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Not a literal translation, despite what the title suggests.

The revival of Movie Monday can only lead to misery—or at least, that’s what Pam believes—especially when Entourage is replaced with something a little more personal.

Rated: T
Categories: Other, Present Characters: Andy, Angela, Creed, Dwight, Jim, Jim/Pam, Karen, Kelly, Kevin, Meredith, Michael, Oscar, Pam, Phyllis, Ryan, Stanley, Toby
Genres: Angst, Humor, Workdays
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Published: April 25, 2007 Updated: September 27, 2008
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1. In a non-prison movie type of way... by WildBerryJam [Reviews - 6] 3 (1402 words)

Michael revives Movie Mondays and the aftermath occurs.

Speical thanks to edo for her amazing beta skillz.  Yes with a z. 

2. make anybody cry today? by WildBerryJam [Reviews - 10] 1 (1374 words)
Michael's "choice" for Movie Monday is revealed and Pam has a flashback of a happier time.

3. and hell is just a sauna by WildBerryJam [Reviews - 3] 1 (1298 words)

Sorry for the long wait!! Hope it's worth it!  Muchas gracias a mis amigas EmilyHalpert and BeckySue for rocking at everything they do.


4. I donít wanna hear that defeatist attitude by WildBerryJam [Reviews - 1] 1 (1361 words)

I know, I know, I'm a horrible writer for holding out nearly a year between chapters.  Good news: all the last 3 chapters are written and beta'd.  So the end is near :) 

Shout outs to EmilyHalpert for being one of the best beta's ever and also shout out to cri-man-squa for  all her help on writing this little story :)  And last but not least to all my readers/reviewers, especially Rylynn who pushed me enough to finish this!  Hope you enjoy :) 

5. I thought you wanted out... by WildBerryJam [Reviews - 2] 1 (995 words)


One little epilogue to go folks!  Thanks for all your support :) Emily Halpert and cri-man-squa are lovely for all their help! Hope you enjoy the (almost) ending.