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Author's Chapter Notes:

Jim says goodbye to Michael

Pam gets annoyed with her officemates 

"A toast, better make it good," Jim thought of what to say as he and Pam sat on the rooftop. It was their second time spending the alone in that very place. It was just as intimate as the time they took a break from reading 'Threat Level Midnight', but this moment was more special by the fact that after many years of hypotheticals and pining for each other, they were finally together. "To avoiding a class two felony charge." 

Pam laughed at Jim's joke about the pizza guy that was help captive in the conference room, "Just imagine, we finally start dating and we end up in prison. What's that gonna be like?"

"Well, maybe we finally get to see if Prison Mike is real," Jim said as he took a look at his watch, "Okay, I think we have to go, we might still have time to escape before the police arrive."

"Do we really have to go?"

"Jim? Jimbo?"

"What?" Jim was interrupted from his daydream and looked at Michael. They were on the car ride back to the airport. In just a few hours, he will be back in Scranton and will be reunited with his wife. He was not completely sure about what he will be coming back to as it had been three days since he left after having the biggest argument of his marriage. However, he continued to remain positive as woke up to a picture of a sleeping Cece with a blue giraffe in her arm, and a message from Pam saying, "To keep her company. See you tomorrow." He did not know what the day would bring, but he couldn't help but smile at the thought of his family being excited to see him.

"I said, do you really have to go? What're you smiling about? Don't seem so excited about leaving" Jim looked at Michael and could see that he was genuinely upset about him having to leave Colorado.

"C'mon Michael, you knew I had to leave right? And I'm pretty sure you just wasted three vacation days, do you really want to use more of them up?"

"Yeah, I guess," Michael replied, "But I don't know when I'll get to see you again and if you do visit again, it's probably because you're gonna end up getting a divorce, so—"

"Okay, first. I don't plan on getting a divorce," Jim quickly erased the possibility from his head, "and second, I'll always have a reason to visit. We still haven't had that lunch yet, you know?"

Michael quickly smiled as he continued driving, "Yeah, you're right. We still haven't had that lunch. Okay, I will hold you to that."

The rest of the drive went on with Jim and Michael reminiscing about the shenanigans that they pulled while they were both drunk from two nights before. As they parked and walked to the entrance of the airport, Jim spoke "Hey Michael, so thank you so much again for—"

"No, no, no. Nope, just stop it," Michael interrupted, "You are not doing this."

"God Michael, I'm trying to give a proper goodbye."

"That's the point. Because James Halpert, this is not a goodbye. I am going to see you for lunch…soon," the two of them laughed and gave each other a tight embrace.

"I will see you for lunch," Jim couldn't help but get choked up at the thought of leaving his friend again.

"Yes, and bring Pam and the kids with you," Michael said, "We can have a double date."

"Alright, I definitely will" Jim was about to turn around for the entrance when he heard Michael's voice again.



"Never give up," Michael said as he smiled and nudged his head towards the entrance. Jim smiled back, nodded and walked towards the airport without looking back. He then reached for his cellphone. He tried calling Pam before boarding the plane but was once again met with an automated message.

"Hey Pam, I—," he thought about what to say, "I'll see you soon. I miss you. We'll talk soon, okay?"


"I remember Jim telling me about that time I was came back from New York," Pam said to the camera crew, "Apparently, everyone was so invested about the fact that I was coming home. I just thought it was so funny. Now that he's coming back from Colorado, everyone's just…so excited for me…I just really, really…want them to stop."

As she left the conference room, she was immediately approached by Kevin, "Hey Pam"

"Hey, Kevin"

"So Jim's coming back today, huh?

"Yeah. Yeah he is," Pam forced herself into a smile as she was already sick from hearing the question for the fourth time

Kevin remained silent for about ten seconds before finally speaking, "Do you think you'll finally do it?"

"Okay… I am just going to ignore you for the rest of the day," she said as she headed towards kitchen

Kevin watched her walk away and softly said, "I bet they're gonna do it."

Pam spent a few minutes in silence, drinking her grape soda in the break room. She was both anxious and excited about Jim finally coming back. She felt a knot in her stomach about the thought of getting to see his face again. Even though it was only three days, this was the longest that she had not seem him ever since he took a three week trip to Florida. Despite the circumstances that brought him to go to Colorado, she knew deep inside that she missed him. 

However, she was also terrified at the thought that this would be the first time they would be talking face to face since they had their fight. She did not know what the day would bring when Jim comes back, but she felt ready. "No matter what happens, I'm going to say how I really feel," she thought to herself as she continued to enjoy her alone time.

Her isolation was short-lived as Toby approached her from his desk, "Hey Pam."

"Hey Toby"

"So Jim's coming back today, huh?"

