MTT Forum Relaunch!

In our recent survey, many members expressed a desire for way to interact with each other beyond reviews and such. Though we had set up a community of sorts on the blog the consensus seemed to be it was cumbersome and difficult to navigate. We agree as so we're heading a back to basics and relauching the MTT forums. They have a more traditional forum look but should be easier to get around and highly mobile friendly!

Right now, registration is by invite only and we prefer if you already registered here on the archives. If you'd like to join please let us know through the contact form or in an email to

If you are one of the couple dozen people who registered on the previous community you are already registered and your email/username and password for login should be the same!

If I'm registered on the archive, why do I have to register on the forum too?
They are two different software systems and sadly we don't have the technical know-how to link them. But you should be able to pick your name username and even same password if you'd like.

Come join us today!

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--Admin Team on June 04, 2017 04:06 pm 0 Comments