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Story of the Moment
the treehouse by iwantphillyjim M
AU...Pam is new to Scranton, but she connects with an old friend.I'm not a writer...
Categories: Jim and Pam
Most Recent
The Jim Paradox: Season 4 by scrantonbranch K
The Jim Paradox continues into Season 4 with analysis for every episode on a...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
The Pam Dichotomy: Season 4 by scrantonbranch K
The Pam Dichotomy continues into Season 4 with analysis for every episode on...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
The Jim Paradox: Season 3 by scrantonbranch K
The Jim Paradox continues into Season 3 with analysis for every episode on a...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
The Pam Dichotomy: Season 3 by scrantonbranch K
The Pam Dichotomy continues into Season 3 with analysis for every episode on...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Episode Related
Shoot by julieofficefanatic K
What was Pam going to ask Jim before the cameras scared her off? For the "Can...
Categories: Jim and Pam
Featured Stories
Only by girl7 M
This picks up pre-merger and is spoiler free, a bit AU as well. ...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present
Anywhere But Here by NobleLandMermaid T
Role Reversal Challenge: It's May 2006. Jim's wedding is approaching...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
Heart of the Matter by malcolm lake T
AU After the merger.  Pam learns the dreams Jim had before Dunder Mifflin...
Categories: Present, Alternate Universe
Graceless by Strawberry Fields M
“Pam and I have hurt a lot of people, but mostly we’ve hurt each...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
The Accident by spaceorphan MA
AU with a season three backdrop. Pam finds herself pregnant. Shenanigans ensue...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Alternate Universe
Après by callisto M
This will be a series of one-shots that take place after an episode, in no particular...
Categories: Jim and Pam, Present, Past, Episode Related
Site News
Penname Change option and New Night Theme

Introducing: the option to change your penname

Hey, we get it, "JimHalpertsSexyLover" seemed like a great penname when you registered but now you want to have something a little less fannish. Maybe you've used your penname lot of other places and now you want to separate your Office stuff from other online (or even offline) stuff, or you want to change so your online handles are more consistent. Whatever your reason, we are now offering the option to change your penname!

How to do it: It's highly preferred that you log in to the archive, then go to "contact us " and fill out the contact form to request your new penname, it's the best way for us to know it's actually you! An admin will change your penname on your stories and also change your penname on reviews for other stories you've written (these are two separate steps so it may take a little time, typically within 48 hours). Please note that we will only change your penname once (maaaaaaybe twice if you ask real nicely) so please choose your new penname carefully.

If you are having trouble logging in or no longer have access to the email address on your account, send an email to MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com and we'll help you out.

Introducing: A New Night Theme

Currently all our theme options have a very light background, so we are introducing a "night mode" theme: 27Seconds. It featured a dark blue background, off-white text and a splash of color.

27Seconds theme preview

To change to this theme, select "27Seconds" from the drop down menu in the "Info" section or at the very bottom of the page. (And feedback is certainly appreciated on this theme!)

And a couple odds and ends:

--Admin Team on August 14, 2016 01:11 pm 1 Comments
New Challenge

Challenges are a term for prompts or themes meant to inspire our writers. Writers should feel free to answer any of the challenges here, especially if no one has responded yet! First, you need to upload your story, once your story is uploaded, you can find the challenge you want to answer, hit "response to challenge" and select your story. We will be (very occasionally) posting new challenges that will be announced here.

Our newest challenge is: "Nice Morning, Too."
(because there needs to be stories about that first talking head in 9x21 "Living the Dream"!)

If you have any challenge ideas, please submit them to MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com or if you're on the boards, post in this thread.

(Unrelated, but we want to hear from everyone in our Quick User Survey . Responses are anonymous, so please be honest!)

--Ladama on August 11, 2016 04:33 pm 0 Comments
Forum Update and FunRaiser!

Happy August everyone! We are happy to announce that the MTT Forum finally got a very-much-needed overhaul and now we're functional again! Sadly there's just too many spambots to reopen registration, but if you'd like to join us over there, please send your preferred username to us at MTT.fanfic@gmail.com and a mod can add you.

Also, we had many generous donors during our hosting fundraiser, and we thank you all very much! We not quite yet covered for the full year so the FunRaiser is being extended through August! Check out more details here!

And last, a friendly reminder to check out our new Bookshelf feature, we really think it's going to be a useful tool for readers!

--Admin Team on August 02, 2016 04:03 pm 0 Comments
New Bookshelf Feature and other updates

It's been a big month for MTT, we end the month with two small updates and one big update!

First, to our writers: in My Account there is now a "Reviews Recieved" link where you can easily see how many reviews your stories have recieved and how many you have not responded to.

We have expanded the Top Lists from 10 to 25, so now you can see the 25 most read stories, most favorite authors etc.

Also we have introduced an exciting new feature: Bookshelf! You can read more about it here but in short it lets you save stories to a browsable list and will also show you the last time you read a story. There are many ways you can choose to utilize this feature, it's all up to you!

--Admin Team on July 31, 2016 03:36 pm 0 Comments
New Default Theme!

The updates continue! We decided to roll out a new theme (or skin) for the archive here! Our goal with this theme was to create something responsive and mobile friendly. There are a few things we want to work out (like a mobile dropdown menu) but for the most part we think the theme is ready for the world! If you are nostalgic for one of the old themes, you can always swich back with the changer, located right above the "Story of the moment" box, and if you are a registered user you can set your default theme in your preferences.

