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Author's Chapter Notes:
pretty shortly after they started dating

It was a quarter after five and Jim had been kept late by an utterly fruitless meeting with Michael, Andy, Dwight. But as he exited the conference room, his heart leaped a little when he saw Pam still at reception. He tossed her goofy face to illustrate his feelings about the meeting and she chuckled. Jim grabbed his messenger bag and could see Pam gathering up her things out of the corner of his eye. When he reached reception, he leaned forward on the desk and drummed his fingers.

"Heading out?" Just a normal, innocent question.

"Yep, you?" She kept her eyes focused on her computer screen as she logged out.

"Yeah, wanna walk down together?" He could feel a smile start to creep out despite his best efforts.

"Okay," she replied, also working hard to contain her grin.

As they stood before the elevator, Jim peered over to the office doors to see if anyone else was coming. When he determined they were alone, he glanced down to the floor.

"You ever wonder how many times we've stood next to each other on this elevator?" he asked in a half whisper.

Pam nodded, "About once a day for three and a half of the last four years, right?"

He smiled, looking at the door of the office once again to make sure they were alone. "I always stood so close to you because I secretly wanted to hold your hand."

"Well, I stood so close to you because I secretly wanted you to," Pam said, giving Jim a shy smile.

The elevator doors dinged opened and they stepped inside. After pressing the button for the lobby, Jim stepped back so he would be shoulder to shoulder with Pam, looking down at his shoes as he took her small, soft, warm hand in his. She looked straight ahead, but he could see a smile tugging at her lips.

Jim never remembered this ride being so short as the elevator reached the lobby with a slight jolt. The doors opened, and when Jim saw a shadow both he and Pam took a step away from each other, hands dropping back to their sides. The doors opened wider to reveal Angela, her lips twisting into her usual scowl and her eyes darting back and forth between Jim and Pam.

"Evening, Angela," Jim said with a nod.

"Evening Jim, Pam," Angela said, keeping her narrowed eyes focused on Pam. Pam exited the elevator first, and Jim lagged behind, giving Angela one more smile as he walk out of the elevator and headed to the lobby doors. Once he exited the building, he quickened his step to catch up with Pam.

"Oops," he said quietly. "You don't think she'll –"

"Don't worry about Angela," Pam said quickly. Jim wanted to inquire further, but decided it was best to let it go for now.

When they reached the point in the parking lot where they had to break off to their separate cars, Pam turned to him. "So I'm thinking I'll have pasta tonight, and maybe watch a movie," she said.

Jim cocked his head to the side, "That's funny, I think I will do the exactly same thing, at my separate apartment?"

"Really, you'll be doing that at your apartment at about 7?"

"Yep, right at 7, weird, huh?"

"Very weird," Pam said, walking backwards to her car. "Later Jim."

"Later," Jim said, grinning as his unlocked his car, and calculating how many minutes it was until 7 o'clock and he would get to hold Pam's hand again.

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