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Reviewer: BigTuna Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: May 25, 2020 02:07 pm Title: Check up on Adam 10

I’m so intrigued by this! I don’t think I’ve ever read a fic where they’re working for emergency services or the police. You have me convinced that you know what you’re talking about in regards to police procedure and lingo! But then of course I am way intrigued by all these cliffhangers! Can’t wait to get some answers to all these questions! But I love how you’ve set it all up without a whole lot of backstory or preamble and look forward to your reveals!

Author's Response:

Well I'm happy to hear I've got you fooled, you can thank warrior and television for that!

I'm glad to hear that the cliffs have piqued your interest, and I look forward to trying to answer those questions! I'm pleased that the little preamble hasn't left you feeling lost, I was a bit worried that might be the case, at the end of the day though we at least know everyone's personality, so thank goodness for fanfic I guess!

Thanks for leaving a review, I live hearing back on this stuff!

Reviewer: JennaBennett Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: May 23, 2020 11:28 pm Title: Check up on Adam 10

Ooh, that’s a bit of a cliffhanger! How does Pam know Roy? My bigger question though, is who the constable before Jim was? The fact they don’t speak of him(?) seems ominous, because if there’s one thing I know about police stations is that they can be massive gossips... Plus, if someone has left based on something scandalous, they become warning tales shared the state over... Or that could just be my experience. My husband is a police officer, so I’ve done my fair share of policing social circles. I think that’s why I love this story so much, it kind of feels like him telling me about his day at work.

Stanley may just be the most relatable character of all time - there’s always a Stanley in every station. I can’t wait to see how you answer all the questions you posed in your end note!

Author's Response:

I didn't originally plan that chapter as a cliffy, but I got to that point... and I couldn't not! Sorry-not-sorry. You'll just have to wait and see on the mystery constable, I'll just say that there is a reason they're not gossiped about. This story is canon-adjacent as Comfect put it, so Pam knowing Roy... we'll see the details next chapter hopefully. I'm humbled to hear that you feel like this is similar to your husband telling you about work, that means a lot to me!

Stanley is definitely one of my favourite characters, he just fits this AU so well. Glad you liked him as well.

Thanks for reviewing, I really appreciate the feedback! 

Reviewer: GreenyshEyed Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: May 23, 2020 02:45 pm Title: Check up on Adam 10

I love that you've literally dropped us in the middle. Why doesn't anyone talk about the other constable? What's Roy's deal? And then you had the sheer fall to add more questions in the chapter end notes- hahaha!! This is going to be great. Keep going! So many paths this could take. As a former EMT and firewife, I have a special affinity for this fic d84;a039;

Well done!

Author's Response:

Replying with mobile because power is out, forgive any fat fingered words please.

I'm glad you're finding yourself immersed, I wanted to get right into the meat of it instead of the awkward tiptoeing around the cameras etc. Roy's deal should be in the next chapter, the rest are in the outline but not assigned to a chapter yet. I'm happy to hear that the additional questions piqued your interest!

Thank you for taking the time to review, it means a lot to me!

Reviewer: Comfect Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: May 23, 2020 02:26 pm Title: Check up on Adam 10

Ooooh boy. Assuming anything even vaguely adjacent to canon that's a real moment there. Looking forward to the outcome; but that's not to say I'm only looking ahead. Looking at this chapter, I really enjoyed it. Especially Stanley.

Author's Response:

Really glad that you enjoyed Stanley, he really fits well with the salty old cop stereotype. This story is definitely canon-adjacent, so staticus dramaticus to follow. 

Glad to hear you're enjoying it, thanks for reviewing! 

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 23, 2020 10:37 am Title: Check up on Adam 10

Very much the feel of a small town Public Safety department. Nice slow not much to do kind of place. Though there is the age old First Responder superstition that if one utters one of the two dreaded words, the First Responder Gods will smite thee with a busy shift. The two dreaded words being "slow" and "quiet." Otherwise known as the "s" word or the "q" word. So that was good.

Yeah, lots of questions about the character drama part of all this. Really looking forward to seeing where you go with that part of everything.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked the feel/pace there, that's definitely what I was going for. It feels like the s and q jinx is something that transcends professions, in IT we generally associate that jinx with having a server fail spontaneously, having a client open a malware email and spreading it, or the internet going down at a location.

