Drug Testing

Talk to me, Tivo: Dwight finds a joint in the parking lot and launches a full investigation; Michael asks an unusual favor.
Jaminess: 3 [3=Casino Night]

Jam Cam: Today is all about what Jim says — and doesn’t say — starting with his great impression of Stanley enjoying the tangy zip of Miracle Whip to amuse Pam. That’s fine with Pam because apparently he does some great impressions that she can’t imitate very well. Her take on Jim doing Phyllis [that’s what she said] is not only particularly bad, but you have to wonder if it’s really an impression or just Jim’s look when he gets caught staring at the receptionist.

Dwight gets a little crazy about his cop job that he has volunteered for and Jim tries to placate Michael by laughing at his lame Doobie Brothers joke. Poor Jim looks a little uncomfortable having to listen to such a never-ending doobie joke. But Jim is doing alot of placating today; this time, he has to listen to Dwight question him about pot before turning the tables on the Lackawanna volunteer. Jim is really getting into this line of questioning — “Now exactly how much pot did you smoke?” — and you wish he would get this passionate about telling Pam his true feelings.

Back in the break room, Oscar asks Jim about his Stanley impression. Pam told him about it. Hm…really? You’re bragging about Jim’s talents to everyone, huh? Why would you feel the need to tell people about Jim’s talents, Pam? Well, she had to do it or we would never have such a high level of Jaminess in this episode. Jim gets caught doing an impression of Stanley by Stanley, then gets caught in Jinx by Pam. “I do not think that is funny.” Who cares if it’s funny if it leads to Jammy tension? Jinx was seriously invented by someone who loves Jaminess.

As SilentJim walks over to the vending machine, Pam is skipping along like a little girl explaining to us Jam’s rules of Jinx. No talking until the jinxed buys the jinxer a Coke. But what’s this? Sold out? Thank you, vending machine guy for not fully stocking the Coke. We appreciate your help with this episode.

SilentJim gets stuck “talking” to Kelly in the break room. According to Kelly, it’s a great conversation. According to Jim, or at least according to his facial expressions, he tries to tell Pam that he needs help to get out of this situation. Pam lets him suffer silently. As usual. At least she gives him a flirty smile.

Michael feels the need to explain drug use to everyone in the office and SilentJim gets put on the spot by Pam to tell a story about a relative of his who got caught up in the world of drugs — without talking. SilentJim comes through by pulling out the fake crying and gets a sweet pat on the shoulder from Kevin. Apparently, Pam didn’t realize he had the amazing talents of fake crying and sticking to the rules of Jinx at all costs.

Which brings us to one of two scenes in this episode where so much is said with so little. SilentJim somehow gets stuck at the kitchen table with Pam trying to trick him into saying something. What she doesn’t realize is that he’s been spending a long, long time keeping his mouth shut about things he wants to say. “C’mon, you can tell me. Jim, you can tell me anything.” Without saying a word, the look on SilentJim’s face says everything and the look on Pam’s makes you realize she knows what he’s trying to say but won’t admit it.

Which brings us to the second of those two scenes that make this episode so much more than a after school special about not doing drugs. Pam seems to have missed TalkingJim so much that she actually left the office to buy her own Coke so SilentJim could buy it from her and find his voice.

“Hi.” “Hey.”

What makes it even better is that despite the fact that Jim owed that Coke to Pam, she felt the need to share it with him at a table in the break room and finally get the whole “Dwight carrying around his own urine” story. What makes it worse is the poignant observation Jim makes about Dwight’s relationship with Michael. “Why does he do the things that the does for Michael? I just don’t get it. What is he getting out of that relationship?” Jim, you’re breaking out hearts with this stuff. Seriously.

The Others: Dwight finds a joint in the parking lot and goes on a rampage trying to find the culprit while wearing a Village People outfit. He feels good doing his duty as a volunteer cop to keep order, peace and sobriety at Dunder Mifflin. Too bad Michael Scott tried to pick up some stoner chicks at an Alicia Keys concert. Dwight’s day as hero goes to hell when he has to decide between doing his duty as a volunteer sheriff’s deputy and carrying his own urine around in a coffee cup for Michael. Dwight’s clean urine gets Michael off the hook, which is good for Michael. Dwight’s guilt for breaking the law makes him turn in his sheriff’s uniform, which I think may be bad for Angela. She seems like the kind of person that likes a man in uniform. Michael gets Dwight a new gig as honorary building safety guy, so at least in the end he has that going for him.

