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Story Notes:
Just a little something I cooked up, hope you enjoy!
Author's Chapter Notes:

Woot woot my first five things fic! Hope it’s short and sweet, like I intended.

thank you as always to my beta, you do so much, and I am so thankful for you. 

“Do you ever think about it anymore?” she asked him, her voice was sweet like honey in his ears. He rolled over to look at her, the sheets rusting beneath him. It was much too late for either of them to still be awake, but still, here they were. Basking in one anothers warmth, soaking in every last drop of intimacy before the threat of work and kids took it away from them. 

“Think about what?” he questioned her, his hand brushing up against her cheek. The corners of her mouth turned up into a smile.

“About how we started, how it was before.” She was looking at him, green eyes seeing every last inch of his soul. 

“Yeah,” he breathed out. “Sometimes.”

“I was just thinking about it today. When we were in the backyard, you and the kids were running through the sprinklers.” She let out a little laugh, his hand fell to her waist.

“You're such a good dad, and to think, if you hadn't laid it all on the line that night, none of this would have ever happened.” 

“I don't know, I remember you making a confession of your own.” he said, admiring the way the moonlight was illuminating her bare shoulders. She was glowing. 

“But you were the one who took the final plunge.” she said, taking a finger and poking it into his chest. He pulled her closer, kissing the top of her head. 

“And it was the best decision I ever made.” He leaned down to give her a real kiss this time, lips meeting in the dark. He could feel her smiling as he pulled away.

“Don’t get sappy on me now, Halpert!” she told him through her grin. 

“I'll do whatever I want, thank you very much!” She laughed at his bad joke, something she had been doing since they met. It was one of the first things he loved about her. 

A cry sounded on the baby monitor, the beauty of the moment fading away, a reminder of their reality. Pam made a move to stand up, but he placed a hand on her shoulder before she had a chance to. 


“I'll get him.” he told her, swinging his long legs out of their bed. 

When he walked into the nursery, Phillip was laying on his back in the crib, demonstrating to his dad just how strong his lungs are. 

“I know buddy, I know” Jim shused his son, picking him up and making his way over to the changing table.

When he crawled back into bed a few minutes later, Pam was somehow still awake. She pressed her head into his back, making her soft “I love you,” all the more sweet. 

“I love you too.” he said before his eyelids grew heavy and sleep overtook him. 

Chapter End Notes:
Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a jellybean or a review.

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