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Story Notes:
Standard disclaimer applies. Hope you like it.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Just a quick day in the life of the Halpert clan down in Austin on Mother's Day.

Rolling over with a deep sigh, Pam opened her eyes to see sun shining through the windows of the room she shared with Jim. It took her a second to collect her thoughts. Normally when she woke up there wasn’t that much light streaming into the room. Rolling back towards the night stand she grabbed her glasses and phone at the same time. The alarm she had set the night before had been turned off. It was two hours past when she normally would get up. Two things then happened at once. She noticed she was alone in bed, and the bedroom door burst open and Cece and Phillip ran in and jumped on the bed.

“Mommy! You’re awake!” Cece launched herself into her mother as Pam started to sit up in bed.

“Happy Mommy’s Day Mommy,” Phillip cried out right behind his sister.

Instantly Pam’s heart grew warm and full. Through the tangle of small arms and hair, Pam saw Jim leaning against the door of their bedroom wearing the cock-eyed smirk she loved so much.

“Aww thank you guys!” she beamed at her children. Pam hugged them both close for a moment before letting them sit back.

“Mommy! Mommy! Guess what?” Cece grinned.

Pam opened her eyes wide and smiled right back. “I don’t know, what?”

“Daddy said that when you got up we could go for a bike ride!”

“He did, did he?” Pam spared a glance at her husband who had started walking over to the bed.

“I said with might go for a bike ride,” Jim corrected Cece. “It depends on what Mommy wants to do today. Now come on, hop off the bed so Mommy can get up and get out of her pj’s.”

With a few last hugs and kisses, the children got off the bed and disappeared down the hall.

“You turned off my alarm, didn’t you?” Pam smirked as she also got out of bed and headed towards her dresser.

“You’re welcome,” Jim smirked back.

As Pam crossed in front of him, he gently reached out to take hold of her hand. He swiftly twirled her around o face him and leaned in to steal a kiss.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” he said softly after he leaned back up.

“Thank you,” Pam smiled back. She was about to lean in for another kiss when a crash echoed from somewhere near the living room.

“I’ll take care of that,” Jim said.

An hour later, after enjoying the brunch of banana pancakes and sausage Jim and the kids had prepared, the Halperts were setting off on their bikes along a bike path they knew well. The sun was warm, the breeze was easy, and the flowers were still blooming in the Texas hill country.

“Mommy! Flowers!” Phillip pointed excitedly at some of the blooms on the side of the path.

“I see them,” Pam answered. “Do you want to draw them?”

“Yeah!” Phillip brought his bike to a halt and walked over to inspect the flowers more closely.

Pam pulled up her bike next to her son and sat down on the grass with him. From her backpack she produced a small sketchbook and Crayola colored pencils for Phillip to use. She pulled out her own sketchbook and her fancy art pencils to also take in the scene.

While Pam and Phillip were drawing, Jim and Cece pedaled ahead. After a fair distance, father and daughter turned their bikes around and had a race back to where Pam and Phillip were sitting on the side of the path. It was familiar past time for the family. After the drawings were finished, the four of them set out on the bike path again until they reached their usual turn-around point.

A wooden bridge allowed the bike path to cross a gully where a gently flowing creek tumbled over some rocks. Getting off the bikes, Jim and Pam helped Cece and Phillip down the small hill to where a sand bar had formed on the side of the creek under the bridge. Jim continued his lessons on how to skip rocks. Pam sat back on a log and pulled out her sketch book once more. With swift lines she quickly drew the scene. Soon though they trooped back up to their bikes and headed back to their car.

“Who wants a hot dog and who wants a burger?” Jim asked as they pulled into the driveway.

“Hot dog!” Cece called out.

“Burger and a hot dog!” Phillip said excitedly.

“That’s my boy,” Jim grinned proudly.

Pam swatted his arm playfully. “Dork.”

Jim just kept his grin on his face. “Okay when we get inside Cece can you please carry the chips and baked beans outside to the deck? Phillip, can you please bring out the paper plates and the plastic forks and spoons?”

“Okay Daddy,” Phillip scooted into the kitchen grab the items.

“Can I also bring out the cupcakes Daddy?” Cece grinned before a shocked expression crossed her face and she covered her mouth. “Oops!”

“Cupcakes?” Pam quirked an eyebrow at Jim.

Jim just smiled and scooped up Cece in his arms and kissed her cheek. “They were going to be a surprise, but that’s okay Kiddo. Mommy was going to find out eventually. And you can make a second trip for the cupcakes so you don’t drop them. Remember how upset you got on your birthday?”

Cece nodded bashfully remembering the incident a few months previously when she’d been too excited about serving her own birthday cupcakes and the majority had fallen to the floor.

