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'Treat You Better' by Shawn Mendes and 'I Want Something Just Like This' by Chainsmokers and Coldplay. :)
08/18/17 09:42 am [Delete] [Edit]

QOTW (which I seem to post about every 10 days shush): what are some songs that remind you of PBnJ? (beyond the songs they had on the show like Sing or Tiny Dancer)
08/17/17 07:09 am [Delete] [Edit]

Thanks for the answers, guys! I think I would have been best friends to Pam because she so desperately needed one! Holly is goofy enough I could see being friends with her also.
08/16/17 09:49 am [Delete] [Edit]

Pam and/or Oscar. Pam and I would bond over art-related things, and I could generally see myself getting along well with Oscar. Maybe not "best friends" but decent friends.
08/13/17 01:48 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Probably Jim, he seems like one of the only normal people on the show. Definitely not Dwight.
08/10/17 09:55 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Question of the week for August 6th: which character do you think you would be best friends with, and why?
08/06/17 12:08 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Thanks everyone who answered our first QOTW, some great potential fic ideas ;-) I'll try to start an archive page. I'll now post our next QOTW
08/06/17 12:07 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I saw on a Reddit post someone renamed the office characters as game of thrones characters (i.e. Jim Snow or Ygritte Beesley) and I wish someone with more creativity than me could cross these over.
08/05/17 08:07 pm [Delete] [Edit]

That should have been crush-on-another" storylines.
08/03/17 06:46 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Yes! Flashbacks would have been great! I'm a sucker for backstory and, as cliche as it is, I really enjoy rush-on-another story lines, so I wouldn't turn more of that down.
08/03/17 06:45 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I wish the show allowed for flashbacks because I really want to see the crew mini-golfing and what lead to Pam throwing the pencil. An evening at the bowling alley would have been fun also.
08/01/17 02:38 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@shutterbug agreed, I would have like to see Jim and Pam's places in S3-4 (and see an ep that would have give them an excuse to visit each other's places during that time ;-) )
08/01/17 02:34 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Oh, it also would have been awesome to see more of Jim and Pam's individual apartments, and then the inside of their house together. I liked seeing their spaces out of the office.
07/28/17 12:05 pm [Delete] [Edit]

I would have loved to see them visit the Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour. I could see some funny situations happening there.
07/28/17 07:58 am [Delete] [Edit]

Question of the Week for July 27: Chili's, the ice rink, Steamtown Mall, the Dunder Mifflin crew had lots of great out of office trips. What's one place you wish they visited on the show?
07/26/17 11:06 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Just for fun, let's start a Question of the Week! Every Thursday I'll post a question here in the shoutbox and members answer! If you have a QOTW idea, send it to us via contact form.
07/26/17 11:00 pm [Delete] [Edit]

We have reached our short term funraising goal! Whoo-hoo! Thank you so much to those who donated! We are now $100 away from being covered for the year.
07/25/17 09:58 pm [Delete] [Edit]

We are *very* close to reaching our short-term goal in our hosting funraiser, only $10 away! Please check out the msot recent news item or find the link in the welcome section
07/22/17 10:53 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Happy (really late) birthday MTT!
07/16/17 08:53 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Today (7/9) marks 11 years of MTT online. Happy Birthday, MTT!
07/09/17 08:38 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Our new ratings system is live! Instead of an arbitrary star rating, you are encouraged to leave a jelly bean whenever you read and enjoy a story, questions can be directed to our email!
07/07/17 02:12 am [Delete] [Edit]

Oooh, sounds exciting! Looking forward to it!
07/01/17 01:20 pm [Delete] [Edit]

Coming in July: our 11th birthday, hosting FunRaiser, Challenges Challenge, and a big change to the ratings system that we think you will like!
06/30/17 08:03 pm [Delete] [Edit]

@NLM: Thanks for the rec. It was a good one. :)
06/28/17 07:45 am [Delete] [Edit]

Added a new offsite recommendation "Expiration Dates", definitely go leave kudos and kind comments!
06/26/17 11:22 pm [Delete] [Edit]