Tis the Season! (for Holiday Fics)
We're a mere month away from Christmas Eve and you know what that means: time for some Holiday Fics!
A similar but more casual take on the secret Santa Santa fic exchanges of the past, everyone is invited to submit some Holiday/Winter elements they'd like to see in a fic. Elements can be things like objects and activities associated with this time of year, a quote or a song lyrics, or even themes and plot points like Jim & Pam's first Christmas together or a Dunder Mifflin New Year's party etc.
Once we have a good variety of elements, we'll email/message any interested writers 5 elements with the challenge of including at least 3 in your fic (you also have the option of going Challenge mode, getting 8 elements and incorporating 5). The faster people submit elements the faster we can get a good list to send out to everyone so submit today!
Holiday Fic Submission/Sign-up form

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