Robbery at the office by Aikoalima

What if the office was robbed while everyone was still there? Let your imagination run wild.

Suggestions: This can be set in any season, with any or all of our beloved office characters. How would Dwight really react in a life or death situation? Would everyone be held hostage for a time or would they spring into action right from the start? Who would protect whom in the event of a life and death situation? would Kevin protect his jar of candy or would he be the first to protect his beloved accounting team? If Pam is the first person to see the robbers coming is she in the most danger or can she hide first and try to close the door before they get in? Be creative.

Challenges Challenge: Answer this challenge and get a special banner on your story! 

Categories: Jim and Pam, Other, Present
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Loosely set between S03E11, "Back from vacation" and S03E12, "Traveling Salesmen".

It's that magical Friday again, but Michael is too busy trying to improve his morale with the warehouse guys. And he is not afraid of bringing the big guns. After all, what could go wrong?

Categories: Jim and Pam, Present, Alternate Universe
Characters: Angela, Dwight, Dwight/Angela, Jim, Jim/Karen, Michael, Pam, Toby
Genres: Claustrophobic Spaces, In Stamford, Oneshot, Workdays
Warnings: Violence/Injury
Challenges: Robbery at the office
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[Report This] Published: April 21, 2019 Updated: April 21, 2019