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Reviewer: tinydundie Signed [Report This]
Date: January 07, 2022 04:04 pm Title: Bean Counter

*Feeling a little relieved, after all her dream proposal didn’t include morning breath and the glasses she’d just put on,*

This made me chuckle because this is basically exactly how I was proposed to, lol

*However, upon returning an hour later the office seemed much the same except for a decorative sign on the door to the conference room that featured a bright pink 30.

Once again, she flashed Jim a questioning look as they neared his desk.

“I warned you Kevin was involved. Guess the Kelevin doesn’t work when you use it to calculate years.”*

Actually LOLed

*But it was only a fleeting thought, one that vanished as soon as she thought about how immature he still was himself. Having a baby would mean she’d be left to take care of a new tiny infant all by herself while also still attending to a very large child.*

You know, I wonder about this sometimes. It's always weird to me that Jam had an unexpected pregnancy after only a year or so, and it never happened with Roy. I always rationalized it that subconsciously breeding with Roy was something she didn't really want to do, or that they didn't have a lot of sex, but I still am not quite sure. Anyway, I really like the idea that she considered it as a way to lock him in, then talked herself out of it. (Also, that accidents are more likely to happen when you're having a ton of sex as Jam obviously were)

Their conversation about kids was so cute, and the brief mentions of Niagara are great nods to what will come.

Author's Response:

Well isn't that something. I'm sure it was romantic and beautiful and had it been Pam's it would have been too.

Mine while while I was folding laundry.

Planning the party was fun  - Kevin and Michael really outdid themselves.

Well I have my thoughts on the unplanned pregnancy too - you will see.

Thanks again for reviews that make me smile and think.


Reviewer: warrior4 Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: June 04, 2021 02:12 am Title: Bean Counter

Awww, look at you go Jim making her birthday feel all sorts of special. I like how he made sure that it started out right the night before and continued with a nice wake up the day of. Even with Jim not on the PPC I'm sure he'd figure out that there would be something that would be off.

Micheal's Micheal-ness seemed full on. You really got his character right. Trying to do something nice, not quite getting it right, but not really figuring out why he didn't. Do I detect shades of Office Ladies tracking all the different plants at reception and thus Angela giving Pam hopefully a nice hearty plant that will stick around a bit longer? Nice touch.

The date at Christopher's, while a bit more brief this time around was nonetheless lovely. The bracelet was all sorts of special too.

Her reflections on starting a family with Jim vs. Roy seemed on par as well. With Roy it was always yet another thing to put off. With Jim it's a near certainty. Especially with her envisioning that scene so clearly in her artist mind eye. Loved that insight into her mind. Great job with this chapter. I loved it.

Author's Response:

Like I said in chat - love writing Jim. He can do all the romantic things I imagine he would. 
And I have loads of fun writing Michael - now what do you think wasn't so nice - glitterbombing her and her coffee (that stuff never comes out you know -years later Erin will still be finding glitter around her desk) or saying he was going to kill her (humanely but still).
But ultimately I think the party was sweet and clever (even if I'm being not so humble by saying it since it was my idea) even if a year too soon.

Oh yes it is - a nod to Angela and her reception desk plant tracking. and you weren't in the chat for the perfume debate but the bit about Michael's gift cause quite a stir- (I had planned to go another way in her response)

I had a bean bracelet that I lost - now I want one again. Let's see if the hubby comes through again. He's heard me talk about this chapter/story. It was really iconic once upon a time but wonder if younger readers will even know what it is?

The baby stuff - well again, I love writing Jim and I had his show reaction to pull from.

Not sure if this was 2000th review but if not, it helped you get to 2000 so congratulations on that. Always glad you get your wonderful words. Feels incomplete until they appear.

Reviewer: boredhswf Signed 1 [Report This]
Date: June 02, 2021 01:41 pm Title: Bean Counter

This is probably my favorite thing you’ve written. I love the entire waking up section and the self reflection of a birthday.

“Of course, without her contacts in, he was still a blur, as was the bouquet of pink puffs that sat atop the dresser behind his body. But even out of focus, she could sense the incandescent smile spread across his face and knew it was peonies that filled the room with the delightful scent that brought to mind memories of their first date.”— this was a fantastic paragraph.

The glitter and the wrong year was so cute and you captured the vibe of the office so well.

“Toby and Oscar gave her Dragonfly in Amber, the second of the Outlander series. She didn’t have the heart to tell them she was already in the middle of the fourth book so instead she thanked them graciously and made a mental note to drop by Barnes and Noble later that week to exchange it for The Fiery Cross. “ — I mean, I love this for a multitude of reasons, and not just because I liked FC more than DA.

“You know it wouldn’t be the worst thing, if you were. In fact, it would be pretty amazing.”— I really really love this aspect of Jim’s personality. Like, a lot.

This was really cute and I enjoyed it immensely. It’s a great addition to this already well done series. Love it!

Author's Response:

Thank you -  I knew I was getting the warm fuzzies while it came together and wasn't sure if it was just in my head or my mood. Your saying that is sweet and assuring. I can honestly say that it is the influence of all that I read that has changed how I write. So a big thanks to you, among others.

So I really enjoy writing office antics and I was smiling through the whole middle section. 

I'm still a ways from FC but something to look forward to. Betcha Jim is reaping the rewards of Oscar's original suggestion and the reading that followed. Not that they needed help in that department but I'm sure he's not complaining right?

Well, me too.  I always loved that Jim had babysat Sasha, did so well with Stacy's kid, and  of course I wrote about the relationship with his niece and nephew but nothing would compare to a kid of his own and I think he got a little lost in the idea when Beth brought it up.

So glad you enjoyed - it's always music to hear that.




Reviewer: darjeelingandcoke Signed [Report This]
Date: June 01, 2021 08:09 pm Title: Bean Counter

"They’d both been up late last night engaged in a little pre-birthday amusement that had her singing happy birthday and then halleluiah as he did things to her body that made her wish every night was her birthday eve." HA.

Certainly seems sensible that this would be a moment of reflection for Pam, on all sorts of levels - she's at the age, we know what's coming later this year for her, and of course she's finally in a settled place in her personal life. I also think it's a good note that Pam's horizons have opened now - the point she's clearly at with Jim is one she would have killed to be at with Roy, but there's also a lot more she feels capable of doing now.

Ah, poor glitter-covered Pam. And say what you like about Angela, she would not have made these mistakes. Of course, her party also wouldn't have been as much fun. Michael can come through, if you give him enough free mistakes.

HA. I was wondering if the fragrance at the beginning was where that came into it. Nice way to get around it.

Well, I hope folks check out Butterflies... because Jim and Pam are still some time away from finding out the extra significance of that bean...

Author's Response:

True about Angela but come on Angela could never have come up with that party - was she ever a kid?

Amazing how the right partner can change your perspective but also makes you want to better more - for yourself and for them. So many things changed for Pam when she got out of her own way (sure Roy was to blame a little but It was really herself - good for Jim for giving her the little wake -up call she needed more than once)

Yeah so I told you I worked it out without having to have her have a scent she already wore - spelling Night Swept was enough and I could only imagine - wasn't a huge Drakar fan to begin with myself.

I hope so too because I think it makes the gift that much sweeter.

Thanks as always - always tickled to hear from you. 


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