I'm glad the character drama has some hooks, as much as I dislike it in the television I watch. We should get some answers to the Roy questions next chapter there, so hopefully not a long wait there.

Thanks for reviewing, I really appreciate your help and feedback! 

Reviewer: JennaBennett Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: May 18, 2020 09:55 pm Title: What is it, like, C.O.P.S.?

This is going to be fun! All my knowledge (of the US system anyway) is also based off tv, etc. so I’m happy to go along with whatever you write. I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Adam” used as a call sign, so I feel like I’m learning stuff from this already.

I think you’ve set the scene nicely here. I like that you’re using the documentary in this world. That’s a nice bridge to the source material.

Michael seemed thoroughly in character which I really enjoyed. Poor Pam being pounced upon in the break room was great. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this!

Author's Response:

Well, take what I write with heaps of salt, it's not exactly scholarly! I'm excited to see where this goes as well, I have a few ideas down but nothing really concrete yet.

Thanks for reviewing! I'm really glad you liked Michael's characterization, hopefully we'll get to see his other side at some point as well, you don't just fail into being the police chief! 

Reviewer: HonestAndCourageous Signed [Report This]
Date: May 18, 2020 05:46 pm Title: What is it, like, C.O.P.S.?

I'm intrigued, DoomGoose! I have no idea how any of this works, so I'm no help there, but I'll certainly read along and review.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with this story!
Thanks for writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! It's a little bit of a different story, I know, but I'm excited to see where it takes me.

Reviewer: Comfect Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: May 18, 2020 02:19 am Title: What is it, like, C.O.P.S.?

This looks like a lot of fun! I have no clue about the other source material but the setup seems cool and I'm a fan of the documentary is real AUs too. Watching with interest!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: May 17, 2020 11:58 pm Title: What is it, like, C.O.P.S.?

Oh boy this is right up my alley isn't it? Ok, first off how in depth do you want me to get when reviewing the emergency response aspects of this? The reason I say that is if you're basing a lot of the radio call-outs and procedures based on books, TV, and movies, well they're usually always wrong. Sometimes they get kind of close but not quite 100% accurate. The closest I've ever seen a fictional TV show get to real life was an old show called "Third Watch," that was set in New York City. Here's an example of what I mean.

Many times when a 911 call taker receives a 911 call their first question is not, "what" is your emergency, it's "where" is your emergency. Regardless of what's going on, if we don't know where said emergency is happening, we can't respond to it. Calls like "Unknown problem" come in all the time. So that's the kind of thing I mean.

So for me, this very much felt like many of the Cop, Firefighter, or EMS type show one sees on TV all the time. That kind of vibe rather than what I see when I head into work.

Okay, all that being said, I did enjoy this. Pam does sound convincing as a dispatcher. It's an excellent introductory chapter to get us set in time and place. Really kind of looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

Author's Response:

This is indeed up your alley, thank you for your insights!

I will take anything you can give me under advisement, I'm not going for hyper-realism here but things like radio traffic have always intrigued me and anything you can tell me to help that feel more authentic would be appreciated. The 911 call was based on the only two times I've ever had to call in my life, so admittedly a very small sample size and it could also vary by region and authority. I probably won't be following Oscar and Angela too closely as I don't think I have the background to do them justice as EMT/paramedics, but we'll see. Unknown trouble is known to me, I just wasn't sure what sort of dialogue would lead up to that, so maybe we'll see it later when I don't have to do a play-by-play from Pam's perspective.

I'm glad I've at least managed to match the tone of my source material though, that's encouraging! I'll look up the show you mentioned and see if I can take any inspiration from there.

Really glad you liked Pam as a dispatcher, she is of course our protagonist and I love seeing her in different-yet-samey situations. 

Thanks for the constructive feedback, I really appreciate your insight here! 

Reviewer: GreenyshEyed Signed [Report This]
Date: May 17, 2020 08:59 pm Title: What is it, like, C.O.P.S.?

Such a fun new spin! Looking forward to new chapters!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad to hear it!

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