snippy comments, and the sighing, and sarcastic way she talked to him about Athlead. It felt like there was nothing he could do to make her happy." Such a simple, succinct way of encapsulating that.

LOVE that whole flashback to the time period after they started dating and oh My God even though I knew it was coming lyrically, I gasped when he almost got hit. It was such a clever way to jolt them both and put it all into perspective.

And of course, the hotel room was perfect. I would expect nothing less. ;)

Reviewer: BigTuna Signed [Report This]
Date: November 23, 2021 08:20 am Title: coney island

Oh these heartbreaking seasons 9 emotions! I almost can’t handle them when I read a season 9 story because it always feels so raw, like they’re still going through it. You really write the realities of marriage or any long term relationship so well and I could totally see Pam and Jim both having these internal monologues and thought processes. And I was proud of Pam for doing what she needed to do in that moment! But of course happy that they found their way back to each other in the end and that we got just a little hint of steam. Beautiful job and it fit the song so well!

Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed [Report This]
Date: November 20, 2021 09:09 pm Title: coney island

"Pam was the kind of person who gave second chances. And thirds, and fourths, and fifths." Yes. That's Pam, all right. Down to her socks. You can see, here, the way she's grown from the person who needed Jim to jar her out of her complacency with Roy... the Fancy New Beesly can reach her own conclusions, and the Jim of a few years ago would be as proud of her as he would horrified at himself. You can also see how waiting too long with Roy might ultimately lead her to cut the line too early with Jim.

I also like this take on Jim - someone who is not so far gone in his own head that he realizes he's not putting a strain on Pam. It makes it better and worse at the same time, that awareness... this is not a Jim who has forgotten Pam, but a Jim who is kind of doing whatever he can get away with and hoping she won't draw the line. On the other hand, you also give us at least a little hint of the pressures he's facing on the other end, too, that he's got a set of business partners whose good opinion of him he's a lot less sure of than Pam's... and show us a Jim who push comes to shove would in fact put Pam first, who gets her and cares about her happiness in a way we don't always see in Season 9.

"But sometimes she felt like she and the kids were a box of accomplishments that Jim had checked off. Now he was moving on to the next set of achievements, and she was just supposed to stay in place, part of the tableau of Jim Halpert, successful family man." Okay. Ow. That hurt. A lot. Just in general, you really captured the doubts that would have crept into Pam's mind and made them real, the vibe that made Season 9 so hard to sit through.

Just in general, this felt very psychologically true to them, both as the couple we fell in love with early on and as the couple we feared for in Season 9. Really nicely executed.

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 20, 2021 12:09 am Title: coney island

So this got to all the feelings of S9 in every single way. The way they were not on the same page about everything. Jim making the big decisions without really talking to her about it. Pam feeling like she's bending to be with someone who's taking her for granted again. Makes sense Pam would start to have some of those thoughts. She must not be good enough. Why am I not his priority anymore? Put down the damn phone!

That it takes Pam leaving for it all to finally click makes sense for Jim. You don't know how good you have it till it's gone. He got a taste of that and even just an afternoon seemed to shake him to the core. Especially with re-living all their thoughts from the early days.

Got me going with Jim almost getting hit by a car there. However it's another catalyst. This time for Pam to realize that despite it all, their bond is still strong, even if it needs work. I really loved the line where they acknowledge they have to work on staying in love. They're past the easy phase so it's great to see them come to the realization that they'll need to put in the work to keep things going. Sounds like they're ready for that challenge too.

And the payoff is a wonderful night together in the hotel room. Well done Jim for putting the phone down and being open and honest with her. Same for Pam, even including the idea that she might leave him. A hard truth, but it also shows she's really being honest and open which is what they need.

Then of course the gift was a delight to read. However of course the kicker right there. Flag Day. Ha! That made me laugh so much I had to explain it to my partner here at work.

All of this was great though. Just outstanding. Wish I still had some jellybeans to give.

Reviewer: Sam Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: November 19, 2021 09:41 am Title: dorothea

Goodness... the tension! You had me worried there ;0)
I really enjoyed this; it's beautifully done, and I loved all the little details that set the various scenes. Thanks!

Reviewer: agian18 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: November 14, 2021 07:29 pm Title: no body, no crime

"One time I wore tiny heart shaped earrings to work for Valentine’s Day and Kelly put me in a friendship timeout for three days." I love u.

"Deputy Dwight Schrute. This fucking guy." HA. HAHAHHAH. MA'AM. I CACKLED.

