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Reviewer: Duchess Cupcake Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: February 10, 2019 08:14 pm Title: I'll Never Let You Sweep Me Off My Feet

Hi. Hey, me again. I want to make a slight amendment/addition to my initial dissertation on this chapter.

The RuBbErBaNdS were from Jim's desk. Read everything AG pointed out about that and hi I want to die a little bit.

Also, I know, I KNOW, this comes from so many conversations about Ryan, but I love how you've really made it a story about Pam. Cause that's what it is.

Have I mentioned I can't wait for that next chapter???

Author's Response:

I Very Much appreciate that both of you picked up on that because it’s one of my favorite small parts of this chapter. :)

Annnnnd, I figured I could tell this as Pam’s story so as to leave the door open for anyone who might have an idea or five for Ryan’s side. Weird, I know.  

Reviewer: agian18 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2019 05:27 pm Title: I'll Never Let You Sweep Me Off My Feet

“Stop emailing me. Seriously.”
God, I love that Ryan is just an asshole. And that she gives it right back and puts him in his place this whole time.

Uhh, the fact that she stole the rubber bands from Jim’s desk KILLS me. Omg. So much to assume from that. The pain comes from something that was once his, but it’s the pain that’s supposed to snap her out of thinking about him in the first place UGH

I also love that she tests out Ryan’s last name and hates it, like there isn’t a pattern, and it *does* only work for Jim.

The fact that there are not one but TWO different versions of YouDoYouGirl Pam is amazing. Kelly would totally make her dress up like a Willy Wonka character and drink fruity drinks.

Three letter names. That’s a kink. Ugh. Poor Pam. She’s really got it bad.

“Like two people who probably have their shit together,” because she doesn’t, and she’s totally putting on masks and UGH I love it. I mean, I don’t love that she’s sad. I just love symbolism. I’m a nerd. Thanks for feeding that.

The fact that she’s ordering more alcohol at even the PROSPECT of getting over Jim breaks my heart. Like she wants to but she doesn’t and she’s just tired of thinking about it. Poor baby.

“Is it a real question or is it like the time you asked me why school busses don’t have seat belts.”
HA HAH AAHAHAH HAHHAH I LOVE THIS. IM STILL LAUGHING. Because like. Jim would’ve taken that bait. Ugh. Ryan.

It’s interesting to me that Kelly has a “Ryan at work” kink, but like, it’s totally plausible. It would explain why they’re so on and off all the time.

“Because the cheerleaders can’t always win” YOU GET EM MILA, GO GIRL, ASSERT YOURSELF!

“She isn’t the only one distracting herself this summer.”
Damn why is the whole of Dunder Mifflin depressed?

Honestly, I’m so excited for this. Not because I want to see Pam sleep around, but because you can just *tell* that she’s broken and doesn’t know what to do. All of this pretending and ducking and the falsities; she’s out of her element, but really she’s still the same, timid Pam beneath that all. And you’re showing that SO well.

Bring on...! well...honestly, anyone but Ryan. Maybe tattoo guy?

Author's Response:

The schoolbus question is an important one and I’ve never gotten an answer to it that satisfies me.

I’ve explained the next chapter elsewhere as “3/4 finished being written and 4/4 gutter trash fever dream” so like, It’s being broughten. ;)

Reviewer: agian18 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2019 03:50 pm Title: I'll Never Let You Sweep Me Off My Feet

My first comment is going to be that DCs comment is longer than your entire chapter. I’ll be thoroughly honest in that I read this during my lunch at work so I’m going to reread and then comment appropriately.

Reviewer: Comfect Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2019 07:02 am Title: I'll Never Let You Sweep Me Off My Feet

Coley, the only reason I finished this chapter is because I love how you write. Because I hate Ryan/Pam with an deep passion that wells somewhere from the bottom of my soul. You do a good job of expressing angst and of expressing Ryan's who-cares attitude, though.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for toughing it out, Comfect! I appreciate it! Everything will be okay in the end, I promise. ;) 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 08, 2019 06:01 am Title: I'll Never Let You Sweep Me Off My Feet

Yeah, Pam does kind of let herself go here a bit. Gotta say her doing anything like that with Ryan always makes me feel kind of, ugh. Usually it's because Ryan is just such a creep and a jerk and also my hardcore love of all things JAM. It's understandable that Pam would go through something like this. Considering everything that happened after Casino Night. Doesn't mean I have to particularly like this part of her life.

That being said, you did a great job writing it all. Very clear and detailed.

Author's Response: I mean, better Ryan than a total stranger, right? Right? Lol, hang in there... it’ll be okay. Promise. 

Reviewer: Duchess Cupcake Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: February 07, 2019 11:28 pm Title: I'll Never Let You Sweep Me Off My Feet

THIS is absolutely Pam's Wild Summer and she deserves it and I am HERE for it.

I love how everything at the beginning is about Pam evolving and how she is (not) trying to move past Jim. Ryan just happens to get in the way and exist. And, god, I love that he is an ass to her even here. Not only because it's so in-character (YOU CAN WRITE RYAN!!) but she kind of needs that (to not be adored).

That parallel between Nights with Isabel and Nights with Kelly is 100% on point and absolute perfection.

Side note: Pam's name obsession alongside her current, understandable and completely normal identity crisis is a fantastically quirky gift and I pray you never stop giving them.

Old-fashioneds and high school English teachers and Semi-Charmed Fucking Life! I am so exposed and I love it.

"She doesn't hate it. She doesn't exactly love it, but she definitely doesn't hate it." -Pam's Summertime Mantra

Asking Ryan if he's 70 and she knows herself enough (and is a good enough person) to not pursue Benjamin and dragging Ryan into the supply closet are ALL SO PAM.

"She'll be damned if something doesn't spark" might be my favorite line/literal technique in this whole damn story.

God and if there isn't something so real about the fact that they Know they don't like each other and they're perfectly satisfied playing these games with each other. "they both know it [ugh, Katy] has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the one who moved away" I'm fine. I'm fine.

The Katy part pissed me off and made me laugh. "The cheerleaders can't always win" I'm cracking up over Pam's satisfaction at that moment.

That shot scene blew my mind. I was not expecting it. You wrote it with this perfect sexiness of the mechanics and teasing familiarity but not an intimacy of two people who care deeply. In other words, it was Perfectly Written for these two dum dums. God, that wink was a nice touch. But I also don't think Pam is quite as bored as she lets on. ;)

Hi, amazing moment where Ryan can't handle tequila shots so he does lemon drops. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

She left to go to Danny Cordray and clearly did Something to momentarily not think she was such a dork and hi I'm dead.

That Roy situation was too real and the perfect setup for this scene. But can we talk about how Pam still thinks about Kelly AND Jim in the car and it's a little heartbreaking and desperate and oh so Pam?

UUUUUUGGGGGHHHH, I was NOT expecting that part with them in the backseat, but it is so good. You wrote them perfectly in character and that moment where she realizes she's not the only one look for a distraction just makes this all the more perfect.

Hey, do you think I at all like this story and am interested in it and what happens? Hm?

Author's Response:

You know that this is all your fault, so yay! Happy Birthday! 

I’m just really happy you understand how hilarious the idea of Ryan doing lemon drops is. You get me.  

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