Halloween Writing Contest Winners!

Thanks everyone for your participation in the 2018 Halloween Writing Contest! We had eight great entries and lots of great response from readers and now after much delay here are the winners!

First off, we wanted to present our own little Halloween Dundies Awards

  • For a fun story about life in Austin, the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Award goes to Duchess Cupcake
  • For a story about Jim rediscovering the spirit of Halloween, the “Little Help From My Friends” Award goes to warrior4
  • For a story about Pam's determination to get Jim in a couples costume, Coley gets the “Nobody Puts Pammy in a Corner” Award
  • Pan_cake_Cats gets the “Most Jim Costume” Award for putting Jim in a costume as clever as it is low-effort, Jim the Sim
  • For a story about Jim and Pam finding love in a elevator thank to Dwight of all people, funkyfresh gets the “Unexpected Wingman” Award
  • For her foray into the supernatural, the “Werewolves of Scranton” Award goes to Rach3l
  • WishYouWould gets the “Mostest Mose” for featuring everyone's favorite awkward cousin
  • And last but certainly not least, for her chilling tale of Jim coming home only to find everything's changed, nqllisi gets the “Legit Spooky” Award.

Halloween Dundies

Now to the winners!

This truly was a tough choice with so many great entries that we couldn't settle on just two, so we made the decision to have a runner-up in both the Readers and Mods choice. These two runner-ups will have a choice of a unique Office pin OR a JAM fanart print.

The Readers' Choice runner-up is - Duchess Cupcake for "Life's No Fun Without a Good Scare"
And the Mods' Choice runner-up is - warror4 for "Costumes"

And now the grand winners!

The Halloween Writing Contest Readers' Choice is Coley - "Practical Magic"

Practical Magic by Coley

The Halloween Writing Contest Mods' Choice is Rach3l - No Pain, No Gain

No Pain No Gain by Rach3l

Thank you once again for everyone's entries, we hope you enjoyed the contest! We will be in touch with the winners via email for prize selection and with all writers for their participation prize choices.

--Admin Team on November 30, 2018 09:33 pm 1 Comments
Thanks so much! I'm incredibly honored, and the cover pics are, quite simply, amazeballs :D
- Rach3l on December 03, 2018 12:29 pm