"Meredith immediately loses interest in our conversation and leans over me to ask Jim if he has his handcuffs on him and if he thinks they’re stronger than the ones she has in her purse." Why is this so perfect? Why are you so perfect?

"I’d stick around but there’s a guy at the bar staring daggers at me and he’s definitely got a gun, and we don’t want any problems tonight." Oh my god this could be a story on its own holy shit.

“What’s more fun than getting drunk and throwing shit down the quarry?”
“Literally anything.”
I don't know how many more creative ways I can say that you write perfect dialogue but this is just--

“Oh yeah. She was with me, dude.” Listen I get that that's the line in the song but why is it so perfect that Karen says that as she pulls out a planner in the middle of a bar

"and oh. Goddamn. It’s a fucking fantastic smile." Like, listen. I know it's Jim. You know it's Jim. We all know it's Jim. How do you still shock me with his appearance and make me swoony?

"Jim writes this down in his notebook. “And the three of you were…?” He looks up from his notes when I don’t respond. Suddenly I’m very thirsty and take as much time as I can to finish my water.
Because what were Karen and I doing with Danny Friday night?" Is this the next chapter of the unicorn

“And you’d have preferred that? The Pure Romance party?”
“I have enough purses.” MA'AM--

“She’s only Scranton’s top ThirtyOne consultant. Of course she was there.” HAHHAHAH STOP THIS IS PERFECT

“I’m just Pam tonight, Jim.” You should write romance murder novels hot DAMN

“Joke’s on you. You could have done that two hours ago.” Oooo do I LOVE confident murderer Pam

“Maybe.” He sneaks a quick kiss to my forehead. “If it’s a slow day at work, sure. Just give me a list.” Why am I in love with Detective Halpert

"Also, it would have been a damn shame if this year’s Cake Pops for Cops Funraiser had been canceled." Okay. Again. How do you do that?? It's so perfect???

"I once told Pam that Stamford was full of corrupt cops. I neglected to tell her that I might have been one of them. To be fair, she neglected to tell me she was a murderer. I think we can call that even." HAHHAHAH THIS IS THE PERFECT TIE UP

Ma'am. I don't know how you do it. How you take something so outlandish as a double murder escape plot and tie literally every single little intricacy of the show into it perfectly. You truly do have a gift.

Reviewer: SprinklesTheCat Signed [Report This]
Date: November 14, 2021 06:56 pm Title: dorothea

This is so good. Just perfect for the song. It was deliciously angsty, but I'm grateful you gave us a happy ending. Part 2 would not be unwelcome.

This line? Perfection. "Time is a funny thing. The way it can hold you in its palm, make all of your senses keenly aware of their surroundings - the driver shouting at Jim, Jim staring at her with an intensity that rivals the neediness in the way her name falls so simply from his lips, the smell of tires on hot asphalt - without really knowing exactly what’s happening in the moment."

And this one. It hurt, a lot: "The date of the party was December 22nd. She wasn’t going to think about how that was the same night she’d answered Danny Cordray’s text and shown up at his house at 11:30 for what was an unapologetic holiday lonely fuck. She’d snuck out at 6 the next morning and waited until she could pull into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot a mile from his house before she let herself cry."

This song felt like a challenge to fit with JAM, but you made it seem easy.

Reviewer: SprinklesTheCat Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: November 14, 2021 06:52 pm Title: happiness II

Gatsby Jim! Oh, this was so good. The descriptions were perfect. I love historical fiction, and this read like the best kind of novel. I knew you would break our hearts in the end, but the ride was worth it. And two parts?? We're too lucky.

Reviewer: boredhswf Signed [Report This]
Date: November 14, 2021 04:16 am Title: dorothea

Ok this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and read this since you posted and all I have to say is…you understood the assignment. Oh my God did you ever.

Your writing is always this perfect blend of understated realistic romance wrapped in these tragic, beautiful undertones of desire and it all makes for the most masterful stories that haunt you for days.

And the way you took this song and spun it to work for these two idiots is just genius.

“Dammit, she thinks, annoyed that she lost this game of chicken they are both silently engaging”— I seriously love this.

“I almost did, you know?”  —omg you are so good at this, this thing you do where you have Jim say these one liners that make me set down my phone and stare off into the distance for ten minutes.

“The beautiful thing about summer evenings in this part of Manhattan is that it really is like the movies. You can let your steps take a wandering aimlessness that wraps you in a secluded cocoon of your own moment. The city seems to slow its pace, deeply attuned to the inhabitants who are desperate for a reprieve from the grueling aspects of urban living.” — Absolute perfection. That’s all.