“What can I grab?” Pam asked after Jim set Cece down and they walked into the house.

“You,” Jim said and put his hands on Pam’s shoulders to steer her in the direction of their backyard deck. “Get to head outside and relax in your favorite deck chair.”

“Jim, come on,” Pam protested half-heartedly. “I can still help out.”

Jim though was insistent. “No, no, this is your day to relax, not worry about everything, and just enjoy the time rather than think about all the set-up or clean up.”

Pam huffed and accepted her fate. “If I must.”

“Oh, but you must,” Jim teased her as she stepped through the patio door. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get the charcoal going.” He turned back inside, but not before lightly swatting Pam’s behind on the way.

Pam did help Phillip set the table. She also cracked open the can of Coke Cece selected and the grape soda Phillip had pulled out of the fridge. Jim meanwhile grilled hot dogs and burgers to perfection. Cece and Phillip helped to put away the lunch when they were done eating.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching Cece and Phillip play on their swing set while Jim and Pam relaxed from one of the outdoor couches on the deck. When the sun started to get to warm, they all trooped back inside and made video calls to Helene and Betsy. Both Grandma’s faces were wide with smiles. Cece told stories about she was practicing her soccer skills while Phillip help up his latest drawings.

The evening wore on with Jim microwaving some left over sloppy joe mix for dinner which also helped use up the hamburger buns he’d bought for their picnic. After yet another viewing of the original animated version of The Lion King, it was bedtime.

Pam helped Cece through her bedtime routine. She hummed to her daughter while brushing Cece’s hair and pulling it into a simple braid. After tucking Cece into her bed, Pam leaned over to kiss the girl’s forehead.

“Good night,” Pam whispered.

“G’night Mommy.” Cece yawned as she rolled over and closed her eyes.

Pam smiled gently and turned off the light. Jim was backing slowly out of Phillip’s room at the same time. They turned to each other and reached out their arms. Like they did many nights, Jim and Pam shared a warm embrace after putting their children to sleep. Pam buried her face in the crook of Jim’s neck and breathed in. His familiar scent as much a calming presence as his finger tips that had pushed through her hair to caress the base of her head.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “That feels wonderful.”

Jim leaned down for a kiss. “I’m glad. Now would you like the rest of your presents?”

“More?” Pam looked down towards the stairs. “I don’t know, I thought the hand-made coupon book the kids made was pretty special.”

“I’m sure having those will be a big relief,” Jim chuckled.

“Yeah, especially that one that promises an entire day of no fighting.”

“But your Mother’s Day experience isn’t over.” Jim led Pam into their bedroom and the spacious bathroom that was attached to the suite.

“Oh Jim!” Pam brought her hands to her mouth.

A scented candle was flickering on the edge of the frosted window above the whirlpool tub. Her fluffy pink robe was hanging on one of the hooks near the shower. An assortment of bath bombs was lined up on her side of the counter.

Jim walked up behind her and snaked his arms around her waist. “Go ahead and have a soak while I get the rest of the house cleaned up.”

Pam turned around in his arms to give him a solid kiss. Mist was in her shining eyes when she leaned back. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Jim said in the soft voice he used only for her.

After Jim left her alone, she started to fill the tub and inspected the bath bomb he’d left for her. After some deliberation she chose a lavender and rosemary scented bomb and dropped it in the water that was quickly filling the tub. She threw her clothes in the laundry hamper they kept in the bathroom and stepped into the water. The warmth of the bath and the aromatic smells from the candle and bath bomb relaxed tension in her muscles she rarely acknowledged.

She wasn’t sure how long she’d been soaking when a quiet knock sounded on the bathroom door. She opened her eyes as Jim slowly opened the door and peeked inside.

“How you doing?”

“Mmmmmm, boneless,” she replied.

Jim closed the door behind him to help keep the heat in and kneeled next to the tub. “Good day?”

“The best,” Pam smiled back before a sly grin appeared on her lips. “Though there’s one thing that could make it better.”

“Yeah? What’s that?” Jim smirked back.

“My wonderful husband joining me in the bath,” Pam answered and reached out a hand to him.

Jim needed no second bidding. Very quickly he was positioned behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach.

“I love you Morgan,” he said using her name from high school that had turned into a private pet name for her, pressed a kiss into her hair.

“I love you too Jamie,” she replied with her own pet name for him. “Thank you again for a wonderful day.”

They held and caressed each other until the water turned cold. After toweling off, they retired to their bed to resume the ministrations they’d started in the tub. They were slow and passionate that night. Sleep came easily as their bodies cooled down while they remained wrapped in each other's arms.

Chapter End Notes:
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

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