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Hello and welcome to the Challenges Challenge page! Every quarter (3 months) the mods will be posting a handful of challenges (basically story prompts) here that will hopefully inspire our authors. If you respond to any of the challenges on this page, current or previous, you will get a special little banner attached to your story! We're hoping by having a rotating list of challenges we'll keep the creative juices flowing and the recent section stocked with new stories.

Current Challenges (Q3 2018)

Previous Challenges
*note: you are still free to respond to these challenges! if you do respond to an older challenge, let us know and we'll get a banner attached to it.

2018 Q2

2018 Q1

2017 Q4


Who chooses the featured challenges?
- our three mods will choose challenges to feature here, though we also welcome your ideas for a "reader choice" challenge.

How do I add my story to a challenge?
- First, you need add your story to the archive in My Account > Add New Story. Next, find the challenge you are responding to and, while logged in, click "Respond to this challenge" and then select the check box next to the story you want to add.

How often will these challenges change?
- We'll feature a new set of challenges roughly every 3 months. If a challenge proved to be popular and gets several responses in a short amount of time, we may "retire" it from the current challenges before 3 months has passed and introduce another challenge.

Does my story need to be finished to be added to the challenge and/or to get the special banner?
- Nope! It's fine to add incomplete stories, and you will get a banner whether it's finished or not.

Can I respond to more than one of the challenges?
- You can respond to as many as you want! You can even write multiple stories for one challenge if it inspires you to do so.

I am responding to a challenge not listed on this page, will I still get a special banner?
- We're going to limit the banners to the stories that answer a challenge listed on this page, this included "previously featured" challenges.

I submitted a story to one of the challenges challenge, where's my banner?
- Before switching out to new challenges, we'll look through the old ones and do our best to make sure every submission gets it's banner. If we missed your story, first ensure that it is submitted to the right challenge, and then feel free to let us know via contact form.

I have a great challenge idea, can it be featured?
- If you have a great challenge in mind, send it into us and we'll definitely consider it. We do ask you take a quick look at the challenges already listed and see if something similar hasn't already been posted. If your idea is very similar to an already posted challenge that has zero or maybe one response, you can nominate that challenge for the "unanswered challenge" slot.