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Maxine Abbott
I always enjoy the Pete/Erin story too. However, if you want to see another side of 'Plop', Jake Lacy was in White Lotus s. 1 as entirely different romantic partner & person. Just caught show
Jan 14, 2023 06:45 am [Delete] [Edit]

@boredhswf Thank you! Really appreciate it ☺️
Jan 9, 2023 03:07 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@Talia I have Pete/Erin in Virtus. They aren?t a huge part but their story is woven throughout.
Jan 6, 2023 10:22 am [Delete] [Edit]

I'm a little late, but HNY! :)
Jan 2, 2023 06:29 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy New Years everyone! Seconding the wish for many new fics this year 🙏
Jan 1, 2023 04:03 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy New Years MTT! May the next year be blessed with fics.
Dec 31, 2022 06:59 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Thank you both! :)
Dec 25, 2022 06:41 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Talia, I've got a little Pete/Erin in my fic Silver Wings. It's primarily JAM though, just FYI.
Dec 25, 2022 04:41 pm [Delete] [Edit]

They?re both at ArchiveOfOurOwn, Touch by baldoldman and The New Year by labeledbones. If you go to Off-site fics at the top of the page here you should hopefully find links to them
Dec 25, 2022 04:27 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Hi Talia, happy holidays and welcome to MTT! I don't know if there are any Pete/Erin fics here but I have linked to a couple I enjoyed quite a bit in the off-site fics section
Dec 25, 2022 04:23 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Holidays, all! I'm wondering if there's any Pete/Erin fanfic on here? I recently rewatched S9 and I found myself wishing for more of their relationship.
Dec 25, 2022 01:18 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Holiday! Hope Santa brought everyone something good but if it?s on the level of an oven mitt then we gift you fics! Check out the featured section for some holiday favorites.
Dec 25, 2022 12:27 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Holidays MTT! Hope you all are having a great day.
Dec 25, 2022 11:16 am [Delete] [Edit]

Trish Tinkerbell
Omg @warriormadre !!! You are awesome. Thank you so much for so this for me. I am sorry for doubting there for a moment. You are a true girl7 fan, the story down to the chapter- Man you are a saviour
Dec 13, 2022 07:24 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Dec 13, 2022 11:02 am [Delete] [Edit]

Trish, the story you are looking for is Girl7?s Like a Falling Glass. The basketball gym scene is in Chapter 9. Enjoy! Girl7 is my favorite author.
Dec 12, 2022 09:29 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Trish Tinkerbell
Thank you @warriormadre. I looked at girl7 list and checked it twice:D but couldn?t find it. The story as I remember is definitely her style. I am losing sleep over it so I hope I find it soon.
Dec 12, 2022 03:47 pm [Delete] [Edit]

It?s by Girl7?a favorite of mine, but I am unsure of the title.
Dec 11, 2022 09:51 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Trish Tinkerbell
Help finding a fic please. Season 3 angst- Jim Pam see each other at his basketball practice. Not talking to each other and lot of unresolved tension. Happy ending though. I really need to know this o
Dec 10, 2022 06:42 am [Delete] [Edit]

Find the sign-up link in the welcome area or in your account area
Nov 26, 2022 06:10 pm [Delete] [Edit]

It's officially the Holiday season which means it's time for Holiday fic! I've put together an pseudo-secret santa holiday fic challenge. both writers and readers are invited to participat
Nov 26, 2022 06:09 pm [Delete] [Edit]

this thanksgiving i'm thankful for MTT and all the glorious authors here
Nov 24, 2022 05:59 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Thanksgiving all... and more importantly, Happy "Reread Breakable by LoveFool Day"
Nov 24, 2022 05:47 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Turkey day to my fellow US MTTers, and a very happy Thursday to the rest 😁
Nov 24, 2022 02:54 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy Thanksgiving MTT! Hope yo7 all have a great day.
Nov 24, 2022 08:44 am [Delete] [Edit]