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Story Notes:

 Each one of these is based on a different song (wow,  I’m so original) and I tried to finish all of these before the song ended, so I didn’t spend more than 5ish minuets on any of them. 

They’re all based on one of the relationships in the office, but I don’t say any names, so some of them are more obvious than others.

 This is my first fanfic ever, so please be nice  

Author's Chapter Notes:

 I don’t own the office or any of it’s characters :( 

No copyright infringement is intended  

Who We Are - Nothing More

He hasn’t forgotten her. He’s tried, he’s tried so hard, but he just can’t . He’s giving up on trying to forget. He misses her. He misses her more than anything. He knows there’s still something there between them. He can’t forget her. It’s bigger than the two of them.


It’s like a part of them, and it’s what keeps him believing.

Dance, Dance - Fall out boy

He’s not sure if he loves her. He thinks he might, but he’s not really the romantic type. He feels awful (maybe he’s drunk) but it seems wrong to him. They seem wrong to him. He doesn’t want her to be with someone else, but he doesn’t want to be with her. He doesn’t want to forget her, to lose her, but he’s so miserable. Seeing her with someone else makes him feel sick. He knew she loved him, back when she would drag him out to go dancing with her, and he feels awful looking back. All the times he went home from the club with someone else. He thinks he needs another beer.

Goldmine - Kimbra

She finally has him. She’s waited so long. First she was an idiot, then he was an idiot, but she doesn’t need to think about that anymore. She finally has him. He’s hers, forever. She feels untouchable, because he’s finally hers. They have a love so powerful and strong now, it goes over and above all the words they’ve said. But those words are still in her heart, still in her head. She has to remind herself that he’s hers now, that he’s there to defend her from anything and everything, and she’ll always be there to do the same for him. She just wishes they had never said those things in the first place.

Nicotine - Panic! At The Disco

He was terrible for her. He was always cheating, always leaving her behind. She never understood why. She was pretty, she was caring, she loved him with everything she had, why couldn’t he just love her back? She wanted to leave him, she wanted to cut every tie to him. She was addicted. He was destroying her, tearing her apart and breaking her down, but she kept coming back. He was terrible for her, but she was addicted to him.

The Mighty Fall - Fall Out Boy


Even the mighty fall he supposed. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte. So it made sense that he would eventually fall too. He just happened to be falling in love. He wasn’t sure why, “love” is just a combination of oxytocin, estrogen and dopamine to encourage reproduction. So why did it feel so right to him. She was the only one who had ever made him feel this way. Why did it have to happen to him, why couldn’t he just ignore that feeling she gave him. He was the superior man, he should be able and to resist this, but he just couldn’t help falling in love.

The Fall - Half Alive

She wanted to be with him. She wanted that more than anything. But she had never been a risk taker, and he… he was definitely a risk. She had a stable job waiting for her in Nashua, and they had only been dating for a few weeks. She thinks she might have loved him, but she wasn’t 100% sure, she was only about 99.9%. Looking back on it she was an idiot. She was sure that she loved him now, and she wished that she could just jump off, into his arms, but she couldn’t trust the fall.


Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye and Kimbra

3 days after they broke up, after he left her at a fountain miles away from home, she realized something. He never said he loved her. Deep down she knew that they would never work, but she loved him. She hated him with everything in her, but she loved him with everything she had. She told herself she wouldn’t get hung up on him, that she would be able to accept that they weren’t a couple, and they weren’t friends, but did he really have to cut her off and make it like they were nothing?


Arrow - Half Alive


He didn’t plan to leave her on a 3 month boat trip, but life happens, right? He felt bad, he talked to his boss more than his girlfriend, but they were stable. The two of them were made for each other, nothing could separate them. The only problem, was that she didn’t think of it the same way.

Miracle - Kimbra

How did she ever live without him? He was her everything. She never believed in love, or a happily ever after, at least not until she met him. He made her believe in love, and she couldn’t picture life without him. He always had that power to make her laugh, brighten her day. His love was all she ever needed. He was like her own personal miracle, and he built her up into this amazing person she never knew she could be. He made her feel like she never had before, she never knew that she could be so happy. It had been hard finally getting to him, but she had done it, and she would never let go of him again. He was her everything. How had she ever lived without him?

Chapter End Notes:

 So yeah... first fanfic  

 I hope you can actually tell who the stories are about

 Most of the songs are pretty obscure, but hopefully you can understand the story without knowing the song

 Reviews are great, they let me know if I need to enter this as part of the bad fanfic challenge  

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