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Entry for the 2018 Halloween contest. Set in Season 4, Pam loves dressing up for Halloween. Jim, not so much. How come?

mod choice runner up

halloween dundies

Rated: T
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present Characters: Jim/Pam
Genres: Fluff, Holiday
Warnings: None
Challenges: Halloween Writing Contest 2018
Series: Halloween Writing Contest 2018, Jamie and Morgan
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 5339 Read: 2033 ePub Downloads: 2
Published: October 05, 2018 Updated: October 05, 2018
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Story Notes:
Standard disclaimers apply. I own none of these characters and make nothing from them

1. Chapter 1 by warrior4 [Reviews - 7] 13 (5339 words)
Hope you enjoy this one. I've had quite a bit of fun writing it.