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Reader can you spare a jellybean?

Earlier this year we replaced the star rating system with jellybeans. Jellybeans are like a "like" or a "kudos" and you can leave up to 5 on a story. Now for various reasons, there are a lot of great stories on MTT that ended up with very few jellybeans so this is an attempt to remedy this!

Here we want readers to post their favorite stories on the archive that have ended up with fewer than 10 jellybeans (especially if it's fewer than 5). We also encourage you to briefly include why the story is deserving of more jellybeans. Any publish date is fine but an older story is more likely to have been forgotten and will benefit more from the boost!

One way to find worth stories to add:

If you have a good list of favorites or many stories on your bookshelf, while logged into the archive head to the Browse section, select your favorites or your bookshelf, sort by "least jellybeans" (you'll find that under the drop down that has the default of "most recent") and then you'll easily see stories that can be added to the list.

I'll try to keep the 2nd post of this thread updated with recommended stories. If you don't feel like posting here, you can also post your recs in the shoutbox


  • My first round of "Stories that deserve more jellybeans"

    * Everything by watchthesky84
    why: watchthesky84 writes one-shots that are wonderfully sweet with a touch of angst, and I have no doubt if she wrote in the peak years of 2007-2008 she would have had a great following. Like I said they all deserve more beans, you can start with Moonbounce or Don't Be. then give all the jellybeans from there.

    * Out of the Fog by Kat11
    This sexy story was the readers choice in our Valentine's Day contest this year and definitely deserves more than 3 jellybeans!

    * A Day He'll Never forget by Deedldee
    Told in the 2nd person, a great fic about Jim's first day and first time meeting a certain receptionist.

    * Vox by sophia_helix
    If you're familiar with the Office selection at AO3 then you know this one has gotten lots of kudos over there but has somehow ended up with less than 10 at MTT, which definitely needs to be fixed! Hot hot hot, but also with just enough plot to keep things interesting.

    *all the things that happened after casino night (and all the things that didn't) by thatsparrow
    This was published during our "rebuilding phase" at MTT before we got things more active and therefore didn't get the attention it deserved, a really good look at season 3, thatsparrow captures Pam's perspective perfectly.
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