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More Than That Fanfiction Archive (mtt.just-once.net/fanfiction) is an unofficial, not-for-profit fansite devoted to Jim & Pam and The Office. We are in no way affiliated with NBC-Universal or with the cast, writers, creators or producers of The Office. Rights to any of its characters or storylines are not claimed, and there is no copyright infringement intended.

The following Terms of Service outline acceptable behavior and use of the site.

It is understood that all members and visitors of the site agree to comply with the following:

1. This site was created for the purposes of archiving fanfiction about Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert of The Office and this remains our focus; other stories about other characters/pairings from The Office are welcomed, but we ask all users to respect that this is primarily a Jim and Pam archive.

2. All content on this site is viewed at your own risk. Every effort is made by the administrators to ensure that all stories are appropriately labeled and rated. If you feel that something is incorrectly labeled, rated, or otherwise inappropriate, please contact the administrators. The administrators of this fansite claim no responsibility for any content that is linked to outside of this site, and you visit these links at your own risk and discretion.

3. All submitted stories must be original works and be in compliance with the site's Submission Rules. All stories must be properly rated and categorized for the purposes of fair use for members and visitors of the site. All submissions will be reviewed periodically by administrators for tagging (categorization, rating, warnings, labeling, disclaimers, etc). Administrators reserve the right to make tagging corrections as they see fit.

4. The basic principles to follow when interacting with others on the site are to be polite, be courteous, and speak to people the way you would like to be spoken to. This site is meant to be a fun and friendly place to share your writing about and your love of The Office and Pam & Jim. Being rude or harassing towards fellow members or towards their stories will not be tolerate.

5. All members are highly encouraged to leave reviews, but we do ask you read our review policy before leaving any . Above all reviews should be polite and courteous. Criticism is okay, but it should be well-worded and constructive. The Mods will edit or deleted reviews we find to be rude or harassing, and any member showing a trend of leaving rude and harassing reviews will be warned and possibly suspended.

6. Written adult content is contained on this site, and every effort is made by administrators to ensure such content is rated correctly and that appropriate warnings are attached. Stories rated M or MA will give members a pop-up warning, by clicking "Okay" you are acknowledging you are old enough to view such content. Any content containing the following activities will not be accepted: rape, bestiality, incest, sexual relationships between adults and minors, and the promotion of illegal activities. All stories containing any such content will be removed from the site without notification. Any images uploaded or embedded must be Safe For Work (SFW).

7. We value your privacy. To create and maintain your account we ask only for you to provide a valid email address (that will never be displayed publicly) and a username of your choosing. Aside from email, any information you enter into your profile is public, and we ask members to use their best judgement and discretion in deciding what they want to share on their profile.

8. By registering, you grant the site admins permission to contact you by email should there be questions or problems with your account, your submissions, or your reviews. Your email may be added to a mailing list that occasionally sends out newsletters with updates, but you may unsubscribe from these newsletter emails at any time. We will NEVER sell your information, and we will never distribute your information to a third party without your explicit consent.

9. More Than That exists and operates independently of all other websites, and all events outside of this site occur independently and in no way reflect on this site and its operations.

This service is provided to its members and visitors subject to their compliance with these Terms of Service. The Terms of Service will be subject to periodic revision.

Updated April 20, 2017.