What have we learned today, kids: If there is ever sexual tension in your office between a sales guy and the receptionist, ban Jinx. If you don’t, your office will turn into a cheesy Ronan Keating song: you say it best when you say nothing at all.

– written by Jenny


Pam: Jim does the best impressions. Sometimes he’ll look up at me from his desk and he’ll just be someone else. Like he’ll go…[Pam tries to do a Phyllis impression]. That’s supposed to be Phyllis. I can’t do it as good as he can.

Oscar: So Pam told me you do a great Stanley impression. I’d love to hear it.
Jim [as Stanley]: Why do you keep CCing me on things that have nothing to do with me?
Stanley: Is that supposed to be me?
Jim: Oh hey, Stanley. Uh�I was just doing an impression.
Stanley: I do not think that is funny.
Pam: He does everyone in the office.
Stanley: Humph. [Stanley leaves.] Pam and Jim [as Stanley]: I do not think that is funny.
Pam: Jinx! Buy me a coke.
Jim: Oh…
Pam: No no. No talking. [addresses the camera] Jim is not allowed to talk until after he buys me a coke. Those are the rules of Jinx and they are unflinchingly rigid.
[Jim puts coins in the machine, presses a button, and reads “Sold Out” on the display] Pam: Sold out! That has never happened in the history of Jinx!
Jim [mouths]: Come on!
Pam: Sorry, that’s not my problem.

Kelly: So the first time we went out to dinner, it was like “Whatever, fine,” but I was so nervous. So this time I want it to be special so I bought a new dress! One of those kinds that’s kind of low cut at the top to show some things, but not everything. I mean, not everything, Jim. I promise, I’m not a…
Pam: Hey guys, what’s going on?
Kelly: Oh, we’re just having the best conversation.
Jim’s face: No, we weren’t. Help me!
Pam: Oh ok, well, Michael wants to see everyone in the conference room.
Jim’s face: Oh good.
Pam: But you know what? We have a few minutes. So you guys should definitely finish up your conversation.
Kelly: Cool, thanks.
Jim’s face: You suck, Beasley.

Pam: I know that Jim has an amazing story about a relative of his who got caught up in the world of drugs.
[Jim shakes his head no.] Michael: Really? Jim, it’s ok.
Jim’s face: You suck, Beasley.
Michael: You can…This would be a good place to let it out, Jim. These are people you can trust. These are people who care about you. It’s ok. We will not judge you. We are here to not judge you. Oh, he’s doing it, ok.
[Jim stands up and nods his head.] Michael: It’s ok.
[Jim opens his mouth, then closes it, puts his head down and mouths “I can’t, sorry,” as he looks like he’s about to cry] Michael: Ok, you sure? That looked like it was going to be good. Alright. Ok.

Pam: Wow! He really pulled out the big guns. Fake crying — did not expect that.

Pam: What? Did you want to tell me something? You look like you want to tell me something. You look like you have something really important to say and you just can’t for some reason. Come on, you can tell me, Jim, you can tell me anything.
[Jim smiles, then looks down as his face becomes serious.]

Pam [putting a Coke on Jim’s desk]: Here.
[Jim shrugs] Pam: Just buy it from me.
Jim’s face: What?
Pam: I haven’t talked to you in hours, and it’s been weird. And I really want to know what the hell is going on with Dwight.
[Jim smiles, pulls out his wallet, and gives Pam $1 and her Coke.] Jim [quietly]: Hi.
Pam [also quietly]: Hey.
Jim: How much time do you have left on your break?
Pam: Ten minutes.

Jim: Wow. What a terrible day to not be able to talk. Dwight was literally carrying around his own urine and dressed like one of the Village People. Why does he do the things that he does for Michael? I just don’t get it. What is he getting out of that relationship?

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