“Time is a funny thing. The way it can hold you in its palm, make all of your senses keenly aware of their surroundings - the driver shouting at Jim, Jim staring at her with an intensity that rivals the neediness in the way her name falls so simply from his lips, the smell of tires on hot asphalt - without really knowing exactly what’s happening in the moment. “ —Can you please show me how to write like this? Please. I’ll pay even.

Uuuugh it’s sooooo good DC.

So. Good.

(And I *hate* that I have no more jellybeans.)

Reviewer: radontestkit Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: November 13, 2021 11:07 am Title: dorothea

I read this on the way home from work last night and nearly cried on the subway. The beginning was so heartbreaking with all the miscommunication. I'm so glad that they found their way back to each other in the end.

Thank you so much for this gorgeous story!

Reviewer: Maxine Abbott Signed [Report This]
Date: November 13, 2021 08:31 am Title: dorothea

I just enjoyed all of this story as with all the things you write, even if it was a little heartbreaking in the beginning.

Loved that they come together in NY- always love a tale that takes place in my city (even if I no longer live there) and I think I know the Shake Shack they go to.

Gotta say -silly enough this is the line that I most related to through ...actually accept the update her computer had been trying to complete for three weeks...I am Pam here, not wanting to update either...and I see the symbolism I think you may have been going for - unless it was just a clever observation... either way - loved it.

Another great addition to the bunch.

Reviewer: New Hogfan Signed [Report This]
Date: November 12, 2021 02:55 pm Title: dorothea

This was bittersweet.
At first I was disappointed that Jim took
the job at corporate, but I think it was better for Pam because she actually put herself first by
going for the what she wanted, instead of putting
the guy first. Perhaps spending those few years apart were a blessing in disguise.

Reviewer: nicemorningtoo Signed [Report This]
Date: November 12, 2021 01:42 pm Title: dorothea

This was one of the songs I was so curious on how you guys were going to make into a Jam fic but you did it beautifully. Broke my heart from the very beginning with Jim not interrupting the talking head but then put it all back together with giving us the “are you free for dinner tonight” line at the end. You also referenced the song within the fic amazingly. “Well, its not selling makeup in magazines.” That was BRILLIANT. Loveddddd this chapter

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 12, 2021 01:20 pm Title: dorothea

Oof. That Jim didn't get her note till after he accepted the job and then to find out even then he had doubts about if the job was right for him. I mean genius move. But enough about Jim. Pam, wow now that's a journey she went through. As if the journey of self-discovery she went on through canon S3 kept going since she didn't have Jim there. She has to keep fighting for herself. A few stumbles along the way for sure. Some more angst to live through but it all seems so real.

However there at the end, they still find each other. Thank you for that. Phenominal as always.

Reviewer: BigTuna Signed [Report This]
Date: November 12, 2021 12:24 pm Title: dorothea

DC, just fuck me right on up with this oh my GOD

This line: “Time is a funny thing. The way it can hold you in its palm, make all of your senses keenly aware of their surroundings - the driver shouting at Jim, Jim staring at her with an intensity that rivals the neediness in the way her name falls so simply from his lips, the smell of tires on hot asphalt - without really knowing exactly what’s happening in the moment.” Oh my god, beautiful. I gasped.

I just love that you wrote them finding themselves, taking chances and doing things that are good for them as individuals and not them as *them,* you know? Like. They’re fully formed and they got there independently of each other and that is so gorgeous.

This is a hard song to tackle and you did it so well. But then, did we ever have any other expectations other than you absolutely knocking it out of the park? No. No, we did not.

Reviewer: BigTuna Signed [Report This]
Date: November 04, 2021 06:23 pm Title: happiness II

She held her camera at her waist, looking down at the upside-down reflection in the viewfinder of the scene in front of her before carefully squeezing the release of the shutter.
"Why do you like taking pictures?" Please tell me why this tiny exchange and the description of her taking photos made me tear up

“She realized that that was what they did now, saying things without saying them, benign statements that served as the hidden language of their subversion.” What I would like to know is who the hell gave you the right

I swear to god I have butterflies. BUTTERFLIES. At this speakeasy scene and their kiss. This is so perfect.

Okay I know The Great Gatsby is sad and everything but I laughed out loud at “I was expecting you to tell me you had run over someone with your car.”

