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Story Notes:

Author's Chapter Notes:

Jim’s POV.

Every breath I breathe

All the air I consume

When I do the thing’s I do

They’re always for you


We keep doing it wrong

Fighting an impossible fight

So how about we not?

And move on with our lives


You say you long for my heart

But did you know from the start?

It was yours as much as mine

I just hoped it would suffice


When you lay by me at night

I can’t help but fight

That the closer you are

The more distance I find


It sounds much too dramatic

But it’s really the truth

That’s how it feels

To be in love with you


I stood at the alter

I recited my vows

Claimed love will trump the faults

Love bears it all


Little did I know

Even with a love this much

Sometimes it may be

That love isn’t enough

Chapter End Notes:

May or may not upload a chapter from Pam's POV. 

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