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Author's Chapter Notes:

A drabble in response to two, count 'em, two challenges.

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“Pam?  What was the email for?”

“Well, you know what you said on Casino Night?”




“And how I said that I couldn’t?”




“But then we…well, I changed my mind?”


“Do you really think I could forget any of this, even if I tried?”


“Sorry, I’m just a little nervous.”


“What about, honey?  I really don’t think that anyone has guessed about us, if that’s the problem.  We’ve been pretty sneaky.”


The listener’s eyes narrowed and she gasped at the endearment.


“No, I know.  Thanks, I know that it’s really hard for you, especially, since you had to get out of the transfer and all.”


“I guess.  But what’s the point, Pam?  We’ve been gone for a while now; someone’s bound to notice.”


That’s right, the listener thought.  I’ve noticed.  No other reason for me to be hanging out on the 5th floor landing.  Get to the point: my ears are straining as it is! 


“Jim, isn’t spending time with me more important?”


“But I thought you still wanted us to be a secret?”


“Maybe…it depends.”


“On what?”


“Your answer to my next question.”


“Which is…?”


“Jim, you are the best guy I’ve ever known, and since we’ve been together, you’ve shown me what love should feel like.  I don’t want to wait any longer to tell everyone how much I love you.  Will you marry me?”


The listener gasped, but so did Jim, so she stayed undetected.  There was silence for several seconds, then:


“Yes, Pam.  Yes, yes, yes.”


“Good.  I think we should tell everyone right now.”


“Well, we don’t have to go back immediately, do we?”


“I thought you were worried—”


Kelly smirked, sure she knew why Pam’s voice had suddenly cut off.  She sneaked out of the stairwell and took the elevator back to the office.  She’d let them announce the news this time. 


What?  She’s not a gossip, really.  She just likes knowing things.

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