We have a plan to have several different colored themes with a header image featuring a moment from each season! Color scheme suggestions as well as image suggestions are welcome! We also created a couple new pages located in the Welcome section, they are a new Writing resources page and a Troubleshooting/Update page. Anything that you would like to add to those pages, please email us at MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com or sends us a message via the "Contact Us" option.

--Admin Team on July 28, 2016 01:40 am 0 Comments
Few Small Updates

Greetings! We're happy to announce a few small but hopefully fun updates to the fanfic archive.

First off, the archives been updated to the latest version of eFiction, there's not really any new and exciting changes with the next version but it is good to always be up to date. Also it's now officially easier to direct your friends to MTT! Just tell them to type mttjustonce.net in the address bar, no periods of hyphens, and they should end up at this very fanfic archive!

We turned on a feature in the archive where, when you click stories with multiple chapters, you are taken to the table of content rather than to the 1st chapter. Registered Members have the option of turning this off by going to "My Account" > "Edit Preferences".

And last, we finally bid farwell to all the extremely out-of-date instant messenger options and usher in a new era of the social media links in the profiles! Now in your bio you can include links to your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and to your Fanfiction.Net and ArchiveOfOurOwn profiles, and of course the classic website and LiveJournal options are still around. Plus they now appear as stylish icons! Add your links by clicking "My Account" > "Edit Bio". (BTW, do NOT include "http://" for fields that ask for a URL). We figured these 5 new options will cover most needs but if there's a high demand for another social media service we can add that as well.

Here are new icons (the book is FFN! the @ is ao3 and the pencil is LJ)

Couple other odds and ends: we are also getting close to releasing a couple new skins that should be a nice update as well as more mobile friendly! The 10th Anniversary Survey is still open and awaiting responses, and we are very close to our FunRaising goal of being covered hosting wise for a whole year! That's about it for now, any and all questions, comments, etc can be directed to MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com.

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It is our birthday.

Bust out the brown and gray balloons, it is MTT's 10th birthday!

I don't have too much to say except thanks to SicoKitty for creating this site! And thanks to all the previous mods who have made the site what is it, ftmill16, idnaoj80 and I are hoping to continue your good work!

If you haven't yet, please check out the 10th anniversary survey in the previous news item. Have gotten a few great responses already, including from a couple fave Office fic writers! Also check out our hosting funrasier, where if you donate you can get a small gift featuring PB&J art!

Notifications *should* be working now! This includes Password reset, and notifications of new reviews, updates to favorite stories, and author replies to your reviews. You can update your notification settings in "My Account" > "Edit Preferences". The email will come from contact@mttjustonce.net so add that address to your safe list.

If you need a new password but longer have access to the email you used to registered email (which I think is the case for many of you!), let me know via contact@mttjustonce.net (or MTT.fanfic@gmail.com) and we'll figure it out! Any other questions and concerns can go there as well.

Happy birdday, MTT!

--Ladama on July 09, 2016 06:23 am 0 Comments
MTT 10th Anniversary Survey

If you can believe it, July 9th, 2016 marks 10 years of MTT being online! To mark the occasion, we thought it would be fun to reminisce with a survey all about writing and reading Office fic and just being in the Office Flandom.

Click here to fill out the MTT 10th Anniversary Survey!

Or head to the message boards to see all the questions. Looking forward to the responses!

--Admin Team on July 05, 2016 03:59 pm 0 Comments
2016-2017 MTT Hosting FunRaiser!

It's about that time of year: MoreThanThat's hosting is due soon and sadly our hosting provider does not accept SchruteBucks or Stanley Nickels (we asked).

To commemorate MTT's 10th birthday this month, if you donate $10 or more during July, you can receive a small gift! Check out the message board topic for all the info or email us at MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com with any questions.

In addition, your Office obsessed mod Ladama who's been drawing these PB&J moments will be contributing half of the July proceeds from her RedBubble shop to the MTT hosting pot. So treat yo'self and help out MTT in the process!

--Admin Team on July 03, 2016 11:07 am 4 Comments
Now on MTT: The Pam Dichotomy & The Jim Paradox

In the heyday of The Office, the NBC Message Boards featured The Pam Dichotomy and The Jim Paradox, where user ScrantonBranch lovingly unpacked and explained virtually every exchange Jim and Pam had in seasons 3-5, from lengthy speeches to quick, seemingly insignificant glances (though as we Office fans know, no look between these two was insignificant!).

The NBC boards went the way of the Stamford Branch and I was worried the PD and JP were lost to us. Thankfully ScrantonBranch is also an MTT user so I was able to reach out to her and see if there was a chance of bringing these great analyses back. Now I'm pleased to announce the Pam Dichotomy and Jim Paradox will be published here in their entirety!

In addition to being a fun trip down memory lane, the PD and JP are a great fanfiction resource especially when trying to get into the heads of these two in the early years. ScrantonBranch is also including the original discussion questions which are potentially great prompts for some "what if" fanfics. These analyses are also just great to read as you rewatch episodes and will give you a deep appreciation for the work and attention to detail that the writers and actors put into Jim and Pam's story. So please read, comment and enjoy!

(MTT has an all new team and we are working on new features as well as attempting to address issues. Please don't hesitate to contact us at MTT.Fanfic@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc!)


--Ladama on June 28, 2016 09:50 pm 0 Comments