About & FAQs

About this site: MoreThatThat (MTT) is a fansite dedicated to The Office (US), especially to the characters of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. It was founded in June 2006, with the fanfiction archive opening it’s doors in July 2006 and the old message boards forming May 2007.

Who runs this site?: MTT has changed hands a couple times over the years and is now under the care of three ladies who love the show and the characters (in particular a certain paper salesman and receptionist). While our focus is on the fanfiction side of things, we also hope to be a landing spot for Office fans both new and old as time goes on and other fansites stop updating and close their doors.

Are you associated at all with the show?: We are a fan-created and fan-run site and have absolutely no affiliation with any of the actors, writers, or producers of the show.

I see a register/log in link, what’s that about?: We have recently launched a new MTT community and we encourage Office flans to join us! Click here to register!

Why should I register?: As a registered user you can set up a stylish profile, add other users as friends and send personal messages. Like a social network for Office Flans! If you’ve been around since the old days it’s a great way to stay connected with old fandom friends. If you’re new to MTT or to the show it’s a great way to meet other Dunderheads!

Do I have to register to participate?: Nope, you can be unregistered and still comment on blog posts and post replies in our new forums (though you cannot create new topics).

I already have an account at the fanfic archive and/or at the old message boards, do I have to register again?: In the spirit of having a “fresh start” you do have to register with a new account, but if you want to use the same username from those sites it will most likely be available.

Will registering here also register me for the fanfic archive?: No, they are separate systems.

Okay, I registered, but can’t seem to log in or post on the forums, what’s the deal?: You need to activate your account to complete your registration. You should have been automatically sent an email containing an activation link. *Some email providers will send this email to spam, others will just not deliver it at all (Hotmail in particular!). Try adding mtt@just-once.net to your contacts/safe list and then click Lost Password and enter your email or username for a new email.*

Do you run ads or have sponsors: Nope, we are able to stay online and ad-free thanks to contributions from our awesome readers! If you would like to help us out with our hosting bill, you can use PayPal to send a few schrutebucks to MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com and we’ll add it to the hosting pot (some more info about donating here). Every little bit helps ensure we stay around and stay ad-free for the long term!