The Office Season 2

The Office, Season 2
Original Air Dates: September 20, 2005 – May 11, 2006
Number of Episodes: 22
Quick Overview: The Office hits its stride in a season full of parties, rivalries, pranks, corporate politics, and inner-office hook-ups. Michael struggles with the reality that his managerial skills (as well as his personal life) leaves much to be desired, Jim’s feelings for Pam continue to deepen despite her engagement to another man, and Dwight enjoys success in his personal and professional life, even as he continually falls for Jim’s pranks.

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2.01 The Dundies
Aired: 9/20/2005, Writer: Mindy Kaling
It’s time for the Dundie awards, and Michael couldn’t be more excited, while his staff braces for the annual humiliation fest. Pam is not sure if she can handle winning the “World’s Longest Engagement” Dundie yet again.

2.02 Sexual Harassment
Aired: 9/27/2005, Writer: BJ Novak
Explicit emails, lewd jokes, and Todd Packer run amok at Dunder Mifflin, forcing corporate to intervene. Pam (and Jim) eagerly awaits a visit from her mother.

2.03 Office Olympics
Aired: 10/4/2005, Writer: Michael Schur
While Michael takes Dwight with him to close on his condo, Jim learns about the different games staffers play during their “down time”, and initiates Office Games.

2.04 The Fire
Aired: 10/11/2005, Writer: BJ Novak
The staff evacuates to the parking lot after a fire starts in the kitchen. Dwight can’t hide his jealously over Michael’s interest in Ryan, while the rest of the staff engages in games such as “Desert Island Movies” and “Who would you do?”

2.05 Halloween
Aired: 10/18/2005, Writer: Greg Daniels
While the office celebrates Halloween, Michael tries to avoid the fact that he has to fire someone by the end of the day (and has no idea who!). Jim and Pam secretly post Dwight’s resume online.

2.06 The Fight
Aired: 11/1/2005, Writers: Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg
Jim helps orchestrate a karate showdown between Michael and Dwight, however Pam and Jim have a “fight” of their own.

2.07 The Client
Aired: 11/8/2005, Writer: Paul Lieberstein
While Michael and Jan are at a meeting with a potential client, the staff has a reading of an action movie screenplay Pam discovers in Michael’s desk.

2.08 Performance Reviews
Aired: 11/15/2005, Writer: Larry Wilmore
It’s time for Michael yearly evaluation of the staff, too bad he’s preoccupied with recent events with Jan. Jim and Pam work to kept Dwight thinking it’s the wrong day.

2.09 E-mail Surveillance
Aired: 11/22/2005, Writer: Jennifer Celotta
After Michael sets up e-mail surveillance in the office, he discovers Jim is having a party, and he was not invited. The camera crew catches wind of an office romance (and it’s not Jim and Pam).

2.10 Christmas Party
Aired: 12/6/2005, Writer: Michael Schur
In the middle of yet another underwhelming office Christmas party and gift exchange, Michael spices thing up with “Yankee Swap,” vodka, and a way too expensive gift. Jim is discouraged when Pam “trades-up” his sentimental gift.

2.11 Booze Cruise
Aired: 1/5/2006, Writer: Greg Daniels
This year’s staff retreat is a Booze Cruise…in Pennsylvania…in January. Michael struggles to not be out-done by the cruise’s charismatic captain, but a surprise announcement out-does them both.

2.12 The Injury
Aired: 1/12/2006, Writer: Mindy Kaling
After burning his foot on a George Forman Grill, Michael tries to entice sympathy from the staff for his “disability.” Meanwhile, Jim and Pam are suspicious of Dwight as he acts stranger than usual.

2.13 The Secret
Aired: 1/19/2006, Writers: Lee Eisenberg & Gene Stupnitsky
Michael spills the beans about Jim’s crush on Pam, which invites unwanted attention from the other employees and forces Jim to talk to Pam about it directly. Meanwhile, Dwight investigates after Oscar calls in sick.

2.14 The Carpet
Aired: 1/26/2006, Writer: Paul Lieberstein
After a mystery pranker leave a foul “gift” in his office, Michael wreaks havoc out in the main office. Meanwhile, Jim is pushed to the back room, and has to get through the day without Pam to distract him.

2.15 Boys and Girls
Aired 2/2/2006, Writer: BJ Novak
Not wanting to feel left out of Jan’s “Women in the Workplace” seminar, Michael leads his own “Men in the Workplace” meeting in the warehouse. Pam’s unsure what to do when a great opportunity for her arises.

2.16 Valentine’s Day
Aired: 2/9/2006, Writer: Michael Schur
Michael joins other regional managers in New York to meet the new CFO. Back in Scranton, some employees are lavished with Valentine’s Day gifts, while others feel left out.

2.17 Dwight’s Speech
Aired: 3/2/2006, Writer: Paul Lieberstein
After being named Salesman of the Year, Dwight has to give a speech at a convention. Michael tries to coach the nervous Dwight, but Dwight gets his best advice from a surprising source. Pam plans her wedding, and Jim plans a trip.

2.18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Aired: 3/16/2006, Writer: Mindy Kaling
The tension is higher than usual at Dunder Mifflin with kids running around the office. Pam works on getting past her awkwardness with children, and Michael befriends the daughter of his rival, Toby.

2.19 Michael’s Birthday
Aired: 3/30/2006, Writers: Gene Stupnitsky & Lee Eisenberg
Michael is dismayed when he finds his birthday celebrations overshadowed by the staff’s concern for Kevin’s medical condition. Pam and Jim go on a shopping trip.

2.20 “Drug Testing”
April 27, 2006, Writer: Jennifer Celotta
Dwight starts a full blown investigation when he finds a joint in the parking lot. Michael is worried about the drug testing, and Pam teases Jim when he is put under a “jinx” that doesn’t allow him to talk.

2.21 Conflict Resolution
Aired: 5/4/2006, Writer: Greg Daniels
Michael hopes to clear the air when he takes over conflict resolution duties, but in reality the tension only rises. Pam suspects Angela when she learns someone filed a complaint about her. Dwight is upset to learn his complaints against Jim have been ignored.

2.22 Casino Night
Aired: 5/11/2006, Writer: Steve Carell
When Dunder Mifflin hosts a casino night in the warehouse, big gambles, big wins and big loses occur. Michael finds himself juggling two dates; his mortgage broker Carol, and Jan. And a surprise confession may just changed everything for a certain salesman and receptionist.

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