“He was a study of contradictions: dangerous safety, forbidden desire, beautiful disaster.” Oh this is so perfect. It’s art.

The scene where she goes to Jim after Roy hurt her is so breathtakingly aching and beautiful. I can see it so clearly, happening exactly like that. Her “I don’t need rescuing” hurt me.

He’s sorry he didn’t go to the art show. Oh, my god. That made me sit back in my chair and put a hand on my heart. Jim is so sweet and good and that really got me. And then you freaking follow it up with them in Jim’s apartment together and him wanting to say and she’s saying that she can’t and I am full on crying.

The way I GASPED when Jim told on Roy!!!!!! I didn’t see it coming. Masterful.

Okay but thank god they’re covering the pool I was kind of worried.

I am full on crying at this. I know I said that already but JFC, lady. I knew, because of the Gatsby inspiration, that it probably wouldn’t end well. And that is fine, because life is sad sometimes and happy endings don’t always come right away. But my god did that punch me in the stomach in the absolute best way. This was incredible. Absolutely incredible. To think that we get to read your writing, that you put it out here for us to take in with our eyeballs for FREE when the entire world should be reveling in your talent??? I can’t grasp it. We are so lucky you are here.

Reviewer: BigTuna Signed [Report This]
Date: November 04, 2021 05:42 pm Title: happiness I

“If he was lucky, those sands wouldn't slip through his fingers. He tended to not be lucky, however.”

Oh, my god. Oh my god. This is so perfect and a hell of an opening.

Obsessed with Isabel. Absolutely obsessed.

Uh. Jim boxing? BOXING? Hi I need a bonus scene. With Pam, and sweaty boxing, and just…bored, please, I literally never ask for anything so just give me this

“The ring had slipped remarkably easy off her finger, a defiant and conscious decision, after asking the staff to buy new sheets for her bed. Again.” Oh my GOD the punch this packs. How do you do this? This is so much heavy emotion in just a handful of words and it took my breath away.

Oh Jesus. Him trying to work on the stain!!!!!!

“He only knew her first name and yet it was as if his soul recognized hers in some twisted alignment of the stars.” Oh my god AGAIN with these beautiful lines that have so much packed into them. You are so intentional with your words and I am continually and will for ever be so impressed with that. It is such a talent, to pick simple tiny words from the ether and put them together in a way that conveys so much emotion and want and just-are you a wizard? No, you’re just incredibly talented.

“She glanced over at him, her head still tilted skyward, with a look that was frighteningly profound and it caused him to nervously shove his hands in his pockets. She was lovely in a way that snuck up on a man.” Oh, my heart. My heart.

“If Roy did happen to be present, it was a covert game of lingering meaningful glances and fascinated hushed laughs where the only two players pretended not to notice the other and yet somehow managed to ignore everyone else.” The way you so succinctly and beautifully and perfectly summed up three seasons of television in one sentence

Oh, this fireworks scene. Oh, oh oh. I don’t even have words for this. Oh what a perfect ending to a perfect part one.

Reviewer: radontestkit Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: October 30, 2021 09:23 am Title: happiness II

I've been a longtime lurker on this site but have never posted a review because a) I'm very shy, b) I'm not the best at putting my thoughts into words, and c) I am ashamed to say that I failed to realize how important reviews are to writers (wow I feel really dumb). Then I saw your response to another review on this story where you said that this story was your biggest flop. Biggest flop? You couldn't be more wrong - this story is a triumph.

I feel like I just enjoyed a 12 course meal of all of my favourite foods. Taylor Swift + JAM + The Great Gatsby = a recipe made in heaven. Happiness is already one of my favourite tracks off of evermore and you made me enjoy it even more (how is this possible??) I love how rich your descriptions are, how you worked in canon moments, and that beautiful ambiguous ending... It's like I'm standing at a fork in the road where I can see each path that Pam could take so clearly. We are not worthy of your writing.

I hope you never ever stop writing cause you have a gift that needs to be shared. Seriously, I bet your grocery lists could win Pulitzers.

Author's Response: I wish you could see the huge smile on my face from reading your review because it really did make my day. Thank you, seriously, from the bottom of my heart for taking the time so let me know you loved it. I covet each and every review and yours is no different so thank you. 

And I hope you stick around and share your thoughts more often because this review was *chef’s kiss* perfect. 

Reviewer: Maxine Abbott Signed [Report This]
Date: October 29, 2021 05:03 am Title: happiness II

And damn, I'd run out of jellybeans too

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