Isabel Poreba
Friend and bridesmaid of Pam. Blood type: O-negative, universal donor
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Au, where Pam never dated Roy and once she left high school, she got an art degree. But she still becomes a receptionist at Dunder Mifflin, but in Stamford.

When the Stamford branch closes, she is offered a position in Scranton, which she accepts. This is where she develops a crush on the handsome salesman, Jim who is in a long term relationship with saleswoman, Karen.

Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
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Summary: Past Featured Story

Pam and Jim had many missed opportunities but fate still brought them together. On Valentine's Day  they realize the first missed opportunity was much earlier when they were just 13 years old at a mutual friend's Bat Mitzvah. An AU like story based in canon. 


No copyright infringement intended.  All I own is a love of these characters.


Categories: Jim and Pam, Present, Past
Characters: Isabel Poreba, Michael, Michael/Holly, Phyllis/Bob Vance
Genres: Childhood
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Challenges: Prior Meeting
Series: Gold Mine
Chapters: 7 Table of Contents
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“What was the point of secrets anymore, for three years he had kept this inside hoping it would fade but could only feel it getting stronger. Pam would reject him, Jim knew that, but at least he could say he was honest.” An alternate take on Casino Night.

Categories: Jim and Pam, Present
Characters: Danny Cordray, Isabel Poreba, Jim, Jim/Pam, Pam, Roy
Genres: Angst, Drama, In Stamford, Steamy
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