Penname: CashBasket Real name: Jen
Member Since: October 13, 2007

I've fallen hopelessly, terribly, all-encompassingly headfirst into the world of JAM fanfiction. I never thought I'd be as obsessed as I have been over the past few months (buying the Special Edition DVDs, reading fanfiction, thinking about fanfiction, contemplating writing fanfiction, racing home from work to read fanfiction, reading fanfiction at work, seriously considering paying $200 for signed Dunder-Mifflin merchandise, etc), but I'm thrilled about the prospect of it all.

I'd love to beta a story! Also, there should be an inconspicuous skin that makes it look like I'm doing work instead of on MTT... the Jim+Pam kissing banner is sweet, but won't hack it at work anymore.
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