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Summary: Jim chronicles the adventures of two weeks spent looking after baby Cece.
Rated: K
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present Characters: Cece Halpert, Jim/Pam
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Kids/Family
Warnings: None
Series: Jamie and Morgan
Chapters: 14 Completed: Yes
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Published: November 05, 2019 Updated: May 29, 2020
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Story Notes:
So last December I had to go in for a major surgery. Everything went well. However my wife was on maternity leave at the time as well. Towards the end of my recovery time my wife ran out of maternity leave and so I became Stay at Home Dad for the next two weeks. On a whim I started creating silly journal entries on Facebook detailing the events happening at home. 

In honor of Comfect's new daughter, and also to repay him for the story he wrote me for my birthday, here are the journal entries I wrote. Some will be edited from what I wrote to fit into the JAM story though. Enjoy.

Standard disclaimer applies as always.

1. Day 1 by warrior4 [Reviews - 3] 8 (1343 words)
Hope you like it.

2. Day 2 by warrior4 [Reviews - 4] 5 (1659 words)
Continuing on with the adventure.

3. Day 3 by warrior4 [Reviews - 3] 5 (1290 words)
Moving right along.

4. Day 4 by warrior4 [Reviews - 4] 4 (1581 words)
When I started this story I had every intention of getting a new chapter out every day. Well between Comic Con in town this weekend and other things happening with life, that didn't happen. However I will try to keep this updated fairly quickly from here on out. Hope you like this next one.

5. Day 5 by warrior4 [Reviews - 6] 3 (1529 words)
Continuing on with our favorite family.

6. Day 6 by warrior4 [Reviews - 3] 1 (1148 words)
Moving right along with this story. Since this is set in my larger common universe of stories, I figured it would a be good idea to say hi to an old friend from "This Thing Called Life."

7. Day 7 by warrior4 [Reviews - 3] (1481 words)
No, I haven't forgotten about this story. Other things came up and I also get a lazy streak to me from time to time. Anyway, onwards.

8. Day 8 by warrior4 [Reviews - 3] (1164 words)
Back to work for Pam, so that means back to messing with Dwight.

9. Day 9 by warrior4 [Reviews - 6] 3 (1032 words)
I'm trying to get this updated quicker. Hopefully that'll be the case but the YouTube rabbit hole is strong. Ah well. Hope you like this one.

10. Day 10 by warrior4 [Reviews - 5] 4 (1235 words)
Moving right along with everything. Back to Pam at work.

11. Day 11 by warrior4 [Reviews - 5] 3 (2054 words)
So this one got a bit longer than previous chapters. Not as long as chapters in some of my other stories, just longer than the other chapters in this story.

Thanks to my wife for some help with the brief mention of how to recover from a broken foot or ankle. Enjoy.

12. Day 12 by warrior4 [Reviews - 4] 1 (1172 words)
Time to say hello to another familiar face from "This Thing Called Life." Hope you like it.

13. Day 13 by warrior4 [Reviews - 5] 2 (1025 words)
So I kinda wrote myself into a corner with this story. Since this is supposed to be set in a (mostly) canon correct universe, the timing between what we see in canon of when Cece was born to when Jim comes back to work doesn't quite match up with what I've written. Maybe not quite as fluffy or funny as previous chapters, but still little slice of life moment this time around.

So can we all just pretend that there was some extra time in there between Cece being born and Jim walking in to find Megadesk? Please and thank you.

14. Back to Work by warrior4 [Reviews - 5] 3 (1256 words)
So let's wrap this up, shall we? I kind of played around with the timeline of "St. Patrick's Day," here. Let's all just pretend everything that went down with Megadesk happened before Jo showed up for the day.