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Summary: Set in season 3; what if Pam met someone (and not Roy) sometime around Phyllis' wedding? How would Jim react? How would this affect the Jim/Pam dynamic? Just adding a bit more angst to the already existing angst fest that is season 3!
Rated: T
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Genres: Angst, Fluff, Romance
Warnings: Mild sexual content
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Published: July 06, 2020 Updated: July 25, 2020
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Story Notes:

So this is my first fanfic on MTT; I recently re-watched the Office and fell into the fanfic trap in the middle of a lockdown and a thesis!


I have always wanted season 3 to go a bit deeper into the Fancy New Beesly ways of life, and always wondered what it would be like if Pam had met some nice guy mid-season (instead of getting back with Roy); so here’s me fleshing out a little angsty story with this thought (I don’t have the entire thing panned out yet but I am a sucker for happy endings- wink wink!)

Also, I will keep alternating between Jim and Pam’s POVs!

Hope anyone who reads likes this! Here it goes.

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1. Prologue: from here, to where? by bottomlesschampagne [Reviews - 7] 7 (2518 words)

Set during Phyllis’ Wedding

2. Chapter 1: hope, hope, hope by bottomlesschampagne [Reviews - 8] 5 (2854 words)

Here's the firsr chapter, the story moving ahead a little-- hope it is making sense! 

Set during Business School 

3. Chapter 2: we are moving back and forth by bottomlesschampagne [Reviews - 5] 5 (3021 words)

Thanks so much for the reveiws, you all! It is so encouraging. 

Note: I intorduce Pam's other here; I initially thought of doing this with Danny but him and Pam never really clicked for me, so I have gotten in my own figment of imagination-- but not completely.

So you can imagine this guy to be Paul Schnieder, or more specifically Mark Brendanawicz from Parks and Rec. This is only for visualisation purposes and I am not borrwing the character (so it is not a crossover); just borrowing a bit of his backstory, but that is insignificant. I just always thought he would look good with Pam/Jenna! 


Set during Business School 

4. Chapter 3: status quo and chinks by bottomlesschampagne [Reviews - 8] 10 (3978 words)

Thanks again for the wonderful reviews-- I will get to responding to them soon. As of now, the chapters are coming to me and I want to keep writing.

I am following the vague backdrop of the S3 episodes as the story progresses, fitting it aorund the plotline. Hope it's working well!


Set during Business School/Cocktails 


5. Chapter 4: being fancy sucks by bottomlesschampagne [Reviews - 8] 8 (4723 words)

This is a loooong one. 

Set during The Negotiation  

6. Chapter 5: closed, but not forgotten by bottomlesschampagne [Reviews - 6] 5 (4340 words)

So I am using the moon-bounce trope I read fanfics on here at MTT; credit due to all those wonderful writers! 

(also a little tid-bit inspired from what Jenna said about her engagement ring during CN in the podcast)

Set during Safety Training; flashback from Casino Night