Pam sighed as soon as she figured what he was going to say, "Yeah, I didn't even notice," she said with an obvious hint of sarcasm.

"So did you ever figure out why he went to see Michael in Colorado?"

“Well, if you need someone to talk to, just know I’m here for you.”

“Aww,” Pam sincerely smiled at him and touched his hand, “Thank you Toby. You know, I always appreciated how you’ve been supportive of me and Jim.”

Toby fell quiet with a straight look on his face. He then replied, “Yeah… no problem.”

“Okay, I need to head back now," she grabbed her grape soda as she stood up and started walking back to the bullpen.

She walked past Nellie in the kitchen and she heard her call her attention, "Hi Pam, wait up."

"Oh c'mon Nellie, not you too," Pam sighed as she turned around to her.

"What?" Nellie asked with a confused look on her face.

"Look, I know Jim's coming back today. Can everyone just get back to work?"

"Oh honey, no. I was gonna ask you about your mural. Do you want to work on it today? You haven't really touched it since it got defaced. You should at least cover up the butts. It's just really disturbing that people are still working in the warehouse and don't seem to mind"

Pam's face lit up at the opportunity to get away from everyone, "Yes, I am on it. I'll just change to my sweats and I will be in the warehouse for the rest of the day."


Jim arrived at the Scranton Business Park at seven in the evening. He saw his car parked and realized that Pam was still in the office. He suddenly became very nervous. He wanted to spend some time in the office to collect himself and figure out what to say before heading home. He wanted to think about it on the plane ride but ended up distracting himself with the in-flight magazine.

He entered inside the bullpen to find that everyone had already left except for Dwight who was in his office. He knocked on the door and entered. He then saw Dwight look up from his desk.

"Hey Dwight, I——", before he could finished his sentence, Dwight immediately stood up from his desk and gave him a hug, "Okay, you have got to stop doing this whenever I come back. I— Oww!"

Dwight removed himself and proceeded to smack Jim on the head, "Where the hell were you?!"

"Okay, you knew where I was, it's not like Michael kept it hidden."

"You know, I'd forgive you if you were in Philly doing your sports crap, but you visited Michael and didn't invite me?"

"I'm sorry, I just needed to figure some stuff out,"

"Well, I hope you did because you were gone for three days. It just wasn't the same without you."

"I'm really, really sorry. I'll make it up to you, I promise. But not tonight, have you seen Pam? Our car's still here so…"

"Yeah, she's working on the mural. You should go see her."

"Alright then, I'll see you on Monday,"

"And Jim," Dwight said as Jim was about to turn around.


"I expect paperwork with your ideas on how to turn this place into a no-nonsense office. Do you think you're smart enough to do that?"

Jim smiled at him and said, "Absolutely, I do" before heading out.


Pam was tired. She had just finished covering her mural with gray paint and was back to square one. She wanted to be annoyed at the guy who defaced her artwork but she was also relieved. She was not completely happy with the progress she had made, so she accepted the challenge of starting over again.

She dipped her paintbrush on a can of green paint in an attempt to begin but she stopped before the tip touched the wall. While she wanted a fresh start, she did not exactly know how to do it. After a few minutes of thinking, she gave up and proceeded to activate the lift to bring her down.

Once she was on the ground, she turned around and saw Jim standing a few feet away from her with a plastic bag on his hand. "Hi," she heard him say.

She remained in silence and continued to stare at him. "So…shocker. I'm back," she saw Jim shrug and give his signature smirk. "I didn't think you were gonna be here. I just wanted to drop by here and get some stuff before heading home."

She wanted to say something but the words would not come out, she remained frozen in her place and continued to look at his face which was beginning to look nervous at the intensity of the situation, "Uhh…" he stretched out his hand in front of her further revealing the plastic bag, "So I made some grilled cheese sandwiches. I figured you'd be hungry. Well, the food in the plane sucked so I'm definitely hungry."

She continued to focus her attention on Jim, without uttering a single word.

"Look….Pam, I....I just wanted to—" she then quickly walked to him before he could finish his sentence and wrapped her arms around him. She felt a surge of emotion go through her as she felt the warmth of his body.

Jim was stunned by Pam's sudden approach. After a few seconds, he realized what was happening and proceeded to embrace her.

They held each other for a long time, both knowing that they do not need to do anything else to express their love for one another. They then faced each other without letting go and proceeded to passionately kiss.

"I love you," the two of them said to each other in unison before proceeding to kiss for a second time.

Chapter End Notes:

Ok, I think it's safe to say it won't end in divorce. Story's not done though as I'm now moving to the A.A.R.M portion.

 Reviews are highly appreciated, like Jim's love for Pam. 

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