New Challenge

Challenges are a term for prompts or themes meant to inspire our writers. Writers should feel free to answer any of the challenges here, especially if no one has responded yet! First, you need to upload your story, once your story is uploaded, you can find the challenge you want to answer, hit "response to challenge" and select your story. We will be (very occasionally) posting new challenges that will be announced here.

Our newest challenge is: "Nice Morning, Too."
(because there needs to be stories about that first talking head in 9x21 "Living the Dream"!)

If you have any challenge ideas, please submit them to or if you're on the boards, post in this thread.

(Unrelated, but we want to hear from everyone in our Quick User Survey . Responses are anonymous, so please be honest!)

--Ladama on August 11, 2016 04:33 pm 0 Comments